RecordCast Review – Film your PC Screen Online for Free

Film your PC Screen Online for Free 

The biggest advantage of using online applications is that you don’t need to download resources to your PC or other devices, and the browser can open the web page to complete the job. This article will introduce a tool, which makes screen recording, and video editing easy, and no download or payment is required. You can generate a video just with a single click.

RecordCast: Free screen recorder & video editor

RecordCast is an online screen recording tool, which you can use the browser to record your computer activity or tutorial into a video. You are available to choose the full screen, single window, and browser tab, check shared audio and record sound simultaneously. RecordCast will allow you to record up to 30 minutes of video. At the end of the recording, you can watch online and quickly save the movie (.webm format) for free, and no watermark will be added.

Some key features of RecordCast:

– Free-to-use without registration

– Simple and elegant user interface

– Capture anything on the screen

– Abundant capture modes for all needs

– Simple and advanced ways to edit videos.

How to use RecordCast online screen recorder?


  1. Open the RecordCast website in the browser and press “Start recording” to start recording the video. No additional software installation is required, and no account login is required.

  2. At first, we select whether to record both screen and webcam, screen only or webcam only.

  1. Now, we need to choose the recording method during screen recording. The default is System Audio, which can be changed to use a microphone or mute.

  2. Then it will appear “Share your screen” and click on the screen you want to record. There are full screen, window, and index tabs (browser tab). Click on the full screen, and there will be a “share audio” option to record the system, sound from the webpage.

  1. Choose the screen you want to record and click “Share” to start recording.

  2. While recording in full screen, you will see “ sharing” on the desktop, and click “Stop sharing” to complete the recording.

  3. Select the video browser tab screen, the tab will appear with a blue border, and the browser will display “Share this tab on”, click “Stop” to end recording, or you can return to the RecordCast website and press the “Stop (■))” End recording button.

  4. When recording is complete, return to the RecordCast website to watch the video. If you are not satisfied, click “Re-record” to re-record, then click “Download” to save the video.

  1. In addition, RecordCast also provides a video editing function. Click “Edit & Export” to automatically save the video and open the RecordCast online video editor. You are free to edit it yourself and download the video in 1080p.


In short, this free screen recorder with no watermark will come in handy if your business revolves around video and film content creation. It will also be essential and much easier than some high-end software with all the features you need to record and edit a video professionally. Seeing is believing, and it’s even free!

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