8 Simple Steps to Grow Your Instagram Followers Fast

steps to grow your instagram account and gain followers fast on instagram

Instagram has more than 1.16 billion users, as estimated in 2020. This includes 500 million active users who view Instagram stories daily.

70% of these users are young adults aged 35 and below. Moreover, 51% of the estimated users are females, while 41% are males.

From these statistics, you can tell that Instagram is one of the most high-engaging social media platforms today. In marketing and advertising, Instagram campaigns have a potential of nearly one billion. This reach is too high that you’ll find a bigger chunk of your audience here.

However, you need more Instagram followers to market your brand effectively or promote a cause. Moreover, the more Instagram followers you have, the more your profile gains visibility in the app. Your posts will also appear in the “discover section” of these users.

So, what’s the secret behind getting more followers on Instagram? Try these 8 simple tips to find out.

How to Grow Your IG Followers?

1. Start By Optimizing Your Bio to Attract More Instagram Follows

Optimizing your bio allows your potential followers to know the personality behind the profile. You can tell your users who you are and what interests you in 150 characters. You can also include a brand hashtag so that fans can start using it in their posts.

Other information to have in your bio includes a link to your landing page and a call to action. You’ll likely gain more followers on Instagram with an optimized bio than without.

2. Post When Your Audience Is Online

There is no standard procedure of telling when an Instagram user will be online. But still, you can gauge when your posts trigger more engagement. Knowing this moment is almost equal to knowing when your potential follower will be active.

Even better, you can leverage Instagram Insights to find out when your audience is most active. After that, ensure you post during these times so that your content can attract real Instagram followers.

3. Post Regularly

Most businesses do an average of four Instagram posts per week., which is just ideal for maintaining brand relevance. This posting frequency will not work for you if you want to attract more followers on Instagram. It also won’t help if you want to build a vibrant brand.

Posting at least once per day will increase the visibility of your Instagram account on the “discover area” of other users. Moreover, Instagram’s algorithm will also rank your post at the top of the feeds of your active followers.

Of course, don’t forget that quality is always more important than quantity. If you don’t have anything quality to post, wait until you have one.

4. Leverage Different Content Types

You can engage your Instagram target audience through various content types. These content types include Reels, IGTV videos, Instagram stories, and normal posts on your timeline. Use attractive and best-looking Instagram story templates to stand out from all other accounts. Remember, every user in your target audience is unique and prefers a specific content type.

What’s more Instagram algorithm will always recommend the content types that a particular user interacts with more. Also, every content type has its advantages. For instance, Reels will give your profile more visibility because it is the latest Instagram feature.

On the other hand, IGTV videos can last as long as 60 minutes. Find out what works for your target audience. Create more content around it, and you’ll gain more Instagram followers.

5. Use Great Captions on Posts

Of course, nice photos will always bring more real Instagram followers your way. However, if you don’t give more details or context about the post, these followers will simply like the photo and scroll down onto the next profile.

Others may follow you for a while but leave after getting bored of bare picks. Active followers want to know the personality of the face or brand behind the profile. You can give them that by using great captions.

Fortunately, you can write a lengthy caption as long as you want because the limit is 2,200 characters. However, keep in mind that shorter captions attract a higher rate of engagement and followership.

6. Learn How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are critical if you’re going to gain real Instagram followers without much hassle. Why? Using hashtags increases the visibility of your content when other users filter posts on their feeds using the same hashtag.

Also, some Instagram users are active followers for trending hashtags. They want to be the first to see new posts with that hashtag.

If you use the same hashtag in your posts, your content will always pop up in their timeline. Eventually, they might decide to follow your account.

You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. However, go for relevant hashtags only. Alternatively, you can buy real Instagram likes to drive a brand hashtag. For instance, Famoid likes have impressions, reach, and profile visits.

7. Interact With Your Audience

Do you know that the users behind likes and comments metrics are not necessarily active followers of your Instagram account? This is because your posts appear on the “discover” timeline of other users, especially if you have a significant number of followers.

Anyone commenting on your post is a potential follower or an active follower who can hit the unfollow button anytime. Engaging these users whenever you can keep the current follower or attract a new one.

This Instagram growth strategy works best if you initiate the conversation instead of letting your audience do so. For instance, you can create engagement opportunities through questions and opinion polls.

8. Influencer Marketing and Collaboration

You can gain more followers on Instagram through influencer marketing campaigns or paid partnerships. That means paying other content creators to promote your brand or cause. Influencer marketing requires setting a significant budget, especially if you want to work with verified profiles. Sometimes we make some mistakes while doing influencer marketing. You should be aware of those mistakes and avoid them.

However, you can still collaborate with micro-influencers on a slim budget. Micro-influencers include active content creators with a following of about 1,000 to 10,000. Furthermore, paid partnerships with micro-influencers can trigger a higher engagement rate than prominent profiles.

Collaborating with other content creators will also improve your brand’s value and personality. How? The Instagram accounts your business aligns with say a lot about your brand.

Grow Your Instagram Followers to Build an Engaged Audience

Instagram is undoubtedly the social media presence cornerstone for many brands. Getting more Instagram followers will help you build an engaged audience. This audience will likely drive profitable traffic to your business landing page and increase conversions.

Moreover, investing in Instagram ad campaigns to attract real followers will always pay off. This is because your target audience will engage your brand as long as they are active on the app.

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