12 Free Prank Call Websites to Make Free Unlimited Prank Calls

Make unlimited prank calls

Are you searching for free prank call websites? If yes then you landed on the right blog post. In this article we listed some best free prank call websites to make free unlimited prank calls to have some fun with your friends and known ones. Prank calls are a very traditional and old method to make fun of your known ones via a fake call. There are hundreds of prank-call websites on the internet but which one works perfectly and is not completely paid?

So in this article, we listed some free prank call websites that are not free but are enough for us to make some prank calls. Because I don’t think someone is so blank that he/she will make hundreds of prank calls a day. If you are thinking in such a way then you can purchase the paid plan.

So let’s have a look at those prank call websites.

Top 12 Prank Call Websites of 2024

1 – Blow up the phone

Blow Up the phone is an interesting website to make prank calls and send prank text messages as well. If you want to enjoy prank wars or want to have a little fun with your friends or known ones, then you must try this website once.

You can send a prank call or prank text to your friends via the Blow Up the Phone website. This prank-calling website is perfect for those people who are in a prank war or looking for a good laugh. So what you are waiting for is to visit the website and send prank calls or texts to your friends or known ones.

There are various types of prank options like – Thai Food Takeout Prank Calls, Why are you calling my wife prank call.

Website –blowupthephone.com

2 – Prank Dial

Prank Dial is a popular prank call website and a mobile application is also available, you can download it from their official website. You can make free prank calls using the prank dial website and app. Prank Dial app is available for both Android and iOS apps, you can download it for free.

To use this website, you need to sign up first to make prank calls. Prank dial app and website usually offer prank scenarios and then provide recordings accordingly. You can also customize the scenarios by editing the name of the person to whom you are making a prank call.

Discover thousands of such scenarios from different categories like – money, anger, politics, sexy, etc. New and popular pranks are also there in a special section where you can check which prank calls are trending or popular among the people. Prank Dial is completely legal to use and you can buy their tokens in order to get additional services and features like extra recording time, international calling, email support, etc.

You can also block your number so that no one will be able to prank you through this website.

Website – prankdial.com

3 – Ownage Pranks

Ownage prank is another popular prank calling website like prank dial website. The features and interface of both websites are almost the same. The mobile application of Ownage Prank is also available for mobile Android and iPhones.

This platform also showcases prank videos on its website to tell people how their prank works in real life with people. These videos are tutorial and review videos to show users how effective their pranks are.

If you are searching for a specific prank call and can’t find it on the website, then you can request it, this feature is only available for pro members. Ownage Prank’s website also contains a merchandise store, where you can buy their products.

Ownage prank call website is a fun-to-use website to make prank calls and have some fun with your friends or known ones without revealing your identity. Also, you can send a prank with a recorded voice to make sure that your friends don’t recognize you. You must check this website once to make a prank call to your friends.

Website – ownagepranks.com

4 – Prank Owl

Prank Owl is number 4 in our list of the best prank call sites to make free unlimited prank calls. You can send automated prank calls to your friends and family instantly, it doesn’t matter in which country they live. This website also allows you to record your prank too, so that you can listen to it later and laugh.

To send a prank call, you need to sign up first on the prank owl website and the sign-up process is free, but there are some premium features if you want to access them then you will need to purchase the membership.

To access the premium features, tokens are needed that you can only get with the premium service. You will find a ton of pre-recorded sounds and enter the number to whom you want to make a prank call and send those recorded sounds for a more realistic prank.

Users can also check whether the other person has a voicemail or not. You can also create a fake caller ID that helps you keep your identity totally hidden and hence nobody can determine that it was you who were making the prank call.

The only con of this prank-call website I personally faced is that you can’t customize the available sound options.

Website – prankowl.com

5 – Spoof Box

This website is more popular and big in terms of features and user base than the above prank call sites we talked about in this article. There are so many cool features this website provides like – fake text messages, virtual phone numbers, messages from god, and many others. Once you visit this website, you can explore each feature properly.

The main feature is to make a prank call, but this feature is not free. You will have to purchase tokens to make a prank call. To send a prank scenario, you will need 50 credits and 25 credits to send a prank call.

Spoof Box is a trusted prank call platform, that’s why people rely on this heavily to make prank calls. The customer support is best and other services are also awesome. There are many prank call scenarios listed on this website such as – Internet shut down, I lost my phone out of fries, etc.

Also, you can choose what phone number will be displayed on the screen while making this prank call. You can also record all the calls without paying any extra charges and listen to the recorded prank call later and laugh.

The drawback of this website is that you can’t customize the prank call on your own. But it is not a big deal to reject this prank call site to make prank calls.

Website – spoofbox.com/en/prank-calls

6 – Spooftel

Spooftel is a newly launched leading prank call website that provides prank call service as well as hides your caller ID. This website is not free, but the sign-up is free only. The charges are applied based on each call made by the user.

You get 3 free prank call options for 30 seconds each. After that, the charges will be applied per call $0.10 per minute. The charges are very low compared to other websites and general calling charges.

This website also offers other services like SMS service, voice changing option, call recording, soundboards, etc. Mobile application is also available for smartphones, you can download from Google Play Store or App Store.

Simply log into your account and click on the button “make a call” to send a prank call to anyone. The best thing about this platform is its verification service. Whenever you call someone to prank, they make a call on your given phone number to make sure that it is you and then you place the call to whoever you want further.

Website – spooftel.com

7 – My Phone Robot

My Phone Robot is another best prank-call websites to make free unlimited prank calls. Android application is also available, you can download it from the Google Play Store for free. Not all the features on this website are free, but few are free.

There are 2 types of prank-calling websites, one where scenarios are recorded and the other type of website lets you make calls in whichever way you want.

My Phone Robot website works in 2 ways, you can send prank scenarios and send prank calls also. The charges are $0.14 per call and $0.09 for spoof calls where you can disguise your caller ID.

You can also buy a virtual phone number online for a monthly subscription of $2.99. There are various prank call scenarios you can choose from like – radio show, voice changer, detective, Obama voicemail, etc. I liked this website and I’m sure you and your friends are going to love this website and it will be fun to use.

Website – myphonerobot.com

8 – Spoof My Phone

It is very difficult to find free things these days, but if you are looking for a free prank call dialer, then this is the right platform for you – Spoof My Phone. It is not completely free as I said in the above line. Nothing is free in this world, free things have some limitations. You can disguise your phone number and display a virtual fake number you want to show while making a phone call through the Spoof My Phone platform.

You get a trial call option if you are satisfied with the trial prank call, and then after that, you can buy the paid plan as per your need. There are also some other features you can try such as text-to-speech service and voice changer option. If you don’t want to use your voice, then you can change your voice or also use a text-to-speech output service.

This website doesn’t offer pre-recorded scenarios and this is the reason why you are being charged for making the calls. You can also record the calls, and make group calls using this platform. To make your prank calls more realistic, you can add some background sound effects. Credits are required to use the different features and options.

Website – spoofmyphone.com

9 – Prank Caller

Prank call is another best option to make a prank call. Prank caller platform allows you to make calls anonymously to whoever you want, but you can only send scripted pranks available on the website. Browse through different prank call scenarios on the prank caller website.

There are some cool and funny prank call scenarios you can send to your friends or known ones some of them are – a free iPhone giveaway, STD clinic, you got drugs, made my sister cry, you called my wife, etc.

But to use these scenarios you need some credits to send these scripted prank calls. There are different options like buying 25 credits for $5.95, 55 credits for $11.95, and so on. The plans are a little expensive but if you want to purchase it then you can go for them. You can also record the call and can also add a “you have been pranked by prank caller” disclaimer at the end so that the person to whom you dialed the prank call doesn’t get offended.

You can make 3 free prank calls, if you like their service then you can go and buy the tokens to make more prank calls.

Website – prankcaller.io

10 – Prank Hotline

The working mechanism of all the prank call websites is the same and the Prank Hotline website also works similarly to other prank call websites listed above. You get some pre-recorded prank call scenarios to send to your friends and known ones as a prank call.

Some of the popular prank call scenarios are – why you call my wife or girlfriend, pizza delivery prank call, stop calling me and a few other popular real-life prank call scenarios.

The working of Prank Hotline is the same as of other websites, you get 3 free prank call options and to make more calls you need to buy the tokens under different price options. All the prank call websites work on a token system, a user needs to purchase tokens to make prank calls or use other features.

Website – prankhotline.com

11 – Comedy Calls

Comedy Calls is another popular prank calling website that allows you to send prank calls to any number. But Comedy Calls is only available in US and Canadian countries. So before making a prank call, make sure the phone number you dialed is in the US or Canada.

There are various prank call scenarios on this website you can choose from different categories, like – phone pranks, notifications, holiday pranks, politics, etc. Also, you get different pre-recorded prank calls on this platform you can use. This website is free to make prank calls through but to use other additional features you will need to purchase the token credits from the website.

Using this website you can also hide your caller ID, schedule your prank call, remove the advertisements, etc. You can buy 25 credits for $4, 100 credits for $12 and 250 credits for $20.

Website – comedycalls.com

12 – Call Bomber

Call Bomber is another prank-call website to make free unlimited prank calls. This website is a newly launched prank website.  The website is so simple to use, only you have to enter any mobile number and click on the start button. The website will automatically send prank phone calls and text messages to the dialed number. So what you are waiting for is to visit this website and have fun with your friends with unlimited free prank calls and messages.

Call Bomber is a free online call service that allows you to send an unlimited number of prank calls and text messages to any mobile number. If you want to surprise your known ones or friends then you must try this prank call website also.

The most interesting thing about this website is that it is completely free to send prank calls and messages. Still, now we are writing this article no paid version is available, maybe in the future the website may launch a paid subscription model or credit-based model where users will get a limited number of free prank calls and messages and after exceeding the limit they will have to pay.

We don’t know to date the prank call service on this website will be free. But for the time being, you can send free prank calls and text messages.

Website – callbomber.net

Final Words

So these were some good prank call websites you can try to make free unlimited prank calls. Every website has its pros and cons, but all the prank call websites listed above work on the same principle of a token system, when you use the free you will need to buy tokens to make further calls.