How to create the ideal business logo + 3 best logo makers

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How to Create the Ideal Business Logo + 3 Best Logo Maker

Perhaps no marketing item is more important than the logo. A logo is a symbol that brings all banding together, showing that whatever the logo is on belongs to the associated business. As people come to recognize a logo, awareness of a business’s brand grows.

Your business’s logo will be used on virtually all branded materials. Any packaging, letterhead, signs, digital advertisements, emails, social media pages, and your website should all have your business’s logo. Many other marketing or branding items should have it too.

If your business is in need of a logo, here’s how to create a great one. You can then use one of the three logo makers to go about making your ideal business logo.

What is a Business Logo?

A business logo is a symbol that becomes synonymous with the business. Logos can take many different forms, but they usually have a graphic, colours, and the business name. Some large companies use logos that are only an image, but smaller businesses usually need their name or initials on the logo because they don’t have such widespread brand recognition.

How to Create a Business Logo

Creating a good business logo involves much more than making a 5-minute picture in Microsoft Paint (which isn’t supported anymore). A significant amount of thought, brainstorming, and research should go into the design:

  1. Brainstorm: Define the core tenants of your business’s brand, and brainstorm different ways those could be incorporated into a logo. You might have specific ideas (e.g. a dog image for a pet grooming business) or very general notions (e.g. a broad category of font). Don’t be afraid to come up with many ideas during this very first stage.
  2. Choose Similarly: Choose a logo from those that you first brainstormed. You’ll probably have some that are similar to your competitors’, and one of the similar concepts is probably a good choice. Elements that are repeated among competitors’ logos are likely working well, and including those elements within your logo will help people identify what industry your business is in.
  3. Revise Differently: Your logo shouldn’t be too similar to competitors’ logos, though. You’ll want a logo that’s differentiated enough so that people don’t mistake it with that of another business, especially not a competitor. You might differentiate your logo by using a different color scheme, including a different graphic, or having a different shape. There are countless ways to be similar but different if you’re creative.
  4. Create Mockups: At this point, you should be ready to create mockups of potential logos to use. A logo maker that utilizes artificial intelligence is helpful at this point, as it can quickly produce variations based on a few questions about your business. You can then customize the various mockups.
  5. Select & Customize: Select whichever mockup you think is different enough, similar enough, and best represents your business’s core tenants. Also, make sure the logo will be highly noticeable.

Once you’ve chosen a logo, customize it as needed to create an ideal logo that’ll be noticed and communicate what your business is about.

Tips for Making Great Logos

Tips for Making Great Logos

As you go through these steps, keep a few best practices in mind. These are good principles for designing logos across industries:

  • Keep the logo simple so it’s quickly recognized
  • Include your business’s name or initials
  • Use related colors, and limit colors to 2 or 3
  • Take advantage of negative space
  • Be true to your business’s brand

Negative space is especially useful. It can have a substantial visual effect, but doesn’t add complexity to the design.

3 Best Logo Makers

Armed with these steps and tips, you have the knowledge necessary to make a great logo. Any of these three logo makers will create a recognizable and memorable logo for your business.

1 – Placeit


The Placeit Logo Maker has more than 17,000 different logo designs, and software to help you check the best few for your business.

The logo maker asks for your business name and industry and then creates different logo options based on these two factors. Placeit is quite good at creating industry-relevant yet unique logos based on just these two inputs, and you can instead search for a specific graphic if you like.

Once you choose one of the suggestions, you can then customize the layout, color scheme, image, and other details. A few clicks will give you a fully customized and captivating logo.

Logos from Placeit start at $6.73 per month, which gives you access to as many logos as you like. Usually, small businesses need just one.

2 – Tailor Brands

tailor brands logo maker

Tailor Brands Logo Maker uses artificial intelligence to create a logo that’s specific to your business.

The process with Tailor Brands involves more questions than Placeit has, but the process isn’t long or tedious. The additional questions help the logo maker to create highly relevant logos.

You’ll first answer questions about your business’s product/service, whether that’s physical goods, services, content, software, or leisure services. You also provide your industry, whether you want an icon, name, or initials, and a few fonts that you like. You’re also able to add a tagline, which Placeit doesn’t incorporate as easily.

Tailor Brands’ artificial intelligence will populate many different potential logos, each of which is based on the answers you gave. You can then choose and customize any of the different brands.

A low-resolution logo that could be suitable for micro businesses is free of charge. Higher-resolution logos range from $3.99 to $12.99 per month.

3 –

logo maker is a more basic logo creator but may be suitable for businesses that are on a budget.

The logo maker takes you through questions that are similar to what Tailor Brands asks. You’ll provide industry, business name, and optional tagline. You then choose at least one icon and one font, from a list of four each (Tailor Brands has many more options).

Fairly simple logos are created from these answers, and you can then choose and customize one of the options. The templates are much simpler and less captivating than the other two, but the designs work for micro and small businesses that just need an image.

The biggest advantage of is its $39.99 price. This is more than the other two, but it’s a single payment rather than a subscription. Before paying for the logo, though, check out the free option from Tailor Brands. Tailor Brands’ free logo option might also meet micro businesses’ needs without the $40 price.

Create Your Business’s Ideal Logo

Whichever of these three logo makers you choose, you can create a good-looking logo for your business. Try out whichever maker sounds best, or experiment with all three. You’ll be able to easily create that ideal logo which will capture people’s attention.