5 See Through Clothes Apps for Android and iPhone

Hey, want to see through the clothes of your friends or anyone else? Today we have a new form of entertainment with mobile applications to make some fun which are known as see-through clothes apps. There are many Android and iOS applications that allow you to see through clothes. Actually, these clothes remover apps don’t do anything but are for school children to entertain them.

In this article, we are going to show you some best apps for see-through clothes for both Android and iOS. Hope these apps will entertain you.

All the see-through clothes applications use your phone’s camera to function, and they will ask for camera access when you will install them and use them. So allow permission to use your phone’s camera.

6 Apps to See Through Clothes

There are hundreds of fun applications available on Google Play Store and App Store that you can download to play pranks on your friends, one of the categories of applications is see-through clothes apps. These apps allow us to know a little more about others. You can scan your friends using X-Ray vision of these applications to look under their outer clothes. Here is the list of the best apps that will help you to see through clothes for Android and iPhones.

1 – Super XRay

Super X-ray is one of the oldest and most highly rated X-ray applications for see-through clothes for Android devices. You can scan the body of any person(male or female). It will show you the bones and other structures of the person you will be scanning through this app. You can easily see the skeleton and other body parts of a human using this X-ray app. Obviously, it will not be true because a phone camera is not an X-ray machine

2 – Naked 3D Home Body Scanner

The 3D Home body scanner is another body scanner to see through the clothes app. If you are a health-conscious person, then this app could be somewhere beneficial for you. When you scan a person with this app, then it will create a 3D model of that person’s body within a few seconds.

You can compare the before and after body changes and see if you are getting fat or slim. It will show you the data stats such as weight, height, waist, circumference, etc. All the data is shown in the form of a graph and you can use it to take care of your health. You must give it a try to this application once.

3 – X-Ray Scanner Body

X-RAY Scanner body is another popular body scanner for mobile devices developed for fun purposes. Amaze your friends or family with the results of this body scanner app. Remember that this app is designed for entertainment purposes and don’t expect the results with the real X-Ray scanner machine.

The interface of the app is cool and easy to use. It’s as simple as your smartphone camera app.

Simply point your phone camera at the target person and press the start button and the app will start scanning that person. Within a few seconds, the results will be shown on your phone screen.

4 – Body Image Filtering

With the Body image filtering app, you can play fun tricks with your friends. There are more than 10 Million downloads of this application from the Google Play Store and an average rating of 3.9 stars. There are a total of 20 human body pictures in the app library. If you want to look gorgeous, then you can choose that body type or give your friend a beer belly and your girlfriend big breasts just for fun. There are many other funny filters in this app you can use to have some fun with your friends.

How to use this app – simply upload your photo from your phone gallery or click a new photo directly using this app. Then choose the filtered photo from the app database, superimpose the second photo so that all the body parts match with your photo, and that’s it.

5 – Full Audery Body Scanner Xray

Full Audery body scanner app is another fun to use see through clothes’ app for Android devices with lots of interesting and unique features. There are more than 50 lack downloads of this application, which is not a big number, but this app is recently launched, so it’s new and it will take time for this app to get popular.

The interface of this app is clean and modern, only you have to point your camera at the person and it will scan that person.


Hope you will like and try these apps to see through clothes, and have some fun. Remember, these all see through clothes apps are not real you can actually see inside, they are made for fun and entertainment purposes.

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