11 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

We all are surrounded by technology and gadgets. Technology and gadgets made our life comfortable and easy. We can do complex things with some high-tech gadgets. 

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Everyone has heard about AR(Augmented reality) which was a futuristic technology a few years ago but we have achieved that technology. Research conducted by Boston Consulting Group shows that more than 90 Million people interact with Augmented reality on a monthly basis which is only the U.S data. Other countries also use AR widely. 

Now in 2020 AR is being used very rapidly all over the world, many new startups and companies are developing their own Augmented reality technologies.

Whether you are an Android or iOS user there is a large variety of Augmented reality apps available in the market. We have created a list of the best AR apps for you. Let’s explore them one by one.

1 – BooksARalive

Reading a physical is so boring. Why not make it interesting with BooksARalive. This app engages kids in reading again, the company has changed the way of reading books with technology. Kids will never get bored using this AR app for reading, with English and Spanish versions. Every page turns into a classy scene, where the reality and fantasy world merges. There are 14 puzzle games to play and a secret video game that displays after scanning the book. 

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2 – Sketch AR

Commonly all children and people love to draw sketches in their spare time. If you are looking for an AR app that helps you to draw some amazing and cool sketches, then SketchAR can be the best one for you. This app assists you in drawing using machine learning, Augmented reality, and neural networks. This application uses different technologies like computer vision with “Predictable markers” and “Progressive markers”, it is able to analyze every single line drawn by the user and can convert it into markers.

3 – Air Measure

The Air Measure app is developed for measuring almost everything and anywhere. This app is equipped with 18 different tools so that you can find appropriate tools when needed for your job. Let’s see some tools like – On-screen ruler the basic tool for measurement. Capturing floor plans, hanging virtual picture frames, can measure the height with face detection technology, TV sizer – when you are planning to buy a TV but worried about the size this feature will tell you what size you should buy that fits into your space. 3D trajectory and placing virtual furniture in 2D. All the features are free.

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4 – Wikitude

Wikitude is another best-augmented reality software development kit, which allows you to develop your own AR apps for smartphones, tablets, and for digital eyewear. Having a community of more than 125,000 registered developers all around the world with 25,000 plus AR apps. This huge number shows how big the platform is which is powering and transforming businesses, innovations in the tech industry. All types of developers can work together here with native JS, JS API, Unity, Xamarin, or Cordova.

5 – Parker – Augmented reality Bear App

Have a little kid at your home? You would surely like this augmented reality app which comes in the form of a classy teddy bear named Parker. Only you need a smartphone to discover a new way of doing some fun. This app will help your children to learn how to care, solve problems and be emphatic. When you open this app each time you will have to solve some problems. This application is compatible with devices having Android version Lollipop or higher and iOS 10 version or higher.

6 – Cube Tastic

The other AR app for children as well for adults. The application comes with a free version on iOS and Android. This app is very helpful for solving cube problems – when you scan the cube, the application uses augmented reality technology to solve the cube problem with a step-by-step guide. This app helps us to develop hand-eye coordination, improve our logical skills, memory, and concentration. This app is perfect for brain and hands exercise with infinity combinations – you will not get bored.

7 – Google Translate

A translator application by google. It isn’t a pure AR app but has one AR feature that is very useful for translating any language text. The specific cool feature of this application is the camera mode. Simply snap or upload a photo of the text you want to translate, the app will translate the text in real-time. When you are connected with your home Wi-Fi network or any other it supports a large number of languages. But you can download a language pack if you want to use the feature offline or with a cellular data connection. 

This app is very useful for people who travel different-different countries and aren’t fluent in the language spoken in that country. Google translate is your guide and best friend at that time and it will keep you from getting lost in a strange place or country.

Available for – Android and iOS

8 – IKEA Place

Every IKEA lover will like this app, like me. This app allows you to put virtual 3D furniture in your room to see if they fit right. Simply scan your room, browse the furniture and select the piece you love. Move the furniture around and find the perfect place for them. You can also share the design with your friends or family. The main aim of this app is to make people imagine a better place.

Available for – Android and iOS

9 – Google Lens

AR app for Android, frequently using by the users and enhancing the search experience. Instead of typing a search query in a search engine, just open the google lens app and aim at the text/query/object you want to know about. Google lens will identify the object and tell you about it. It tells you all the details about the object, from where you can buy(sales online). You can use google lens for your SEO strategy if you are writing about a product.

Available for – Android and iOS

10 – ROAR

ROAR is the best AR app for business owners. There are thousands of ways to use this app for your business – can create AR-powered online stores which can be accessible when customers scan the product packaging at home, incorporate AR into print advertisements, and even can see which product categories are most popular. So that you can focus on those popular products to get more sales and increase your business. Users can browse product reviews, prices and even purchase the product with the app.


Available for – Android and iOS

11- EasyMeasure

EasyMeasure is a very useful AR app from Caramba Apps. This app is developed for measurement purposes you can measure in real-time. Simply open the application and it will launch the camera and focus your camera on the object whom you want to measure. The app is specially made for geometry – to measure height, length, breadth, area. EasyMeasure can measure them within a few seconds.

The unique feature of this AR application is that when closing a measurement loop, the app calculates the enclosed area by fitting a flat plane through the measured points.

If you are a geometry student or a person who always has to do some measurements, then this application is only for you. Download easy measure today.

Available for – Android and iOS


These were the best and tested Augmented reality apps developed by Google and other companies to solve your problems. AR gives consumers a new, multi-dimensional way to research and interact with products before making a purchase. There are tons of other augmented reality apps there but it is not possible to list all of them, here we have listed some useful ones which can be helpful for your business and daily life.