10 Best Cooking Apps and Recipe Apps to Cook at Home

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Cooking is my hobby. Is it yours as well? If yes then cheers we both have the same taste for the food. But we are not professional chefs so it is not possible for us to cook new recipes every time. So for that problem, I have downloaded cooking apps and I have learned a lot of recipes from these food recipe apps.

During the lockdown, the demand for cooking apps increased a lot in India as well as in the other countries of the world because there was no option to go out to a restaurant. The only option was to order food online through food delivery apps which plays an important role during those days. But now you don’t need to order food online because you can learn cooking by some best cooking apps for android and iOS and eat your favorite recipe at home.

If you want to try new food items then you can also download these best cooking apps on your Android or iPhone. The paid versions of the apps are also available but in the starting phase when a beginner is using these food cooking apps then the free version is recommended. We will be also talking about cooking apps for beginners as well.

So let’s see the list of top cooking apps for android and iOS devices.

Top 10 Best Cooking and Recipe Apps for Android and iOS

1 – All recipes Cook Book

As the name of the application suggests that it contains all the recipes you can think about. Generally, it is a complete recipe cookbook app. It is a kitchen reference application that contains different vegetarian and non-veg recipes. We can say that it is a complete recipe book from where you can learn to cook different recipes. Recipes for all age groups are listed there with visual tutorials like high fiber diet recipes, diet recipes, lunch, dinner, breakfast, meals, etc. Search for the recipes with country-wise and cook recipes of different countries like Indian dishes, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, etc.

Available for – Android

2 – Tasty

Tasty as the name suggests all the things. It is one of the top-rated cooking apps of 2021. This application is developed by BuzzFeed and the cooking app features more than 4000 recipes. The app features veg and nonveg both types of recipes you can try at your home.

The app comes with a search feature you can search for any recipe that comes into your mind, step-by-step instruction mode, My recipes page, and a very useful feature which is Phone awake that keeps your phone screen on all the time. You can also filter the results based on vegetarian and non-vegetarian and the app also suggests you the recipes based on social plans, cuisine, and dietary needs.

The user interface of the application is simple and easy to use and it comes with a nifty tips section offered by users who already used this cooking app. The recipe guide comes with photos for better experience and understanding. This app could make you hungry if you browse the recipes for a long time. I will recommend you to download this cooking app once and try new recipes.

Available for – Android and iOS

3 – Archana Kitchen

If you are a company and want to do some experiments with Indian dishes only then the Archana Kitchen app would be very helpful for you. The application lets you filter the results as veg and non-veg items. We can say that this app is home to multiple Indian cuisines from across the states.

The app includes Kerala recipes, Konkan, Maharashtrian recipes, Parsi recipes, Indo Chinese recipes, Mughlai recipes, Chettinad recipes, North Indian recipes, and many more.

The best thing about this cooking application is that it provides you the video guides, meal plan ideas, diet fitness information, and lunchbox ideas. You can also select the food items for the baby if you are a mom. Search options and filter options are also there for better and easy navigation.

Available for – Android and iOS

4 – BigOven

BigOven is another popular cooking app that offers more than 350,000 recipes which is a very huge number. In this huge list of recipes, there will be something for everyone. The app comes with a meal planner feature as well as a grocery list tool. The social side of the app allows you to see what other people are making.

Available for – Android and iOS

5 – Kitchen Stories

The kitchen stories cooking app is being used by millions of people all around the world. Kitchen stories are awarded by google for Google Play’s design award. Download the Kitchen stories app and cook thousands of recipes at your home and take part in different food cooking competitions. This app can help you to complete your dream of becoming a successful chef/ cook.

The app comes with HD videos and articles by seeing them you can make delicious recipes very easily.

Some features of the Kitchen stores app are:

Upload your own recipes and showcase your talent to others

See thousands of recipes with easy to follow steps

Become a pro cook with instructional videos

Share and rate the recipes

Available for – Android

6 – Food Network Kitchen

Food network kitchen a cooking app for Android, make delicious recipes/ meals by following the step-by-step classes given to you inside the application.

Some premium recipe guides are also available for professional people who want to go a step further. If you are a beginner the brush up on the basics of cooking and recipe making. Save the recipes and access them anywhere. The app provides you more than 80,000 recipes(veg and non-veg). Choose from 50+ classes each week by your favorite chefs and food stars.

A grocery delivery facility is also available in the app you can order anything which you need for making any recipe so you don’t need to go out in the market and search for the items which will be needed to make a recipe.

Available for – Android

7 – Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

It is the best dinner planner app. You will get all the recipes for your delicious dinner. It is the most popular food focussed social app with a huge community of more than 30 million people all around the world. Basically, it is a big community of home cooks that are connected to this platform.

The application has been updated recently and some special and useful features are introduced like a personalized feed – that suggests the recipes according to your previous activity and app browsing history.

Improved search option lets you search by keyword with filter(include and exclude option). Step by step cooking guide is also provided for better explanation with recipe videos.

Available for – Android

8 – Instant Pot Recipes

Instant pot recipe is another cooking and recipe application that has a library of more than 1000 instant pot recipes with video explanations. If you are looking for a quick breakfast then this app could be a quick option for you. Search for the different recipes with the search option, save recipes, give a rating to recipes and share your reviews.

You can also chat with other peoples who are using the app and ask your queries and questions to them.

Some features of this amazing app are:

Ask questions and queries with others

Browse different recipes by the author

Login with social handles and Gmail

Grocery list

Always On-screen

Available for – Android

9 – Paprika Recipe Maker

Another recipe maker app for android and iOS users lets you download any recipe from your favorite websites and you can also add your own recipe to this app. Isn’t it cool to upload your own recipe?

Create your grocery list, use the pantry option to keep the track record of the ingredients you have and when they are going to expire. Always on screen system helps you to finish your recipe without tapping on the phone to wake the screen during work. Share your recipes with others via mail.

Print your favorite recipes, grocery list. You can also view your recipes offline once you downloaded them they will be saved to your local phone storage.

Available for – Android

10 – KPTN Cook

Kptn cook is a newly launched cooking app for Android devices. It is a clean application and it is more than a cooking application. Most of the applications give you to mix content and you search for the recipes on them which could be a time-consuming process for some people. KPTN app reminds you of new recipes every day automatically according to your mood and previous searches and activities performed with the app.

It provides you the photos, videos, and text articles for cooking different recipes. Visual learning is the best way to learn anything so you can cook anything by seeing the video content in the app. You must try this cooking app on your android device once.

Available for – Android