9 Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid during Marketing Campaigns

influencer markting tips to improve your marketing campaigns

Influencer Mistakes to avoid during marketing campaigns

Many companies nowadays integrate influencer marketing to improve their sales; however, not all of them manage to achieve high results. Companies and brands hire Youtube influencers because youtube is the most trending platform because of the demand for video content. And it’s good because video content explains things more efficiently and effectively that’s why all are focussing on Youtube marketing.

For anyone wishing to succeed in using influencer marketing, check out where other brands go wrong. It is a sure way of boosting the company’s marketing strategy and will save you some trouble. Professional marketers have prepared you with some tips on this website that will help you avoid big losses.

1 – Lack of a plan

One should begin by knowing the reason as to why they should go for the influencer marketing strategy and whatever they want to achieve from it. Other companies may use this method since they want to be like the rest. Therefore, they miss the point since not all strategies would have the same impact on all companies.

In most cases, a company should have clear objectives and plans as they enter the market and get to know both the positive and negative results the influencer marketing would have in your company before making the decision to invest.

2 – Unplanned partnership with an influencer

Many marketers have the wrong perception of partnering with influencers who are most popular on the social media web, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian. One important thing to note is partnering with those influencers in your niche. It is better to work with micro-influencers rather than macro-influencers to achieve the highest engagement.

3 – Selecting fake social media influencers

Fraud has been witnessed in the industry, and that’s the bitter truth. There has been the artificial generation of the promoted publications according to the carried out statistics. Many industries crumble and fall due to their association with influencers who purchase comments and likes; they experience financial losses. The promoters may make you use more money in advertising the results may be horrible due to the promoters’ ingenuity. To avoid such losses, one needs to acquire and find out more about the influencer’s profile to avoid fake accounts and fake followers.  

4 – Working with “depraved” influencers

Every influencer has a different reputation. One needs to check out for a particular influencer’s reputation in the owner’s niche they would like to consider to have a good rating before rushing to collaborate with them.

Many influencers are in a hurry to acquire quick money and increase their wealth. They, therefore, rush to promote many products without them minding the products they advertise. Your brand may fall in case you advertise with such influencers.

5 – Rejecting IVM and ROI calculation

Everybody knows that the most effective advertising method is through influencer marketing as compared to traditional advertising. Nevertheless, some marketers may not be familiar with the calculation of ROI.


For a successful marketing campaign, one needs to do their calculations to understand the amount of money to invest for the desired results. NeoReach tool may be used to calculate IVM. This indicator helps to know the money needed to put into various promotional solutions for the same results as influencer marketing. 

6 – Leaving out the quality of content

Even if you trust the influencer, you have to check their quality of posts since they are also human beings who can also make errors, such as forgetting to tag the company that they are promoting in some posts.

7 – Rejection of the law

There are paid partnerships in every marketing campaign. The Fair Trade Commission needs a requirement as to disclosure of a partnership, which no one can ignore. The posts on social media are required to have hashtags #sponsorship or #ad. One should also use Instagram’s option for branded content.

8 – Relying on a single social media platform

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to increase your follower count and create more traffic across all your accounts on social media. It means one needs not lean on the account with more followers and leave out the rest of the social media accounts. One should work with influencers from different social media platforms so that many people may learn of your new brand.

Use the most trending social media platforms where the audience is engaging always like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

9 – Unplanned posting

Unplanned content posting works for both the platform’s blogs and social media as well. You get to achieve more outstanding results when you plan yourself appropriately. You should know when to have your brand posted to avoid too much posting, which may scare away your audience.


You now understand the common blunders to circumvent during the crafting of an influencer promotion campaign. Nothing should limit you from attaining your business goals.

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