Trends expected to shape the future of local SEO

Local SEO Trends

Over the last couple of months, local SEO has become essential for small businesses looking for ways to stay relevant on the market. Google’s search engine can easily understand clients’ wants and provide them with excellent information. Organizations that want to maintain excellent SEO results must go beyond creating high-quality content. They must stay updated with the latest algorithms and adapt their SEO strategies according to consumer behaviour. Competitive brands constantly look for the latest methods and trends to improve their services. 

It’s no surprise that everything constantly changes in the world of SEO. The practices from last year may no longer be relevant to the following one, so you should continuously monitor and enhance your website’s SEO. 

This article discusses some distinct tendencies expected to shape local SEO’s future. 

User experience will continue to impact rankings

Improving user experience is a big way to get ahead with local SEO in 2023. In 2020 Google announced that user experience is among the main factors considered when establishing rankings. Therefore, aspects like how easy your visitors find it to navigate your website, how fast the website loads, and how well the pages perform on desktop and mobile heavily impact a website’s ranking. 

You can easily find out how well your website performs regarding user experience using the Google Search Console. Head to the Core Web Vitals and find out what aspects you need to improve. 

The first step to improving user experience is to remove banner ads and pop-up ads from your pages because it’s well-known that people hate them. They anger your prospects, hurt SEO, and have low chances of being clicked on. 

The second step is to consider what your audience most wants from your website and adapt your navigation. And last but not least, ensure your clients can easily find your contact details, address, and other essential information. 

AI integration in local SEO

AI has strongly impacted all technologies in 2022 because new innovations emerged. Google and Microsoft realized over the last months the potential of artificial intelligence and encouraged businesses to use AI systems to power their operations. Search engines expect AI systems like Bert to affect 1 in 10 searches because it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of SEO. If you want to grow your business and maintain a competitive market advantage, it’s recommended to use AI SEO

Google My Business rocks

Google My Business is an effective tool to reach your audience and build authority. Google has been focusing on search intent lately, and you should take advantage of any available tool. When one of your clients is looking for the best service provider, Google knows they don’t want to find the best service provider in the world but use their location to show the company within their local area that looks trustworthy online. The suggestions rely on Google My Business results. 

How important is it for your local business to appear in Google My Business? Research shows that companies with views on their Google My Business perform better. Therefore, there’s no reason not to set up an account. And where do you count that it’s free? Provide as many details as possible, from business hours to services and offers, to help your prospects understand what they should expect when doing business with you. Regularly update the profile with new posts to keep the listings relevant and increase the number of local keywords for your account. The more active you’re on your account, the more engaged the local audience and the happier Google. 

Top-notch website

Business websites are more important than ever, considering that it’s an effective tool to build consumer trust. If you’re discussing with experts specialised in link building Spain, they’ll most likely tell you that your clients expect your website to provide accurate information. This means that if they access your website, they want to find vital information about your services, like contact info, business location, and hours. If you invest in link building, you must ensure that the links to your website route the Internet user to a page rich in information. Therefore, you must optimise your website to keep your customers happy and engaged. 

Voice search is vital for local SEO

When people use their smartphones or smart speakers to run online searches, they phrase them differently than when they type the query in the search bar. The inquiries are usually longer, and your website content should be optimised to match them. It’s worth hiring link building Italy based experts to help you optimise your website for voice search. Local SEO is paramount for helping your website to show up in local voice searches. 

Topic clusters creation

This might be the first time you hear of a topic cluster. It’s a group of interlinked website pages built around a single piece of content that targets the same generic topic, linking to multiple subject-focused pages. Marketing experts call this technique the pillar page approach because the main piece of content functions like the cluster’s centre, and the sub-topics support it through internal linking. For example, if you want to rank for a broad keyword like beauty products, it’ll serve as the centre of the topic cluster. You can convince Google to rank your website for this keyword with a high volume of searches if you prove you’re an authority in the sector. Therefore, you must build several sub-topic pages to support it. The cluster will rank higher if each of its pieces performs well. Search engines understand the contextual association between your website pages if you use descriptive anchor texts to tell them about the content. 

Wrapping up

We hope you found this article helpful as you build your local SEO strategy for the following year. Remember, the best results always come from following a solid plan that matches your business specific. 

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