How to use Avatarify App on iPhone to Create Animated Images

how to use avatarify app on iphone to create animated images and memes

How to use Avatarify App on iPhone to Create Animated Images, Memes, and Avatars

Have you seen animated avatars on different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc? But how do those people are generating those funny meme clips featuring Jackie Chan and Elon Musk? How to create those types of animated images and avatars. There are many third-party apps to generate animated images.

There are hundreds of applications are there on the App store to create animated characters or images with AR filters but not every app works very perfectly.  Avatarify is one of the best apps to create animated images and avatars. It is one of the most popular meme creator apps out there. You can create different funny meme templates and images using this app. So let’s create memes and funny images using the Avatarify app.

What is Avatarify?

Avatarify is developed by Ali Aliev. It is a face animator app that lets you control other faces in a photo and bring them to life using dialogue or song. The app gives you permission to import your photos and you can also select a song and the application will do the magic automatically.

Avatarify is one of the most popular avatar maker and meme creator apps with a rating of 4.8 on the App Store with over 22,000+ ratings. So you can imagine how much popular this application is.

Now let’s see how to use the Avatarify app on iPhone to make animated images:

How to use Avatarify on iPhone

  1. Firstly download the app from the app store and give the necessary permissions to the app.
  2. Now tap on the camera to capture the photos or you can upload the images from your gallery by tapping on the Library option.
  3. Choose any song from its in build song library. Tap the play icon to preview the video.
  4. Choose the video quality output – Best(HD Video) or Medium(SD video)
  5. Wait for the application to generate the video.
  6. Once you have done you can view the video, also increase the quality of the video if you selected it to Medium, mute it, and remove the watermark from the video also.
  7. Click on the save button to save the clip and you can also share it via different platforms like – Mail, Instagram, iMessage, etc.

Note: The video will come with the Avatarify watermark initially. You will have to buy the paid version of the app to remove the watermark from the video.
You can make a request to the Avatarify app to add your own songs. To do that, after recording a 10 to the 15-second music video of your dancing face. To do that follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Avatarify app and select a photo
  2. On the next screen select Settings from the bottom right corner
  3. Tap on Add a song
  4. Fill in the important details and add video files
  5. Tap on Send and wait. If Avatarify app finds the video apt it will be added to the song selection.

But what will happen if you neither like the existing song selection or nor wish to wait for the Avatrify app to approve your every request. There is a solution for this problem – Avatarify Live Mode.

How to use Avatarify Live mode on iPhone

Avatarify app also offers you to capture live moments and integrate them into the selected images. Here is how to use live moe on Avatarify.

  1. Open Avatarify and select the funny image you want to use to create a meme.
  2. On the following screen select the Live mode from the menu bar which you will get at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Avatarify will ask you to record a video. Adjust your face according to the instructions that will be displayed on the screen.
  4. Once your face matches the on-screen face indicator hit the red button to record the video.
  5. You will notice a live preview with the selected picture on your screen.
  6. Once you have done all the things now select the video quality and wait for the application to create a video for you.
  7. Now mute the sound or remove the watermark from the clip. Share and save the video with your friends and family on social media or offline transfer.

The application is very easy to use but here are some basic tips to use the app.

Tips for mastering Avatarify App

  1. Don’t go with the images that have side faces always use frond facing human images. The algorithm of the app works very effectively with the front-facing human subject.
  2. Keep your head straight while recording a video and look directly into the camera while recording a video in live mode. Otherwise, some interruptions can be seen in the video.
  3. During the live mode keep the background noise in check. Make sure that no AC, Fan, or any other type of unwanted noise is there.

Pricing of Avatarify

Avatarify app is free to download and use but there are some restrictions with the free version. Like you can’t remove the watermark from the video. The premium subscription of the app starts from $2.99 per week and $34.99 per year. So if you run a social media meme page then you must go for the yearly subscription. The premium version also allows you to record the live video for a long time. You also get a 7-days free trial with an annual subscription.

The Avatarify app is available for both the platforms iOS and Android.

Download Avatarify App for – iPhone

Download Avatarify App for - iPhone

Download Avatarify App for – Android

Create funny videos within minutes

One of my friends is a big fan of Tesla and Elon Musk had a birthday 2 days ago. I selected Elon Musk’s demo image and used live mode to create a professional birthday wish for him by using the Avatarify app.

The possibilities are endless depending on your creative mind. How you are planning to use Avatarify Share your experience in the comments section after using this amazing application.

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