Top 13 Best House Painting Apps for Android and iOS

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Paint Your Dream Homes with the perfect Color by Using House Painting Apps

Confused about what color would look perfect on your walls? Don’t worry house paint apps will help you to select the perfect color for your home. Are you planning to renovate your house or just have completed construction of your new dream home and you are so confused about what color should I paint my house? In that situation to choose the perfect color for your dream home house painting apps can help you to figure out which color you should paint to your interiors and exteriors.

You all must have dreamed of your own home I also have dreamed of. If your home just constructed your home and looking to paint your home with the perfect color.

Once there was a time when technology was not so developed, reliable, and affordable but nowadays technology played a role in our daily or professional life. It becomes very confusing and complicated when we think about painting our homes.

In this article, we are going to suggest some home harmony apps which will definitely help you to choose the best color for the interior and exterior of your dream home.

Developers from all over the world are frantically throwing mobile apps all with the same purpose. These apps help you to choose the perfect color combination or theme for your home interior and exterior.  It is not easy to convert your exterior or interior house painting ideas into reality, but we can try.

Are you ready to find the perfect colors that will separate your house look from other people? with the following paint my house apps for android as well for iPhone.

Popular House Paint Apps for Android and iOS

  • Paint Tester
  • Paint My Wall – Simple Color Picker App
  • Paint My Room
  • Paint My Place – Paint Your Home with Real Colors
  • Project Color – The Home Depot
  • Valspar Color Wand
  • Color Smart by BEHR
  • Home Harmony – The All in One Designer
  • ColorPic
  • Color with Asian Paints
  • ColorSnap Visualizer

1 – Paint Tester

Want to see how new colors will look like on your interior or exterior walls? If yes then you must try the Paint tester house painting app.

Finding the perfect color for your home can be a challenging task but the Paint tester will show you all possible combinations and results. The app comes with many useful inbuilt tools and a smart paint bucket that make it so easy to change the wall color in a picture within seconds.

Only you have to click the picture of your room you want to paint, then use the paint bucket tool to apply the colors on the walls you want into the picture, the paint bucket will automatically color the walls without spreading on the other walls or your ceilings.

The application gives you the total control to clean the picture of how the color would look and you can even use multiple colors at the same time.

Our team personally tested this house painting app and it works perfectly.

Available for – Android and iOS

2 – Paint My Wall – Simplest Color Picker App

Paint my wall is a simple and easy-to-use color picking app for house painting. This app allows you to use inbuilt images to preview colors or you can upload your home pictures to check whether what color will be perfect for your home.


Quick color testing is possible with a single click.


There are lots of ads.

Available for – iOS

3 – Paint My Room

Confused about what color will look best on your room walls? Try different colors on the walls of your room in real-time with augmented reality AR. The application works with AR for better recognition of the walls and structure of your room.

Simply walk around your room and watch the room from different angles and just click on the walls. The app is free from advertisements so it’s a good thing.

Available for – Android

4 – Paint My Place – Paint Your Home with Real Colors

This is one of the best house painting apps available in the market right now. With a large variety of colors library for experimenting. This exterior house color app is very effective when used with the home’s exterior. You have to upload a picture of your interior and exterior place. It gives you a large variety of colors from the biggest paint brands in the world.

The paint colors are produced electronically so may vary in real-life when you will try to mix match colors.

Some features of this application are

  • Capture or select a photo from the gallery
  • Paint with 25 real brand name paint colors from 5 famous brands to get you started.
  • Quickly splash on paint with the intuitive magic fill tool. Our inbuilt AI system automatically detects objects and boundaries and magically applies color
  • Fine-tune the results by marking up areas to included or removed from the filled color
  • Manually draw additional brush strokes with your finger
  • Undo any accidental brush strokes in a snap with the eraser or undo tool
  • Save & email yourself, your friends, or painter with the re-painted property including the selected paints
  • Share your newly painted home photos on Facebook & Twitter
  • Features intuitive help menus marked ‘?’ to assist with using the tools and ensure you have a great experience

Available for – Android and iOS

5 – Project Color by Home Depot

Make your paint project easier with Project Color App. The application is developed by The Home Depot – an application that allows you to find and choose the perfect color for your dream home(interior and exterior).

You can browse different colors from the inbuilt library on your phone. Once you find the perfect color see how it will look in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, hall, or anywhere else on your home exterior or interior walls.

You can also take ideas or inspiration from the homepage of the app by scrolling down and you will get the color recommendations based on the mood you want to set for your room. (Personally like this feature)

Available for – Android and iOS

6 – Valspar’s Color Wand

If you are searching for an app that helps you streamline the color palette process, then this painting app can be perfect for you. Valspar color wand has a ton of professional tools for painting houses like color matching, scanning, color mixing, gradient color maker, etc. Easy to use for nonprofessional people.


Professional features like color mixing, color matching, scanning, etc.


You can’t try colors on your own image. The image upload option is not available there.

Available for –  iOS

7 – ColorSmart by BEHR

Are you ready to take on your next house paint project? Then start your project with the BEHR mobile which is a convenient easy to use app that will help you to find the perfect color for your project.

Discover new designer coordinated color combinations and preview your color ideas before implementing them into reality.

Some features of this application are

  • Easily browse or search Behr’s extensive library of over 2500 colors including BEHR MARQUE.
  • Tap the BEHR application logo to open the new slide-out navigation menu.
  • Use the Color Match feature to take a photo, then tap on the image to get the closest matching BEHR color.
  • Preview your color choices by selecting from a gallery of room images and styles – simply select a color and then tap on wall, trim, or ceiling to visualize your color combinations before you paint.
  • Save your favorite colors, room images, palettes, calculations, and store locations to your mobile phone—it’s there when you need it.
  • Share your color projects with friends and family on your favorite social networks.
  • When you’re ready to begin painting, use the Store Locator to help you find The Home Depot near you for the paint and accessories you’ll need

Available for – Android and iOS

8 – Home Harmony – The All in One Designer

Home harmony is the perfect all-in-one tool for exterior and interior designing. Choose any color and test it or you can choose a new flooring to try the color. It is an easy-to-use interior and exterior house color app.


You can try new flooring options and others.


The application is a little slower than others.

Available for – Android and iOS

9 – ColorPic – For Amazon Lovers

What can be better than visualizing your new interior or exterior paint? Order it directly from Amazon. ColorPic by Prestige paints gives you a custom view of your new paint and an easy order button directly from Amazon. The most useful feature of this app is that it’s built in-room calculator which tells you the total number of cans you should purchase for the project.


The before and after image option shows you how your walls will look like.
Explore the entire color collection from the main menu.


The gallery of the app shows images that don’t download properly sometimes. Works best with your own custom uploaded images.

Available for – Android and iOS

10 – Color with Asian Paints – Wall paint and Design App

Asian paints as you all know about the brand, how big and good it is. They have their own wall paint and designing an app that helps you to select the perfect color for your house. Download today.

asian paints app for android


Easy to use and the best one from Asian paints
You can see the entire Asian Paints Colour Spectra (our catalog of 1800 gorgeous shades) in this app
Textures are right there too – placed in stylish room shots so it isn’t hard to imagine how a textured finish looks


Ads are in the free version and some features are not there.

Available for – Android and iOS

11 – ColorSnap Visualizer

Show the preview of the colors how they will look on your walls after painting. ColorSnap Visualizer provides you the feature to use augmented reality or a photo of your walls/ space and tap on the walls to change the color of the wall. You can also match the colors in the photo and quickly get your color details like from where you can buy those colors then you can order them online. We personally use this home painting app to paint our newly constructed home in California.

Available for – Android

12 – DataColor Colorreader

Give a professional edge to your DIY project let datacolor application help you to complete your dream project. The real magic of the application lines in the ColorReader Pro which is a Bluetooth-enabled pocket-sized gadget with a success rate of more than 94% on your favorite fan desks.

Simply hold your Color Reader Pro towards the wall color you love and the app will take care of the rest of the work.

Available for – Android and iOS

13 – Prestige ColorPic Paint Color

This amazing house painting app helps you visualize your next painting project and you pick the perfect paint color for your home interior and exterior. Simply capture a picture of your room, hall, bedroom, kitchen, etc and choose from hundreds of colors from the app library and see the preview of how those colors will look on your walls. This home painting app is developed by Prestige Paints LLC. You can buy any color which you like in the app and directly buy from amazon via this app. So you don’t need to find the color in the market. It is one of the best house painting app for android and ios.

Available for – Android and iOS


According to me and I have tested all these applications the best home harmony and painting app is from Asian paints. You can try these and which completes your needs.