5 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone in 2022

Do you love video shooting with your iPhone? The trend of filming videos with iPhones and Android is becoming so popular because of the best camera quality of iPhones and their compatibility. You don’t need to carry heavy video cameras or DSLR, iPhones are enough capable of shooting high-quality videos. But for a perfect video, the raw video footage needs to be edited professionally. So, how to edit videos on iPhones? There are several video editing apps for iPhones available on the App store, you can download and edit videos. Here in this article, we created the list of the best video editing apps for iPhones. Write introduction in the starting of your videos or in between some text using professional fonts and give the best user experience to your viewers. If you are a youtuber then your YouTube channel will grow if you will upload high quality professional videos. Even in digital marketing field, video editing softwares are used by the marketers to promote their brand through videos.


1 – Final Cut Pro

final cut pro

When it comes to professional video editors and the most popular video editors for iPhones then the name always comes that is Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is professional post-production by Apple.

It comes with some advanced editing features made for Apple users. This powerful video editing app is great for filmmakers who use iPhones for video production and works on complex video projects. You can add different video effects and filters to your raw video footage. The user interface of the application is simple and easy to use and comes with features like Magnetic Timeline. You can trim videos and move the clips seamlessly without disturbing the rest part of the video. For more convenience, clips can be color-coded to make staying organized and simple.

Many iPhone video creators want ultra-wide aspect ratios and use an anamorphic lens to take the shots. The anamorphic lens is so popular among iPhone filmmakers because it stretched the x-axis and creates a wide horizontal frame. Final Cut Pro software offers you to create ultra-wide footage to make it fit into a normalized letterboxed frame. Final Cut Pro offers many features that make it a professional video editing app. Some cool features of this application are VR, editing, Motion Graphics, advanced color editing, and  360°.

You can download Final Cut Pro from the App store. But the application is a paid video editing app for iOS at a price tag of $299.99. But the app is worthy to buy because it gives you unlimited access to every editing feature.

Download Final Cut Pro for – iOS


2 – Quik for Mobile

Quik is a video editing software for iOS which is developed by the famous action camera manufacturer company GoPro. The app is compatible with any footage shot on iPhone, Android, and GoPro cameras. This app is popular among filmmakers and it is a perfect option for iPhone and Android filmmakers both. The Quik video editing app comes with some advanced editing features like slow motion and automatic audio detection.

The app was developed for action photography and videography. You also get a GPS sticker feature that helps you to show you how fast, high, or far you were going. You also get trim, zoom, recorder, and rotate video options as well. The app comes with more than 25 themes for iOS, each with transitions effects and graphics, as well as with more than 100 free songs to use in your video shots as background music. The app is free to download, you can easily download Quik for Mobile app from the App store.

Download Quik Mobile App for – iOS


3 – Lumafusion


Lumafusion is a Pro video editing and effect tool for iOS by Luma Touch LLC. It is the perfect choice in the App Store for a long time among iOS users. Currently, it ranks at a position of 21 in the list of the best photo and video apps. The pricing of the application is affordable, but the package comes with advanced features. Lumafusion will make your video editing journey simple and easy so that you can create high-quality video content from your iPhone.

Lumafusion also comes with a magnetic timeline similar to Final Cut Pro that saves your time while rearranging the video. You can also drop markers to leave the comments as well as multi-select clips to be deleted, copied, and moved. The easy-to-use user interface creates a stress-free experience when you are working on complex video production projects.

Download Lumafusion for – iOS


4 – Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

adobe premiere rush video editing app for iphone

Adobe Premiere Rush is similar to Adobe Premiere Pro editing software. It is a very powerful but easy to use with simple design video editing software for Apple users. Adobe Premiere Rush is a new app that is designed for iPhone and DSLR filmmakers who want to edit and upload video content very quickly. This application lays out your digital assets in left-to-right chronological order. To navigate the Rush dashboard is very simple and anyone can use it without any instructions. The unique thing about this application is its limited choices for editing.

When we compare the Adobe Premiere rush with the Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere pro, you will notice that there are no manual controls. This app is the best video editing solution for vloggers and video creators who require simple but effective video editing.

The paid version of the app will cost you $9.99 per month that will also include the premium Adobe fonts, Adobe Sparks plus 100Gb of cloud storage, and Adobe portfolio. You can download Adobe Premiere Rush for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. But before downloading, check the minimum system requirements before installing the application.

Download Adobe Premiere Rush for – iOS

5 – iMovie

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iMovie is another most popular video editing software for iOS and Mac which is developed by Apple. As the name of the application gives us a clue that it is built for editing videos professionally like movies. Most of the big production houses use iMovie to edit the videos like Bollywood songs, movies, advertisement videos, and even Hollywood movies, and many more. The simple user interface of the application makes it more convenient and easy to use for new editors as well.

You can also add custom logos, credit roles, and cast names by selecting a prebuild style template that best fits into your video. You also get 10 different cool filters and 8 themes to use. iMovie also comes with a package of a small collection of audio effects you can use as background music in your videos.

If you are looking for advanced video editing software for Apple devices then iMovie could not be the best choice because already Final Cut Pro and LumaFusion are available in the market with the best video editing tools and features.

Download iMovie for – iOS