10 Best Thermometer Apps for Android and iOS


Thermometer Apps for Android and iPhone

Turn your smartphone into a virtual thermometer and measure your body and room temperature. It is hard to find a good thermometer app that can easily measure your body and room temperature as well. During these pandemic days, in many places, it is compulsory to measure your body temperature. So before entering that particular place, you can measure your own body temperature using some thermometer apps. These thermometers are available for Android and iPhone you can download and use. These apps can be used as room temperature apps.

It is a hurdle to carry a thermometer all the time with us. So why not turn our smartphone into a thermometer. It sounds impossible, but with the evolution in technology we have enough smart apps for Android and iPhones, that can do ultimate and unbelievable tasks.

All the thermometer apps perform the same basic functions, such as – measure a person’s temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. There will be a little difference in the readings of each app, but it is acceptable. Of course, we can’t compare thermometer apps with the actual physical thermometer, but yes we can use these apps in emergency time. Here in this article, we created a list of top 10 best thermometer apps for Android and iPhone. You can download for free and the paid versions are also available.

10 Best Thermometer Apps for Android and iPhone

Below is the list of the best thermometer apps for Android and iOS.

1 – iThermometer

iThermometer is one of the most popular thermometer apps. And it is the best choice for those people who are looking for a thermometer app for their smartphone. After the recent app update, the interface of the application now became more attractive, and it looks pretty nice.

It is not limited to temperature check only, it also provides the data in the form of charts and graphic logs about the progression of a fever. It is one of the best fever measurement apps for Android and iPhone. The app regularly checks the temperature of your body and shows you the temperature graph of your body. It conducts a proper analysis of the body temperature through its association collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital.

2 – Real Thermometer

A thermometer can’t be used only for measuring the body temperature. It also can be used for measuring the temperature of a room. If you want to measure the room temperature, then this app is the perfect tool to do that.

Real Thermometer is an easy-to-use application that tells you the ambient temperature around you. It helps you to measure the room temperature where the phone is stationed. This app can also measure your body temperature. It is a 2 in one app that can measure the room temperature as well as the body temperature of a human body. You can check the temperatures of the different regions by entering the Postcode to get the local weather forecast.

3 – Thermometer Body Temperature Tracker

Body temperature app is developed to maintain your basal body temperature and to keep a track record of the different body temperatures at different times of your body. This thermometer app keeps all the records of your body temperature(minimum and maximum) in the form of charts and graphs. You can automatically generate the diagrams and graphs of your body temperature and history. You can measure the temperature of anybody with the Body temperature app.

Body temperature app is almost like a thermometer as it indicates normal, high and low body temperature values. Which makes it a perfect body temperature measurement app.

4 – Smart Thermometer

Where other thermometer apps are focussed on ambient temperature systems, the Smart Thermometer is developed for better accuracy with its intuitive user interface. The app can check the body temperature regularly by setting a time interval, and the app shows the temperature data chart and history in graphical form. You can share this report with your family doctor or physician to analyze the temperature trend to better understand your fever.

But the old kind of devices that don’t have proper sensors can’t use the Smart Thermometer app. The app requires an active internet connection and your location to measure the body and room temperature. If your smartphone doesn’t come with the temperature sensor, then this app will not work on your device. The accuracy of this smart thermometer app is great; it is almost accurate to a regular thermometer.

5 – iCelsius

By installing iCelsius app it will convert your smartphone into a full on multi use thermometer. It can record temperature data and graphs, and you can share the report with your physician for analysis. The app can measure the temperature of a body, but it is only capable with the smartphones that come with temperature sensors, otherwise it will show inaccurate data. The app will inform you about your body temperature regularly when it goes high or low than the regular temperature of a human body. Which is a cool feature of this application. This app can be used to measure the temperature of household appliances, cooking ingredients, tea and coffee temperature and wine as well.

6 – Thermo

Thermo is another best thermometer app which is very easy to use and a free application. With this app, you can see the temperatures of different locations from all over the world in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Only you have to give location access to the Thermo app, and it will show you the temperature of your location and other locations as well. It can measure your body temperature. Again, this app will work very fine with the Android or iOS devices that have temperature sensors. Having a temperature sensor in a smartphone gives accurate data.

7 – Fever Tracker App

Fever tracker is used as a prank application most of the time. You can manipulate the fever history of a person by changing the temperature data collected by this fever measurement app. This app can measure the temperature of your body in 2 simple steps. Simply put your finger on the finger scanning image and the app will detect the temperature of your body. Do you remember when your child got infected with the fever or the symptoms started of fever? If not then you must try this app. 

It will track the temperature history and will show you the temperature report, so that you or your physician can analyze the temperature changes in your body. Currently, this fever tracker app is only available for Android devices. Hope iOS users will get this fever measuring app soon.

8 – Thermometer ++

Thermometer ++ is a popular thermometer app and body temperature measurement app for Android and iPhone. It keeps the things very simple and easy to understand by displaying local temperature readings based on the geographical location, as well as atmospheric pressure and humidity. The app shows the temperature readings in degree celsius and fahrenheit. The overall temperature accuracy is good with the Thermometer ++ app. Check the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure of any location visually on the map.

It is the popular thermometer app across both the platforms Android and iOS. There are more than 5 million downloads of the Thermometer ++ app all over the world.

9 – Digital Thermometer

Many people who don’t know how to read a thermometer, then they must use the Digital thermometer. Digital thermometer app calculates the temperature and shows it visually and in the graphical form on the screen of your device. The readings are easy to read and understand the temperature changes in our body for a particular interval of time. This app works with the ambient light sensor which comes in almost every budget phone. So anyone who has a decent smartphone can use this digital thermometer app.

You can see the temperatures of different locations geographically on the map. You get a lot of information in the map like altitude, humidity, wind, speed as well as the geographical latitude and longitude. This is an interesting Digital thermometer app for Android and iOS.

10 – Thermometer

Thermometer is a no-nonsense application, it is efficient. It is a very lightweight application and consumes just 2 MB of space in your smartphone memory. You can measure indoor and outdoor temperatures as well.

If you want to take the readings of the outdoor area, you will need an active internet connection. It is the best thermometer app to measure indoor and outdoor temperatures.

11 – Thermometer – Indoor and Outdoor

Thermometer app is another best thermometer app for Android and iPhone that you can use to measure your room temperature or outside your room. This application also shows the weather forecast. The design and interface of this application is traditional with retro look and it gives a good user experience. It is just as good as the electronic thermometer HD.

The app is simple to use and accurate in temperature readings. You can see the temperature readings in digital scale as well as analog scale. If you are looking for thermometer app then you must download the Thermometer – Indoor and Outdoor app.

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