How to Change Facebook Avatar in Facebook Avatar Maker

Facebook’s avatars are so popular these days, if you didn’t use this new feature, then you must try it. In brief, an avatar is a cartoon-like version of you. Facebook avatar is the cartoonish version of your Facebook profile picture. Facebook generates it automatically, you can choose the skin tone, and hairstyle and make other changes.

Setting a Facebook avatar is so simple. If you already created it, then that’s awesome. But if you don’t like your current FB avatar and want to change it, then here are the steps to change your Facebook avatar.

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3D Avatar Creation

Meta(formerly known as Facebook) rolled out a new 3D avatar feature last year and it became a successful feature. Today, almost all social media apps and websites are offering avatar features because of their popularity. If you want to customize your Facebook avatar then it is simple, follow the below steps.

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Change your FB Avatar

Now let’s see how to change FB avatar.

Simply log in to your Facebook account via a website or mobile app.

Go to the account menu and click on the hamburger icon on your Facebook app in the bottom right corner of the mobile app

Select the Avatar option located next to the Friends option. Once you select the Avatar option, it will automatically open the Facebook avatar interface.

If you have an already existing avatar, then simply click on the Edit option at the top right portion. Click on the pencil icon to edit the avatar.

Save the changes you just made with your existing avatar.

But if accidentally you close the app or kill the app, your changes will be lost. You will have to start the process over again. Once you completed the changes you want to make to your Facebook avatar, click on Done.

You can also use the mirror feature to see the changes you just made and how your avatar was looking before those changes. The changes will be applied across all the Facebook platforms, including Messenger.

If you choose the option to use the avatar as your Facebook profile photo, then simply click on the Share icon and select the option “Make Profile Picture”.

Change your FB Avatar

Changing your Facebook avatar is so simple and easy. The catalog of Facebook avatar dress options, hairstyles and others gets regular updates, so you must check out those new options regularly.

So this was the complete step-by-step guide on how to change your Facebook avatar.