5 Best Apps to Spy on Childs Phone Remotely (Android and iOS)

Monitor Children’s Activities Remotely with these Spy Apps for Android

Are you looking forward to ways to spy on your child’s android phone remotely? We will introduce you to the methods by which you can track your child, and they won’t get a hint about it. Here we will get more information about location trackers and other spying tools as well. In this article, we have listed some best phone spying apps for android and iPhones. You can use these phone spying applications to monitor the activities of your children’s phones. These apps are best to spy on a child’s phone.


We have a rundown of applications. All are among the best ones to spy on your child or anyone you want to. Just remain with us till the end of this article and get acquainted with the spying applications.

1. Spyine

When it comes to spying, Spyine is not an application that can be overlooked. Spyine is the application that works best for both operating systems. And has earned the trust of people with its marvelous services.


best apps to spy on childs



It is the best application for spying remotely as it makes sure that the user doesn’t have to contact the target device physically. It has a massive number of users around the world.


It is currently available in 190+ countries, and  96% of the customers are satisfied with its services and usually renew their subscription plans. Want to know more about this application? Pay a visit to the Spyine official site and learn all about it.


Monitor Social Media Activities

It is the era of social media. Everyone is on social media, some for fun and some for business. It is vital for the parents to keep a check and balance of their children’s social media activities as every sort of person is up on social media. So, tracking children is essential.


Spyine lets you determine all the social media activities of the target device. What content the target device saves, shares, or sends everything can be known easily. Eventually, Spyine keeps records of all the deleted media. You can also check the deleted data at any time you want.

Stealth Mode

Spyine works in stealth mode and makes sure that the user may not get caught. And the target device does not even get a hint that he is being spied. This application is entirely protected to use. You can completely rely on its spying services.


Its Keylogger feature enables the users to determine the tap and keystrokes made on the target device. By using this feature, essential information and passwords can easily be revealed.


apps to spy on childrens

Not only this, but the users can get to know what content the target device shares, receives, or saves. Even the user can see the gallery, contact list, call logs, search histories, text messages. Eventually, the user can go through everything on that target device.



Parents can track their children easily with a feature called Geo-fencing. Parents just have to mark a few boundaries on the map. Whenever the target device crosses those marked boundaries, the user will receive an alert.


apps to spy on childrens


By this feature, the user can determine the current and past locations. Also, parents can keep track of the visits of their children. And parents can save children from any mishap. 


Safe and Secure

This application is secure to be utilized for a wide range of spying tasks. The application is genuinely secure to use. It doesn’t keep any data and use it against you, not under any condition like different applications accessible are prone to do so.


At the point when you are a Spyine client, you are entirely secured, so there is no need to give second thoughts on this splendid tool. 


Web-based Interface

Spyine has a web-based interface so the user can remotely spy on the target device. In fact, the user can be in another corner of the world and still can perform his spying errand. You don’t have to get any software or hardware for this tool as you can efficiently run it on any of the browsers. In fact, no specific browser is required.

2. Spyier

Spyier has not been in the market for a long time. But still has built its trust among the people. And has earned its name among the top applications in the market. Spyier is a very easy-to-use application and comes up with the most accessible commands to follow.


It has all the features any first-rate spying application does have, and the most fabulous thing is that it provides all this under a very cost-effective amount. It keeps the privacy of its users intact and makes sure that no one even doubts them. 

3. MinSpy

How can we miss MinSpy when we are talking about the best spying applications? It is providing its services for both of the operating systems. People worldwide use this application, and it is providing its services in more than 190+ countries.


best apps to spy on childs


All its features are straightforward to utilize. Still, if you face some issues, you can contact the customer care unit. They are available to help the customer 24/7. Also, it has economical subscription packages. This means you can have top spying features within a budget-friendly amount.


4. Spyic

Spyic is another spying application available in the market to make parent’s life easier. Parents have been concerned about their children’s activities, but with Spyic, they can easily track down what their children are up to. 


From location-tracking to monitoring their social media activities, all can be done with this one application. Moreover, Spyic is very easy to utilize. Also, it provides its customer with a 15-days free trial prior to a subscription to the paid package. Its customer care unit is there to help 24/7. What are you waiting for? Get registered today.

5. Neatspy

Today the last application on our rundown is Neatspy. It is also a good application if you are willing to spy on someone. It has all the features anyone could desire to have when it comes to spying.


It has a straightforward structure. Anyone with basic knowledge can run it efficiently. It allows the users to do spying without rooting or jailbreak. The Neatspy application can smoothly run in the background. And the application doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Visit its homepage to learn more about this application.


All the applications mentioned above are very user-friendly and easy to use. You can go for any of them and perform your spying errands with ultimate ease and ultimate satisfaction that your privacy will remain intact.


If you have any concerns contact their helpline, which is available 24/7, or get back to us. Let us know about your experience, as your feedback matters a lot.

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