Top 5 Best Apps for Drivers in 2021

Are you a driver? If yes then the below-listed apps for drivers could be very useful for you. These driver apps will make your driving journey interesting and easy. As technology is growing day by day and we are using plenty of Android and iOS apps in our daily life to perform different tasks. Similarly, there are some best apps for drivers which help drivers to maintain their vehicles(service-related and fuel consumption-related records), gas pricing, calculate mileage and many other tasks. If you are a driver many times when you visit a location it’s very hard to find the perfect place for parking. Simply keep your mind and eyes on the road not on your phone while you are driving a vehicle. So let’s have a look at the apps for drivers that can be useful in your journey.

Best Apps for Drivers to Make their Journey Interesting

1 – Google Maps

google maps for drivers

Personally, I use Google Map a lot because I’m an Android user and Google Map works very fine as compared to Apple map. Google map is the best way to search any location on the globe no matter in which country you are(except China and I think north Korea also). To use Google maps you only need a Gmail account(you can create it for free). You can also sync the data between different devices so that you don’t need to use a specific device or start from the beginning. Google map provides a lot of information like traffic, short road routes, etc. These features are so useful for the drivers. Download Google Maps today.

Download Google Map for – Android and iOS

2 – Road Trippers

road trippers app for drivers

Google map is the best app to go from one place to another but if you are planning to extend your road trip then Road Trippers could be the best choice for you. The app provides reviews about hotels, points of interest, eats, and campgrounds but it also provides advanced route planning tools that help you string all of them together. This app helps you to plan and execute your road trips in a proper manner.

Download RoadTrippers app for – Android and iOS

3 – Plug Share – EV Charging Station Map App

plugshare - ev charging station map app

If you have an electric car then PlugShare is mandatory for you. It is basically an interactive map application that shows the data of more than 40,000 charging stations all over the world in different countries. It can also tell you that is there any space left at the one you are heading towards the route. Its map is very basic but it can save you from expensive car toe. You can sign up with your Google account on to use it. A new feature that has been added is the Trip planner that will help you to plan your road trip. The trend of the electric vehicle is more in the American continent and in Europe as compared to the rest part of the world. So you will find more charging stations there than in India and other Asian countries.

Download Plugshare app for – Android and iOS

4 – XLR8

xlr8 app for drivers

XLR8 do you remember the name of an alien character in the Ben10 series. It is for those people who have a hybrid or an electric car but they miss the sound of a big and heavy engine. It is for those who love a heavy engine sound. XLR8 gives you a vroom vroom sound. Simply connect your phone to the stereo of your car and you can make your car sound like a V-8 muscle car, Ford GT40, Ford Mustang, Lamborghini, or a NASCAR engine sound.

Download XLR8 for – Android and iOS

5 – Gas Buddy

gasbuddy - gasstation finder app for drivers

There is plenty of gas station-finding apps for android and ios. But we have found a new and interesting app which is GasBuddy. It contains the data of every gas station in the United States in their database, this application is used by millions of people and many new features are coming in the next updates. You will find the cheap gas stations near you through this app and you can also filter if you need something specific like CNG, Diesel, etc.

Download GasBuddy App for – Android and iOS

6 – Waze

waze app for android and ios

The Waze app lets you see the best routes with real-time alerts for police, traffic, accidents on the roads, and many more other details about the road conditions, etc. This app also shows you a warning of overspeeding so that you drive your vehicle within the safe limits which is a good thing. If you listen to music then you can also control your music and podcasts without switching between the applications. Find gas stations nearby you on the Waze app map.

Download Waze application for – Android and iOS