Funny Face App – Review

funny face app

Funny Face App – Review

Funny Face App is developed by LQL Studio. It is an easy-to-use editing application that helps you to create your own funny faces and videos quickly. The application provides a huge collection of videos you can use for your editing projects. You can add your faces to these videos also.

All the editing depends on your creativity level,  you can create different funny faces and edit photos using this funny face app. You can create videos on different topics like Christmas, dance, work, love expression to amaze your friends.

This app allows you to share your videos on Facebook, messenger, email etc. You get a huge collection of free super fun videos, apply different face filters, edit mouth motion of the faces in the photos or selfies. You can also add emojis and texts to the videos. This is an interesting app to create funny faces. It is one of the best funny face app for iOS. Let’s have a look at its features.

Available for – iOS

Features of Funny Face Apps

  • A collection of free super fun videos
  • Add as many faces as possible to the app
  • Apply filter to the faces
  • Edit mouth motion of the faces
  • Change your face to our video collection
  • Add emoji and texts to videos
  • Share videos to Facebook, Twitter, iMessages, Instagram
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