11 Essential Lite Apps for Android and iOS

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Essential Lite Apps for Android and iPhones to Save your Space

Is your phone running out of space because of the heavy applications installed on your device? Then don’t worry in this list article we have listed some best apps to save space on your android device. These apps are used by android and iOS users very frequently and these lightweight apps are very useful in our daily tasks and life.

These apps will ease your daily tasks like surfing social media, doing online shopping, online chatting, having some entertainment, and many more. If you have a smartphone that has not-so-good specifications like – less RAM, less storage space, and bad battery life or not much capable battery(low mAH battery) then you must try the lite version of the popular apps you use in your daily life on your smartphone.

So let’s have a look at those best lite apps for Android that will consume very little space on your smartphone.

Best Lite Apps to Save Your Space for Android

1 – MX Player – Video Player, Movie Songs, and Games App

Most probably you know this popular entertainment and media-consuming application. MX Player is an application that is built for playing videos of any format(mp4, VGA, etc). It is a powerful media-consuming app that plays videos in all formats.

In recent years MX player has improved a lot and many other features have been added to this app like – play games online, enjoy the latest web series, shows, and movies, listen to the latest music, and consume videos, South ka swag(enjoy 4000+ Telugu, Tamil, and other south Indian movies). You must have this app on your android and iOS device.

Available for – Android

2 – Facebook Lite

There will be a very low percentage of people all over the world who don’t use Facebook in 2021. The internet penetration and the boom in the smartphone industry make it easier for everyone to have internet access and a good smartphone at an affordable price. But in case you live in an area where the internet connection is not so good like in some village areas of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, etc then you must download Facebook lite for better facebook browsing, low battery consumption, and save your lot of space.

The Facebook lite app is so fast and has the exact same features the original big-size Facebook app has. Even it works very find on 2G network. If you live in a remote area where the internet connection is not so good then you must download the Facebook lite application.

Available for – Android

3 – Gaana Music – The Perfect Music App

If you are a song lover then most probably I can guess you already will have the Gaana music app on your smartphone. But if not then what are you waiting for download Ganna today it is one of the best music streaming app for Android as well for iOS. The app is in the market for many years and currently, there are many other competitors of Gaana are there like Wynk music by airtel, Jio Saavan, Amazon prime music, Youtube music, etc. But personally, I used the Gaana application a lot in my college days to listen to music at night. That was the era when the internet was so expensive and we use the 2G networks. But today we have a high-speed internet connection at very low pricing so that you can enjoy the buffering-free music experience. So download the lite version of the Gaana music app now.

Available for – Android

4 – Truecaller – Caller ID, Spam Blocking and Chat

Truecaller is a caller id, spam blocking, and chatting application that is available for both the platforms Android and iOS you can download Truecaller for free from the google play store and the app store. Truecaller app is very useful for all the get protection from spam calls, fraud calls, unwanted calls from unknown numbers that can turn into a big scam. The lite version of this app is also available you can download and use it with the same functionality as the original application provides. It will save your space a lot and serve you the same features.

Available for – Android

5 – Paytm – Send and Receive Money, UPI, Recharge, Bill Payment

Paytm is one of the largest online payment applications used in India. The application became so popular from the year 2016 due to the demonetization in India. After that plenty of other online payment, apps came into the market like Google pay, Phone pay, etc. These 3 payment applications are popular in India. Then amazon also introduced their own payment system and named it Amazon pay but it is not used so much.

Available for – Android

6 – Instagram Lite

There is no doubt that Instagram is the most popular and trending social media platform nowadays. Everyone is using it whether it is an individual, company, brand, celebrity, foundation, organization, etc. There are many new features Instagram has introduced in recent years like Instagram reels, Instagram stories, payment collaboration option, etc. But the original version of the app is bulky so it could be problematic for some smartphone users who don’t have space in their phone or they own less powerful specs then you must download the Instagram lite app. You can also create your own custom Instagram story by using Instagram story template apps and stand out from other Instagram profiles.

Available for – Android

7 – Messenger Lite

For the people who chat with their friends very frequently on social media then the Facebook messenger lite app is perfect for them. It consumes less internet works fine in remote areas without any problem. This app provides you the same functionality as of original big-sized messenger app like – chatting with your Facebook friends as well you can search for the people who are not your Facebook friends but they are on messenger you can connect and chat with them. Download the messenger lite version.

Available for – Android

8 – Spotify Lite

If you love to listen to music on the go then most probably you already have downloaded the Spotify app on your android or iPhone. If not then what are you waiting for? Spotify is one of the most popular and top-rated online music streaming applications for android and iOS. The lite version of this app is also available you can download and use it with the same features the original big-size Spotify app provides. You can listen to any music in any language, search for your favorite songs, albums and tracks and enjoy. Spotify is popular in western countries and in European countries as well. You must download the lite version of the Spotify app to save space on your phone as well as resources like RAM and data consumption.

Available for – Android

9 – Airtel Thanks Lite – Recharge and Data Balance

Airtel thanks app also known as My Airtel App the app is developed by Bharti airtel limited to serve their airtel users. This app provides you all the details related to your airtel number like – mobile data recharge, available balance on your number, daily data consumption, monthly total data consumption, next recharge due date, etc. Airtel payment bank also has been added to the application so that users can save money to your airtel payments bank. Airtel payments bank is like Paytm payments bank save money like your regular offline bank – SBI, PNB, etc and you will earn interest on your money with the money stored on your Airtel payments bank.

Available for – Android

10 – Twitter Lite

Twitter is the most popular and professional social media and microblogging platform. Get all the information about world politics, geopolitics, news, events, entertainment updates, and many more. You can create the branding of yourself or your company or political party and many more. Do marketing of your business, interact with global and domestic brands, provide or receive customer service all with fewer data. Twitter lite app functions as same the original one does with very little data consumption. The Twitter Lite app is just under 3MB in size which is very very low and works very fine with smartphones. You can chat with your followers and share your ideas with them and others by your tweets.

Available for – Android

11 – Uber Lite

Uber app – an online taxi hiring application that is very popular all over the world and they are operating in more than 100+ countries. Uber lite is the simpler version of the Uber app. The lightweight version of the Uber app is so fast than the regular app you can book your ride safely and quickly even with a slow internet connection. You can request a ride from anywhere and anytime with few simple steps.

Book your ride in 4 simple and easy steps:

  • Open the Uber lite app
  • Confirm your pickup and destination spot
  • Choose the vehicle type
  • Confirm your ride

Available for – Android