Xanathar’s Guide To Everything Free PDF Download

Xanathar’s Guide To Everything PDF Download

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is available to download for absolutely free for everyone. In this article, we have provided you with this e-book for free and read it on any device whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or PC. It is basically another edition of D&D. Xanathar’s guide is functionally a compendium of all the more which is accumulating since the major waves of the books for the 5th edition of D&D were released.

The book comes in great condition and the artwork quality of the book is excellent. Here below are some heavily featured sections of the book.

What is Xanathar’s Guide To Everything

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF is an accessory for the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons [DnD, D&D] fantasy role-playing game, published in 2017. It is a supplement book to the 5th edition Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Player’s Handbook.

Xanathar’s Guide To Everything PDF Review


This is an excellent book to use to expand your D&D game, particularly as the player handbook for 5e has seemed a tad sparse. This will be a great resource for your party to really get more invested and increase the power of your characters. Admittedly, I still prefer the 3.5 edition idea of prestige classes, but I enjoy the fact that you don’t have to lose XP on multi-leading, particularly as now you’re staying in the same class, even if you become a spell sword or a spell thief. Very cool stuff.

Chapter 1 – Character Options

This section is all about the additional subclasses that have been steadily coming out via Unearthed Arcana. They cleaned up and balanced for release in this single compendium. Many of the other options include some revised takes on older class variations. Some new attempts at previously tried themes and some completely new subclasses like the Horizon Walker, a Ranger of the planes who moves through the multiverse.

At the ending of the chapter are some new and optional racial feats. When you read this eBook you will enjoy it.

Chapter 2 – Dungeon Master’ Tools

The section is fantastic as a DM. It comes with some rules and clarification and additional options if the DM wants to make things more interesting. There are also some visuals that help regarding the area of effect and how they are presented on the grid systems.

The most favorite part of the section is the random encounter tables. They finally include tables for the random encounters that are broken out by level and type of the environment.

Chapter 3 – Spells

Spells. Always nice. In the end, multiple pages of names for the navigation are there. 

If I had to say something negative about it I will say that it’s a smaller book and it doesn’t do anything super new like a completely new class of magic system.

All Over it is a fantastic book.

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