Top 10 Best Music Studio Recording Apps

We are seeing that the music industry is changing day by day, and new creators, singers and musicians are rising each and every day. Because of internet penetration, anybody can showcase their talent online. There are so many platforms where you can showcase your talent or skills and make them your source of income as well.

Once there was a time when everyone had to rely on music producers and so many requirements were there a few years ago. But today we have many applications and easy ways to follow our passion and learn things. Today, if you want to learn music, there are free music classes online you watch on YouTube.

So overall saying is that there is no need to search for a music producer, buy advanced gadgets to record your songs, and do other kinds of stuff. This article is going to be very interesting and useful for you because in this article, we create a list of some best music studio recording apps for Android and iPhone, that you can download from the Google Play Store and App Store and create your own music recording studio at your home. So let’s have a look at those recording studio apps and record your own music at home for free.

1 – BandLab – Make Music Online

BandLab is a popular music recording and studio application, this tool is available in both forms whether you can visit the website or download the app. There are more than 10 Million downloads of this application and a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store. So you can imagine the popularity of this application, 10 million downloads, and 4.6 rating clearly says all the qualities of this application. And we personally tested this application while writing this review and the features this app is offering are just amazing.

We can say it is a complete music-creating platform for beginners as well as for advanced users who have enough knowledge of music creation. It is one of the best recording studio apps for Android devices. It is more than a simple music recording app, it comes with complete music maker tools and features that will help you to remix your music.

This application offers a 12-track mixer, a looper, a guitar tuner, and lots of audio samples to use. This app is perfect for bands’ and musicians’ setups.

But don’t get confused that single artists can’t use this app, they can also use it very perfectly. The recorded audio quality through this application is really great and you can record multiple tracks which is a very useful feature.

BandLab is a good multitrack recording app and it has a social media element that can help you find new friends that are interested in music and you can connect with fellow musicians or meet your next band.

DownloadBandLab (Free)

2 – Dolby On – Record Audio and Music

Dolby is a professional music recording and mixing app developed by Dolby Laboratories Inc. There is more than 1 download from the Google Play Store and a rating of 4.3 stars, which is a very good rating for an application. The user interface of the Dolby app is modern and professional looking and easy to use as well.

If you want to transform your phone into a powerful music recording tool, then this app is perfect for that. It comes with many professional tools that are commonly used in music recording in a studio. You can record your songs, instruments, podcasts, rehearsals, voice memos, ideas, lyrics, and beats in high quality.

Record your live music and videos with automatic studio effects such as noise reduction, limiting, spatial audio, equalizer and other features with Dolby On. The quality of the audio and recording is just amazing.

Download Dolby On (Free)

3 – FL Studio Mobile

If you are searching for a serious recording studio app, then you must check this app. If you want to create complex music then, this app can easily handle that type of music, and add multi-track music projects. This tool is available for Android, Tablets and Chromebook as well.

Try high-quality loops, synthesizers and percussion this studio recording app for Android let you create the beats or instruments you want. You can record instrument sounds as well, these features make this one of the best Android apps for music production.

It also comes with some excellent features that are commonly used in music recording, as well as some advanced features, because it is a paid application. If you want a professional music recording app with some advanced features and you have money to spend, then go with FL Studio Mobile.

Download FL Studio Mobile ($14.99)

4 – Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder is basically a voice recorder and it can be used to record music but as per our testing, this app is a simple voice recorder app. The recorded audio quality of this app is decently good, but we can’t say it the best audio quality. The working of this app is similar to a normal voice recorder app you get by default.

The user interface is clean and simple, there is a skipping silence on the fly feature that omits relative silence and awkward pauses, thereby helping shorten your recordings.

This app also has some excellent features like – a spectrum analyzer, launcher shortcuts, microphone gain calibration tool, and wave PCM encoding to make your recordings smoother.

Download Smart Recorder (Free, in-app purchases available)

5 – N – Track Studio DAW – Make Music

N Track Studio is the ultimate music recording app for Android that transforms your device into a powerful recording studio and beat maker. If you are searching for an ultimate recording studio and beatmaker app, then N Track Studio could be the perfect choice for you. You can use an almost unlimited number of audio, MIDI and drum tracks as well as mix them with real-time sound effects like guitar amps, reverb, VocalTune, etc. N – tack studio has everything you need to create professional quality music on the go.

This application is so popular and there are more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store and an overall average rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store. Which is a very good rating for an application.

It is one of the best music production software applications with a great collection of instruments. The sounds and graphics of the application are just amazing. The recording quality is also very good.

You get a new look ahead mastering limited effects, maximizing your song loudness, use multiple CPU threads in the audio engine that lets you work with more tracks and sound effects.

This music production app is available for Windows and Android, which is a great thing. If you have a low specs mobile device then download the Windows version of n-Track Studio available for the 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It is one of the best multitrack recording software for Windows and Android.

Download n track studio (Windows)

6 – Voloco

Voloco is a popular music recording and sound effects app for Android. This app helps you to record better tracks, elevate your sound to professional quality and is extremely intuitive to use. There are more than 50 million downloads of this application and more than 50 different sound effects you can use in your music. All the sound effects are categorized into 12 preset packs and thousands of beats are free to use. It is one of the best auto tune app for Android.

It is one of the best Android apps for musicians which automatically removes the background noise and corrects the pitch of your voice. You also get a variety of presets for EQ, compression, and reverb effects that polish your recording to perfection.

You can also extract the vocals with this song recording application. Separate vocals from the existing songs to hear what Elvis would sound like with pitch correction.

Download Voloco (Free, In app purchase available)

7 – Hi – Q Mp3 Voice Recorder

Hi -Q is a powerful voice recorder and it is developed especially for businesses and academic use such as for meetings, interviews, notes, lectures, etc. This app supports the mp3 format and it is decent for guitar songs or musical ideas as well. Hi-Q app also supports Dropbox support, you can store your recordings directly in dropbox cloud storage, and it also supports widgets and Wi-Fi transfer options.

The quality of the recording is decent enough, but the quality of the audio also depends on the microphone. This app is free to download, but if you want to use some advanced features of this application then you can purchase the premium version for just $3.49 USD.

The user interface of the app is very simple as a normal voice recorder app. The theme of the app is bluish and the user experience is also good. Our experience with this app was decent, not the best but yes with the free version it’s like a simple voice recorder app.

Download Hi – Q Mp3 Voice recorder (Free, in-app purchase $3.49)

8 – RecForge – II

RecForge is a powerful audio and sound recorder app for Android devices. This app comes with some advanced features and a great sound quality. This app works with external microphones and you can monitor real time recording, so that you can heat what your recording will sound like.

There are more than 10 thousands plus downloads from the Google Play Store and 4.1 average rating which is a very good rating for an application. The user interface of the app is also easy to use and attractive with blusih and black color tone.

RecForge II is an android sound editor to cover, play, edit and share your recordings in almost all commonly used audio formats. Free and premium version both are available as per your need and usage. If you have professional projects then you can buy the paid version of this application which will cost you INR 350 only.

Download RecForge II Pro (INR 350) , RecForge II (Free)

9 – ASR Voice Recorder

ASR Voice recorder is another music recording app for Android that lets you record a variety of audio formats. This application allows you to record music thorough Bluetooth microphone, which is a unique feature of this music recording app. There are more than 5 million downloads of this app and overall average rating is 4.3 stars, which is a very good rating, so you can get an idea about the popularity of this app. The user interface is clean and simple with white color theme.

It also supports high quality audio format and you can upload your recorded music directly to cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and Microsoft Dropbox.

Users can also group their recordings by tags, or trim them inside the app, send and share directly to any app. Free and paid versions both are available as per your need.

Download ASR Voice Recorder (Free, in-app purchases available)

10 – Walk Band

Walk Band is not just another audio recording app, it’s an all-in-one music creation tool that offers a wide range of simulated instruments for creating professional-grade compositions. Whether you are a novice or an experienced musician, this app has everything you need to produce high-quality music tracks right from your mobile device. There are more than 100 Million downloads of this app from Google Play Store, which is a huge number, so you can imagine the popularity and user base of this application.

Walk Band boasts a plethora of simulated instruments ranging from piano, guitar, drum kit, bass, to synthesizer and more. The app’s interface is easy to navigate, with each instrument offering a range of customization options such as volume, tempo, and pitch. It also supports MIDI controllers, allowing you to connect your music instruments and record your tracks with ease.

If you have existing recordings, you can import them into Walk Band and use the app’s advanced editing tools to enhance your creativity. The app’s multi-track mixer allows you to add different instrument sounds to your tracks and blend them seamlessly to create a harmonious musical masterpiece.

Download Walk Band (Free)

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