8 Best Blood pressure Measurement apps for Android and iOS

Measure your Blood Pressure at Home with these Blood Pressure Measurement Apps

Mental and physical health are two important and essential components of our healthy life. We should be healthy and fit – to do that we have to do regular exercises, eat healthy and balanced food. There are many apps for a healthy diet, apps to do exercise at home without any types of equipment, food apps to cook healthy food to stay fit. There are plenty of health and fitness apps to track different activities in this article we will be discussing about some applications for tracking blood pressure you can share data with your doctors then.

Health has its own importance in our daily life, we should be fit and healthy to do work properly and get away from the different diseases.

We should do a full body checkup every 6 to 8 months because our human body is also a machine and it should be properly checked from time to time. The basic problem we face sometimes is blood pressure(high and low), this problem basically happens with those people who eat fast food and don’t do any physical activity.

There are various types of applications on android and iOS which give you the functionality of measuring blood pressure on your smartphone. You can measure your blood pressure at home for free by using these blood pressure measuring apps.

Below we have listed 8 free apps to measure blood pressure you can download for your android or iOS device.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Apps for Android and iOS

1 – Blood pressure – SmartBP

2 – Blood Pressure

3 – Blood pressure Log

4 – Smart blood Pressure

5 – Blood pressure tracker

6 – Blood pressure monitor

7 – Blood Pressure Tracker

8 – Cardio Journal – Blood Pressure Log

1 – Blood Pressure – SmartBP

SmartBP as the name says it is a blood pressure tracking app for android and iOS. You can monitor your blood pressure on your smartphone. The application is very easy to use and has a perfect UI. The blood pressure readings can be seen in graphical and statistical forms.

You can measure your systolic as well as diastolic pressure, time of measurement, weight, pulse, pulse pressure. The data can be exported via mail.

The best thing is that email record export allows you to keep your family and doctor up to date with this data.

Key Features

  • Simple and attractive design(UI)
  • Send reports by email
  • Builtin reminder – never miss any update
  • Calculate average arterial and pulse pressure
  • Record – systolic/diastolic pressure, pulse, weight, and time of measurement
  • Easy to record and enter data

Available for – Android and iOS

2 – Blood Pressure

It is also the best blood pressure app for Android phones. This application is perfect for those people who want to monitor their blood pressure and successfully cope with hypertension. You can easily track your blood pressure in real-time. All the measurements are stored in the database of this app.

Records can be edited, updated, and described. Write why there was a rise in the blood pressure – like after running, gym, etc. You can create a custom list of measurements for different activities you do. 

You can find detailed statistics about pulse and average blood pressure as well as pressure indication.

The records can be exported to CSV, XML, or PDF files. The app notifies you to measure your blood pressure daily. You can filter data that is not necessary and you don’t want to display. 

The interface of this app is so beautiful but you can also change the theme to make it beautiful and attractive according to yours. A tonometer is necessary to check the results.

Available for – Android

3 – Blood Pressure Log

Another application to track the blood pressure for the android that helps you to collect and analyze the data measurement of your blood pressure as well as some other parameters such as exercise, weight, heart rate, pulse rate, etc.

Graphs and statistics allow you to monitor and track your blood pressure consistently. Reminder me, the feature always reminds you to measure your blood pressure. 

This application is perfect for recording blood pressure and related parameters. But an app can’t replace the doctor. Remember this thing.

Available for – Android

4 – Smart Blood Pressure

Smart blood pressure is an iOS app for measuring blood pressure developed by professionals. The ideal tool for blood pressure measurement on an iPhone, allows you to monitor, analyze and share data of your measurement records, pressure, weight, and pulse also. You can check the information at any time.

As you know that the iOS apps are built more professionally than android apps, so the UI of this application is beautiful and has a modern design. It can turn your i-pad or iPhone into blood pressure and weight monitor device. 

Key Features

  • Data visualization
  • Statistics reports
  • Data can be exported to email
  • Built-in reminder etc.

Available for – iOS

5 – Blood pressure DB

Control and track your blood pressure very easily with a blood pressure DB application. Track your pulse, blood pressure, sugar level, and many other health activities. It is a blood pressure monitoring app for fast and simple data recording that is easy to analyze and read. Share your data with the doctor for medicines and further prescription

  • Easy record and store your systolic and diastolic blood pressure together with your pulse at a given time
  • Support of Bluetooth monitoring devices
  • Helpful charts and statistics about your arterial pressure that can be commented on for future analysis
  • Detailed PDF report with a chart for a given time range for consultation with your doctor. To email or print
  • Multi-device usage with synchronization to see your stored blood pressure on the go
  • Manage your medical mentation and see how long your meds last
  • Optionally more data of viability (weight tracker, blood sugar, body temperature, in/output)
  • Salt Calculator and BMI calculator so you can track your body mass ratio
  • Blood Pressure Analysis for fighting hypertension, diabetes, and heart attack – for your health.
  • Anonymous or pseudonymous usage ensuring that no data will be disclosed to third parties. Also with HealthOn code of conduct for trustfully health information in apps

Available for – Android

6 – Blood pressure monitor

BP monitor is a little bit advanced pressure tracking app for iOS users. The application lets you enter your blood pressure, weights, and some other parameters also. You can view the history of data of your past measurements. The most advanced feature of this application is a meal tracker which can find the correlations between your eating habits and your health.

See the below screenshot, it contains all the parameters that can be recorded. Download it right now on your iPhone.

Available for – iOS

7 – Blood Pressure Tracker

This is another best blood pressure tracker app that helps you to track your physical fitness like blood pressure and other activities. You can share your blood pressure statistics data with your family doctor or others so that they can give you a prescription. Some cool features of this blood pressure tracker app are:

Key Features

  • Log your systolic, diastolic, pulse, and weight
  • Navigate in calendar view
  • Share your blood pressure with your doctors
  • A report in CSV, HTML, Excel, and pdf
  • Organize your blood pressure with tags
  • Automatically calculate blood pressure categories
  • Summary of your blood pressure in max, min, and average
  • Monitor blood pressure trends
  • Helpful to monitor and control your blood pressure

Available for – Android

8 – Cardio Journal – Blood Pressure Log

If you are a health conscious person then you must install this application on your smartphone. This application is best to track blood pressure and it collects the readings of your blood pressure all day. Features of Cardio Journal blood pressure tracking app are:

  • Save and display your readings
  • Remind about pressure measurement
  • Show graphs
  • Export data to Excel-spreadsheet
  • Data analysis

Available for – Android

Note: All the apps listed above are tried but you can’t get the accurate blood pressure reading with these apps. So it is advised to use a physical blood pressure machine.


So these were some most downloaded and best blood pressure measurement apps for Android and iOS. All the applications are developed by medical institutes and companies that deal in the medical field so all the blood pressure measurement apps are tried and well tested.

The working mechanism of all the apps listed above is almost the same but some will show you more statistics and data some limited but the accuracy is almost the same of all.

You can download them free from the google play store or the app store and track your blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

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