How Esports Players Prepare Ahead of Big Tournaments

The trend in the gaming industry has been changed a lot in recent years because of the popularity of the battle royale games like PUBG tournaments, free fire tournaments, etc. The world of Esports is constantly hitting new heights, as online tournaments grow bigger and better than ever before and technological solutions allow organizers to push the boundaries of what is possible. At the same time, things like Smart TVs now allow fans of Esports to watch their favorite players and teams on television, just as they would if they were spectating a traditional sports game or competition.

All this advancement has brought about new levels of professionalism, both from an organizational standpoint and from a player’s perspective as well. Here we take a look at how professional Esports players go about preparing for some of the online realm’s biggest events, whether it is a 1,000+ poker tournament field or a Call of Duty tournament packed with some of the best pros in the business. Who knows, if you are a budding Esports player yourself then perhaps there are some tips and hints you can take away with you.

a chess board

Chess is one of the classic Esports that requires its best players to practice tirelessly, and in such a way that is conducive to them experiencing tough spots and tricky problems

Classic Esports Encourage the Mantra of ‘Practice Makes Perfect

It is one of the oldest and most commonly used adages, but ‘practice makes perfect still rings as true for modern Esports players as it ever did for sports and gaming legends of the past. This is especially true for those Esports which involve the playing of classic games such as chess, poker, and retro arcade button bashers, and other PC Games.

The key to practice is to ensure that it is always done to high quality because lazy practice can be damaging to the overall development of a player. Allied to this is ensuring that a player places themselves in as many difficult and tricky spots as possible so that when they arise at a crunch stage in a tournament, the pressure dissipates as the player in question has harnessed the power of preparation to mitigate negative outcomes that can stem from high-pressure situations. In short, practice means less panic and fewer mistakes, whether someone is on the hunt for a rival’s king, trying to run a daring three-bet bluff, or attempting to complete a level with a critical energy bar and dwindling time.

chess esports event

With huge live Esports tournaments due to get back underway in the near future, players are scrambling to try and ensure that it is their name that goes up in lights

Rest and Downtime

While practice and putting in the hours on the gaming grind is one of the keys to Esports success, it is also important to balance that work ethic with getting the requisite amount of rest and downtime, so that when the next high-octane tournament comes around, a player is fully refreshed and ready to focus for the hours of play that lie ahead of them.

Sleep is also a vital part of this, with too many Esports fanatics foregoing valuable shuteye in their pursuit of more screen time. Allied to this is the fact that a gamer is nothing without healthy eyesight, wrists, and fingers, meaning they should be kept active away from the Esports sphere, and given time to flex and exist out in the natural world. This approach has a canny knack of helping all three recovers in double-quick time.

Physical Exercise for Esports Athletes

The reason that many online games are now described as Esports is that, in order for a player to compete among their highest echelons, they must show a level of dedication akin to the sort shown by traditional sports stars.

Of course, much of that dedication comes in the form of online activities and practice, but it is crucial that Esports players also maintain a healthy lifestyle away from their screens, keyboard, and controllers. Having a strong cardio and fitness base will make any Esports enthusiast feel better in their own skin, and that will directly impact how they perform the next time they come to compete online.