Top 8 SEO Tactics to Increase the Conversion Rate


How does SEO help to attract more leads and increase revenue now and in 2021? Have you worked tirelessly to create quality content, attractive website designs, write plagiarism free content and menus that simplify navigation but are still not getting desired results? Well, I can understand that converting traffic into leads is a real struggle. Unfortunately, even if you did it right, you might not get desired results.

This can happen with any landing page, industry, or product it represents. If you’re facing the same issue with your business, then below, we have listed the top 8 practical but effective SEO conversion rate optimization tips to boost traffic into leads and attract more new ones. But before diving deep into this, let’s understand what lead conversion rate is?

What is Lead Conversion Rate?

Lead conversion is a set of measures for converting potential customers into real buyers. It includes various marketing techniques to get people to buy your products or services. And Lead Conversion Rate is the percentage of visitors who leave a request. These stats show how successful your marketing campaign is and how you can improve your strategies to get more positive responses.

To calculate the total conversion rate, you need to calculate the total number of visitors, divide it by the number of leads your website is getting, and then multiply it by 100

Let’s understand it through an example; Suppose you are receiving 5000 leads out of, 20000 total traffic. So, it could be like this. (5000/20000) X 100= 25%

This 25% will be your total conversion rate.

Effective SEO Tactics to Convert Traffic into Leads

1 – Set short term goals

Achieving short-term goals is way easier than achieving long-term business goals. While practicing any marketing strategy on your website, plan it for the short term, track its effects and see how it’s working. If the strategy is giving you good output, then implement it for a long time. It is easier to work and achieve short-term marketing goals. It will increase your confidence and motivate you for the future too. And always remember, SEO gives long-term benefits, so if you’re not receiving desired results, never disappoint. It somehow adds value to your business.

2 – Automate Campaign

Automate your marketing campaign if you want to generate more positive results. You are using Artificial Intelligence tools such as Chatbot, Pattern89, CRM Platforms, etc., to create and track marketing campaigns. AI tools are the most powerful and affordable marketing tools used by marketers to automate their marketing campaigns. AI tools like CRM Platforms help to create effective marketing campaigns and optimize whole website content, too, whereas with the help of Pattern89 you can track the performance of your campaign, optimize bid, budget, channel management, etc. With the help of a chatbot, you can provide the best customer services and AI and machine learning.

3 – Try to stand out from others

There are many factors that can make your brand invisible in the crowd. And if your company or its website is of this type, then we can hardly hope for a high conversion rate of leads. Search engine optimization will not help you stand out from others; you need to put in some extra effort. Review monitoring will help you to review and build your company’s online reputation. If your brand is unattractive, not interacting with your customers, inactive social media pages, etc., can affect your brand image on digital platforms. To avoid this, invest more time in social media marketing, think out of the box, create attractive and unique posts, and optimize the overall website performance to get a higher ranking on search engine pages. It will increase your website’s overall traffic, which means more conversions.

4 – Call to action

Call to Action is the more effective SEO strategy that can lead to more conversions. Adding a Call to Action or CTA at hot spots of your website will motivate users to take action on your website. It also helps increase user sessions on various website pages and increase traffic on other web pages too. BUY NOW, READ MORE, CLICK HERE, CHECKOUT, etc., are some examples of CTA buttons used by markets to increase business conversion rates.

5 – Be as natural as possible

Natural things attract more users and increase your business credibility too. Another most effective SEO tactic you can try when optimizing your lead conversion rate is to make your content look as natural as possible so that your target audience knows that your brand is close to them in spirit and their problems are familiar to you.

6 – Track the effectiveness of your content

Content marketing is another most effective SEO strategy to motivate users to perceive your products and services. High-quality, engaging content not only increases your user’s interest but also adds value to their knowledge too. If you’re implementing content marketing strategies for conversions, it’s in your best interest to track your published content to understand how it works in the conversion rate optimization process. If not getting any conversion then most probably you are making some mistakes in your content marketing campaigns.

7 – Use good software

Using the most practical and high cutting-edge tools leads to better results. But finding the right tools and SEO plugins is a daunting task. It is better to take help from SEO experts. They will help you find the right tools for your marketing campaign and help you achieve desired results. Also, track the performance of the tools you’re already using and make sure your team uses the right tools to get the most challenging part of the job done.

8 – Keyword research

Using the right keyword will uplift your website ranking and make your website searchable on search engine pages. But if you’re using the wrong keywords, it will lower the lead conversion rates and affect your website’s performance on search engine pages. It is recommended to find niche-based keywords that can make your website search relevant on SERPs. It will help users find your website every time they type keywords on their search bars.

Final thoughts

So these were some effective SEO conversion rate optimization tips you can implement to convert your traffic into leads. If you’re unhappy with your lead conversion rate, maybe today is the best time to put the above 8 tips into your marketing strategies. Regardless of the size of your company or the industry you work in, there is always a way to think outside the box and try out new strategies to increase your conversion rates. There is no limit to your possibilities!