CocoFax Review: Send Fax From a Printer

cocofax send fax from printer

CocoFax: Send Fax From a Printer

Has it ever occurred to you that you need to fax important documents urgently? However, the thought of investing in an exorbitant fax machine with added maintenance cost does not seem feasible at all. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Your printer coupled with the services provided by CocoFax becomes a capable fax machine. 

This must be confusing. Read on and you will understand how to turn it into a multi-function machine.

Fax Through Printer With Fax Capabilities

It may appear to be that faxing through a printer with fax capacity would be simpler than on account of a printer without fax abilities. Notwithstanding, the case is the polar opposite.  If your printer has fax capacities, it must be connected to the phone link. There will be an attachment for the phone line effectively accessible on your printer. 

So let us go through the means to fax through a printer with fax abilities.

Faxing via fax-capable Printer drivers

Stage 1: Make sure that you have made the important associations. The printer should be associated with the phone line and the PC. You can utilize your printer’s manual to become familiar with its layout.  

Stage 2: Install the printer’s drivers on the PC. You can utilize the CD furnished with the printer, or you can download its drivers from the web. 

Stage 3: Open the record that you wish to fax. You should provide the print order to fax it. You can track down this under the File Option. 

Stage 4: In the Print choice, you will see the alternatives of the chosen gadget in the menu.

Stage 5: The printer’s menu will open in the popup. Here you should enter the beneficiary’s fax number. When the subtleties are filled in, you can hit the ‘Send’ button. 

Stage 6: The printer will dial the beneficiary’s fax machine and communicate your fax. You will get an affirmation popup once the fax has been conveyed. The printer may likewise print you an affirmation page. 

Bonus tip: Did you know you can also send a fax from a computer?

Accepting a Fax through Printer with Fax Capabilities 

If you need to get a fax to your printer that is fax empowered, you should keep the printer turned on 24×7. Just to make sure you don’t miss out on any important fax. On the off chance that the printer is turned on and associated with the phone link when you get a fax, it will naturally get printed. 

Most present-day printers additionally accompany a modest quantity of inbuilt memory. On the off chance that the printer is out of paper, it can print the fax later when you provide it the order.  Be that as it may, assuming your printer doesn’t have fax capacities. Follow the means referenced in the following segment. 

Fax Through Online Fax Solution 

Since most printers come without fax capacity empowered on them, how might you even utilize fax on them? Indeed, one choice is to get the fax equipment added to it after you get it. 

Nonetheless, that isn’t doable financially. There is a much easier strategy through which you can fax with no extra equipment or utilizing a printer by any means. We will examine it now. 

CocoFax-Power of a Fax Machine Without Having one

On the off chance that you have that standard printer that doesn’t do a lot or if you don’t have a printer by any stretch of the imagination, don’t stress. CocoFax will offer you the highlights of a top-of-the-line fax framework that is equipped for sending and getting faxes. What more? you need not at all bother with a printer or a fax machine for that. 

Cocofax is one of the best online free fax specialist organizations on the lookout. It can do everything from sending a fax to your computer to sending a fax even from a telephone. What’s more, it permits you to do this from various perspectives, given your comfort. 

Prerequisites for Fax over the Internet through CocoFax

In case  you need to fax without a fax capable printer, you will require the accompanying: 

1 – A gadget that associates with the web

You can send a fax from a computer and a phone. All you need is a web association and an internet browser on the gadget. 

2 – CocoFax Account

You should get a CocoFax account. CocoFax will interpret the data from your PC or PDA to something a fax machine would peruse.

3 – Fax Number

You will require a fax number regardless of which conceivable strategy you use for sending a fax. Nonetheless, you can get a free fax number when you get a CocoFax account. CocoFax allows you to pick your fax number. 

As you can see there are barely any charges on any equipment of any sort. Subsequently, this is the ideal strategy to follow. Presently let us go through the means to fax on the web. 

fax sending process and steps with cocofax

Things To Keep In Mind 

At the point when you are faxing from a printer (or considering beginning it), you should keep track of the following guidelines:

1 – On the off chance that you need to utilize a printer that has faxing capabilities, you need to interface it to a phone line constantly if you need to send and get the faxes. 

2 – If you are utilizing CocoFax to send your faxes through a PC or cell phone, there are numerous approaches to do it. You can even do it in a hurry through your email utilizing its email-to-fax innovation! 

3 – If you do not have a fax-capable printer, you can take a stab at utilizing a fax modem with your printer and PC arrangement to fax anybody. In any case, this is pointless speculation considering you can utilize a help like CocoFax with no extra equipment required. 

4 – It is mandatory to have a fax number regardless of what technique you follow to fax. If you are utilizing a fax-empowered printer associated with a phone line, you should get a fax number yourself through the necessary channels.

5 – The vast majority believe that a remote printer implies that you will not need to associate a phone line with a fax. Notwithstanding, that isn’t the situation. Check remote fax here 

A remote printer simply implies that you can interface it remotely to your telephone or PC. It doesn’t imply that it will get the phone signals without a phone wire. Recall that fax needs these signs to work.

In any case, if you are utilizing CocoFax, the good news is that being a first-time user,  you will get a free fax number to start! 

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