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Room temperature

Room Temperature Review

Room Temperate is a temperature checker app for Android, developed by Master Technologies. Basically, it is a 2 in one application. It shows you weather information about any location and help you to check your room temperature.

Room Temperature helps you to check room temperature of your room as well as your surroundings. You can measure temperature in degree Celsius and Fahrenheit. The room temperature settings can be used to other units. This app saves each temperature readings, and you can see the temperature readings in the history of the application. This app can also be used as a thermometer app.

When you visit different places as a traveler, then you can record the different temperatures of different locations. Furthermore, you can export the data in CSV and text format for further documentation use. You can also check the weather of any location or city by entering the name of the location in the search bar. This app also supports current weather with very high accuracy up to 5 meters. It is an interesting and best room temperature app for Android.

You can also set weather notification to get updated about the weather of a particular location or city. So that you can get updated with the weather information before going outside your city or home. You must download this room temperature app on your Android smartphone.

Available for – Android

Some interesting features of Room Temperature App are:

  • Get notification alert of weather information
  • Check room temperature app
  • Check temperature of any city or location
  • Download temperature readings in CSV and text format for further use
  • See room temperature readings on your home screen
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