Blackjack: Basic Strategy and Card Counting Strategy Explained

Blackjack is an online casino table game, but its fast pace and need for smart play can intimidate newbies. But, to be successful, knowing some basic game concepts is vital. Therefore, here we explain the popular blackjack online strategies, so you can master them and thus increase your winnings.

Tips For Choosing the Best Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in real-world and online casinos. In this way, players enjoy the combination of skill and chance that comes with determining the outcome. It is believed that it requires more skill than many other table games, but it is also essential to have a good blackjack strategy, and we will tell you about it here.

Introduction to the Basic Strategy

Many players believe that basic strategy is the best way to play blackjack. It is designed using statistical probability to determine the best play under any circumstances, depending on the dealer’s starting card and the cards in his hand.

Its goal is not only to allow the player to win as often as possible, but also to maximize the number of wins, reduce the probability of bankruptcy, and sometimes minimize expected losses.

Learn About the Risks of Blackjack Strategy

If players use the basic strategy without deviating, the theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) is 99.63%, a pretty high RTP. However, while the RTP is high with this game, the variant is low as the highest payout you can achieve in a single hand is 3:2.

Sticking to the strategy is essential, even when you get one bad result after another. Players who use basic strategy always perform better than those who make decisions according to their general instincts. While some believe that the basic strategy is only suitable for the first card drawn, please don’t believe it – follow your decision.

Variations of the Basic Strategy

The structure of the basic strategy will depend on the rule of the blackjack being played. In general, the game’s most popular variations make very little difference to the basic strategy, so you should not make any changes. However, both online and offline casinos sometimes have variations that require adjustment.


While players are only dealt one more card on each Ace, 11 represents a firm number to start with. You should always divide 8–8 as well.

Double Down

If you double down, you put yourself in a strong position to capitalize and can possibly change the power of your dealer. In general, always make sure to double down on 11 unless it’s against the Ace. Double down on 10 or 5-5 unless the dealer has a 10 or an Ace. Double down on 9 if the dealer has a 3, 4, 5, or 6. Remember that not all tables allow you to double down on anything other than a 9, 10, or 11.


This allows players to escape if they find themselves in a particularly unfavourable position. This will result in a smaller loss overall. The basic strategy only recommends that players surrender if they have a hard 15, the dealer has a 10, or if the bettor has a hard 16 and the dealer has a 9, 10, or Ace.

Side Bets

These are generally not recommended as they offer little value to players, and you will find the house edge on these side bets to be higher than you would find in the standard game.

While the difference is small, the fewer decks in use, the better for you. Therefore, you should always look for a table that offers fewer decks. You will rarely see eight or two deck games on the internet, and more commonly, you will see six or four decks in use. However, some sites will offer single-deck blackjack.

Online Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

Counting cards in blackjack simply means keeping track of how many low and high cards are left in the deck. If you can pull this off, you can work out when the odds are in your favour and increase your bet accordingly, giving you a better chance of winning. Although some people think that counting cards are illegal, it is not. That is, as long as you count cards in your head rather than with an app or device.

The Basics of Card Counting

If you are going to count cards correctly, you will need to keep a running total based on the value of the cards that have been revealed. All cards have a value of -1, 0, or +1, high cards have a value of -1, and low cards have a value of +1.

This allows you to keep track of the value of all the cards left in the dealer’s deck and dictates when you should place a high bet. In blackjack, there is an average house edge of 0.5 per cent, so if you perfect your card counting, you’ll have a 1 per cent edge over the house.

How to Start?

You can start counting cards in blackjack by assigning a value to all the cards in the deck. For these purposes, all cards from 10 to Ace will be -1, all low cards from 2 to 6 will have a value of +1, and all remaining cards from 7 to 9 will be 0.

When the dealer deals with the cards, he makes mental notes of the assigned value. So if, for example, the dealer deals with a 10, we assign the value -1. If the next card is a 3, you will give it the value +1. When the totals are added up, you will have a total of 0. You will continue this for each card dealt, always keeping a running total.

Have More Advanced Strategies

After you have practised the basics of card counting, the next step is to employ some more advanced strategies. Below are some strategies you can employ:

The Omega II System

It is known as a “balanced” system, which makes 0 the base. If you have a positive total, that means the deck has more cards with lower values. But, if you have a negative total, there will be more high cards. However, it requires a more complex numbering system.

In the Omega II system, you give cards numbered 7, 3, or 2 a value of 1. Card 9 has a value of -1, 10s, face cards have a value of -2, and Aces and 8s have a value of -2. Value of 0

Wong Halves System

The Wong Halves system is an advanced card counting strategy because it uses fractions instead of whole numbers for some of its values. In this system, cards 6, 4, and 3 have the value of 1, with 7 and 2 having a value of ½. A 5 is worth 1 ½, an 8 has a value of 0, and a 9 has a value of -0.5.

Group Play: A-Team Effort

Many people find that card counting works best if they work as a team. This means that multiple tables or decks can be counted simultaneously. Members usually design signals so that they can easily secretly communicate with each other without being detected.

Count Multiple Decks Alone

The key is to employ the Hi-Lo strategy, and then divide your bank account by how many decks are left. This will give you an actual count on which you can base your lead. For example, if you have a running total of five and two decks remain, you would have divided five by two to get a total of 2.5, which will be your actual count.

Choose a Strategy

The simplest strategy that a newbie card counter can employ is the Hi-Lo strategy. Since they all provide roughly the same amount of advantage over the casino, choosing the strategy that you find works best for you and that you are comfortable with would be best. The key is to practice as much as you can for free at first to perfect your techniques.

What To Keep In Mind When Counting Cards

Casinos are well aware that card counting happens even in online table games. There are also numerous measures to try to prevent card counters from taking advantage of their abilities.

Real-world casinos often have surveillance cameras, and the dealers are regularly changed if the pit boss thinks the table is hot. The dealers are also often forced to shuffle the cards after the hand has been dealt to make it more difficult to count them.


Remember that these are just some of the best online blackjack strategies, and they can serve as a guide. However, several factors can complicate the game. For example, because an ace can be either an 11 or a 1, it adds a level of complication if you or the dealer show an ace.

However, if you stick to the above-mentioned strategies, you’ll see a massive leap in your Blackjack casino gameplay.

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