5 Best File Compression Apps for Android

Is your phone running out of storage?

Seeing the message your phone is running out of storage free up some space becomes really frustrating sometimes when we try to install our favorite gaming applications, web series, or any other our favorite application on our smartphone.

I personally become very frustrated when I see that my phone doesn’t have enough space to install any app or download a file. Isn’t it?

file compression apps for android

How many times do you have to send a large file into pieces due to the large size of the file? We also face problems while saving large files because they consume a lot of space. So here in this post, we are going to show you some best file compression apps you can use to compress your files and save a lot of space on your Android.

What is file Compression?

File compression is the process of reducing the size of a file to its original size. There are a lot of file compression apps available for android you can use to compress your files so let’s see some of them which are best.

Best Free File Compression Apps for Android

1 – B1 Archiver

2 – WinZip

3 – XZip

4 – RAR

5 – Z- Archiver

1 – B1 Archiver

B1 Archiver is the best choice to compress files. The app is capable of handling up to 37 file format types. This app can be the best one to compress files on android.

2 – Winzip

This file compression app comes with a very good UI and easy to use with lots of interesting features. The most exciting and special feature of this app is that it supports google drive and Dropbox. What does it mean? It means that you can export the files directly to the app through these cloud platforms and compress them very easily. 

3 – XZip

Another best application to compress files on your smartphone very easily. The app allows almost all types of file formats you can compress. The special feature of this app is you get a built-in browser inside the application. It also allows you to set a password on your zip files.

4 – RAR

RAR is one of the best and known file compressor app for Android for free. It allows you to compress any file format type. The app comes with an attractive user interface and is well organized so that people can use it easily.

file compression apps for android

5 – Z-Archiver

Another brand name in the list of apps that compress and extract files of any format. The compression stability of the app is so high. You also can set a password to the files.


So these were the some best file compression apps for android available freely on the google play store. According to my I personally recommend WinZIP and RAR these are my favorite but yours can be different. Install, test and use after that you will be able to decide which one of best for you.

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