Top 5 Best Chat and Forum Sites in the World

There are hundreds of online communities out there of different niches like gaming, digital marketing, travel forums, and many more. There are some popular forum sites but most of them are focused on technology, gaming, photography, and cooking. In this article, we have listed the best chat and forum sites where you can ask questions related to any of your queries and you will get your answer from the experts. You can share and gain knowledge on these platforms. Forum sites are also used by the SEOs for link building and it is one of the best SEO link building strategies.


Most probably you already know about this amazing and informative question and answering platform it is a forum and chatting site where you can ask questions. There are hundreds and thousands of quora spaces created for the different purposes you can join and contribute to them or create your own space. The quora spaces can be monetized and you can earn money with your quora space. More the engagement and members and contributors you will have to your Quora space more the money you will make because of the more traffic. Quora allows users to ask questions and create their own personalized home page.

Stack Overflow

Stack over is a platform for programmers where professional coders and programmers ask questions to each other and help each other. This is the world’s biggest platform for programmers and students. If you are an IT or CS student or want to enter into the programming field then this platform is the best option for you. Join this platform today and improve your coding skills and knowledge.


It is another popular forum site that deals in Android and Windows, Technology, etc. It is a huge community of millions of Android and Windows Phone developers who use the XDA website and forum to discuss the different OS versions, specific customization of devices. At XDA developers you can find the solutions to all your problems and get the most out of any smartphone device and Android particularly. To join this platform you don’t need to be a programmer you can learn from here a lot.


It is a video gaming website that provides reviews, news, downloads, previews, and other information related to all the video games out there. This website covers all types of popular and unpopular video games which is a good thing. Basically, it is a game review site where you will get reviews about new and old games which are popular and unpopular. This website has a user base of over more than 26 Million gamers all over the world who contribute content regularly on this platform. This site covers all types of PC games and mobile games as well.


reddit forum and chat site

Reddit is sometimes known as the front page of the internet or forum sites. It is one of the best and genuine discussion forums with different communities. Where people from all over the world help you to solve your problem. You will find different types of content here like memes, photography, travel, digital marketing, etc. Reddit is divided into subreddits and users can choose according to their interests. The main motive of this site is to gather peoples at a platform to help each other. More the quality answers you will provide your Karma will increase.


So these were some best forum and discussion sites you can join and discuss on the topics you want to share and gain knowledge.
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