10 Best SEO Writing Tools for Optimizing Your Content

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Everyone wants to gain more traffic from Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. But Google is the giant in the industry so all SEOs focus on Google SEO. For more traffic, you will have to write the content that ranks. So how to write the content that actually will rank? In this article, we have listed some 10 SEO writing tools that will help you to write optimized content for the search engines as well as for the readers.

On-page SEO is one of the most important activities when it comes to optimizing our content for the search engine. On-page content consists of visible content of your website as well as on-site technicalities.

This covers all content that the users viewing your site will access and use, as well as invisible 

Meta tags, HTML tags, and bot-related elements are applied to the website or site code to quickly parse your content by search engine crawlers and bots. 

In short On-page SEO is the most important factor whether you rank organically for various keywords, it generally includes. For a successful SEO campaign, you must follow the following points:


On-Page SEO Check List

  • Content on your web page
  • Section headers (H1-H6)
  • Each URLs Title Tag
  • Each URLs Meta Description
  • Images and Media
  • Permalink
  • Internal Linking
  • Readability
  • Website design

You are more likely to rank on the relevant keywords if the site content is entertaining, important, and insightful. There are many digital tools that help us to write better content. The first step in ranking the correct keywords is on-page content. A healthy website contains regular updates of the content, which are known as ‘freshness’ rankings by the search engine. Good content will place you on the map of search, however, updated content keeps you maintaining that ranking. So let’s see those best SEO writing tools to optimize your content and improve your on-page SEO.


SEO Writing Tools to Optimize Your Content

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Grammarly
  • Social Animal
  • Readable
  • SEMRush Writing Assistant
  • Check Plagiarism
  • Summarizing Tool
  • Edit Pad
  • Yoast Real-Time Content Analysis

1 – Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a set of services that you can use to determine how your website is visible to the search engines. This service gives you a wide variety of free SEO software that covers multiple optimization facets.

See this report on how we used the Google search console to improve our rankings by optimizing our content.

google search console performance report interface

For instance, you can check for any creeping errors happening in your website from the Google Search Console and fix them immediately. It also reveals, if your web is malware-affected, what keyword phrases users use to reach your site, which backlinks you have got, and more. 

The numerous features provided by this service make it almost mandatory if your (SERP) search engine results rankings are concerned. Google results are clearly based here but don’t worry, you have high odds of doing OK for other search engines if you can be well ranked on Google.

As long as the service is currently used, it’s easy to grasp the Google Search Console. It is also quick to add and launch into your website, so there are no excuses to not use it.


2 – Google Keyword Planner

When it comes to SEO whether it is on-page or off-page SEO the key point and fundamental of SEO is a keyword. Google keyword planner as the name suggests that it is a tool for keyword research by google which is free to use for everyone who has a google account and signed up for Google AdWords.

google keyword planner user interface


When you start writing content the first thing is to choose a perfect and suitable keyword for your niche and then target that keyword in your content. By using the Google keyword planner you could find the potential keyword related to your business or niche and then you can create the perfect content.

But make sure not to overuse the keywords use them naturally in the content. Because google is enough smart nowadays that its algorithm can understand the content and you don’t need to focus on keyword over-optimization or target a single keyword many times. Instead of that find the related terms to your main focus keyword and use them in your content.

If you are looking for a free keyword research tool then Google keyword planner is one of the best free keyword research tools available. There are some limitations to this tool but that’s not a big deal.

Access the tool here

3 – Grammarly

You have done your topic research as well as selected your focus keyword but your writing is not so good and sharp. You make mistakes while writing especially related to grammar and spelling? Don’t worry this tool will help you to write perfect and top-notch articles which will be free from mistakes like grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

The free version of this tool is available there and paid for also. But if you want to avail the benefits of some more features and better accuracy then we will recommend going with the paid version of the tool.

Grammarly is the most popular writing tool among the writing industry, digital marketing, and in SEOs.

Some features of Grammarly are:

Spell checker

Grammar checker

Advanced writing assistant that analyzes the flow of the content and writing.

Access the tool here

4 – Social Animal

Choosing the right topic for your content creation is the most challenging task. Most of the bloggers and SEOs fails and don’t get any result because they start working with the wrong topic which is highly competitive or peoples are not looking for that type of content/ topic.

The social animal tool is here to help you find the right topic for your niche to write content on. Simply enter your target keyword in the search query, Social Animal will show you the most shared web pages that are related to that keyword.

It is also very beneficial for creating more social signals for your blog or website and create backlinks for free. The most shared topic by peoples will be shown by this tool. Isn’t it cool to use such a tool that will help you to get free social shares, free social backlinks, and indirectly it will help google to index your posts fast.

Access the tool here

5 – Readable

As the name suggests that this tool helps you to optimize your content for better readability. This tool helps you to write content according to your target audience.

i.e. If you are writing content on a scientific niche it is very important to include the right jargon in your content and make sure that it is at an advanced reading level.

Basically, this tool helps you to optimize your content for best readability for the users as well as for the search engines so that they can understand your content easily and more deeply.

Access the tool here

6 – SemRush Writing Assistant

SEMrush is an SEO audit tool all-in-one that helps you to audit your SEO opportunities and gain feedback from your competitors in order to improve your site traffic. With SEMrush you will detect valuable organic keywords for your website, sites on which you can build backlinks, gather brand details to seize promotions, and more.

SEMRush writing assistant will help you to correct the following

  • Originality
  • SEO
  • Readability of your content
  • The tone of Voice of content

SEMRush also has the so-called Writing Assistant platform for customized SEO content optimization. This platform and all the other SEO resources are great for your on-page content optimization. This tool also scans the top Google websites for searches and recommends the appropriate improvements to the content, such as no words to be included and phrases to be included and included.

Four separate optional scales are available for optimization. It’s readability, SEO, originality, and speech tone. These four elements allow you to customize material by viewing the grey to green color.

Access the tool here


7 – Check Plagiarism

In search engine optimization plagiarism plays an important and important role. These websites that use plagiarized material are not liable for optimization or high ranking by search engines. The contents plagiarized are useless and of low quality. It just indicates doubling with no innovation.

The websites on which the bloggers indulge in a fascinating and creative way to build and publish brand new posts are ranked and classified on Google. These websites eventually appear on Google’s very first list and achieve search engine optimization. Checking plagiarism before uploading the content on your website is a crucial step in search engine optimization.

free plagrism checker


Check-plagiarism.com tool for plagiarism checking which is absolutely free of charge has a remarkable algorithm. You just have to go to the website and enter the text and press the “Check Plagiarism” button to check it. Then you have to wait to search for various online databases in order to detect plagiarism. Check plagiarism; it requires a few minutes for the plagiarism scanner to search so many texts available on the web. It will explain whether or not the content on your site is original.

Using the Check Plagiarism tool you can check plagiarism without any word limit being the premium user. Moreover, it does not save any of your content or text in its databases so it’s 100 percent safe to use.

Access the tool here

8 – Summarizing Tool

While working on search engine optimization of your website how much time users spend on your site plays a vital role. Due to the scarcity of time in people’s life nowadays they tend to avoid long descriptive articles and look for brief ones. In short, Time spent reading articles whole until the end is no longer a preferred option.

The Summarizing tool quickly shortens long texts and includes summaries for the intended message, and lets you effectively generate content. 

Summarizing Tool from PREPOSTSEO supports editors and content writers to eradicate the manual extensive writing, and therefore conserve time and money on new thoughts on the content.

Moreover, will also be a breeze, apart from productive content structure, for users to identify, read and ingest related data in seconds.


9 – Edit Pad

Edit Pad is an application for writing, viewing, editing, copying, and deleting plain text or files. Focusing on editing features for basic text, Edit Pad does not apply formatting to the text as compared to word processors. 

Edit Pad is used for a broad spectrum of applications by a vast number of users but it plays a significant role in the optimization of the on-page content of a site.

With a Word pad, you can have a check on how many words and characters you have written, moreover, if you are having trouble while extracting words from the inspired source it also enables you to paraphrase without looking for another tool. Being a writer Edit pad also offers you to check the originality of written content with its plagiarism checking built-in feature. 

editpad online wordeditor

In short, Bloggers, writers, and webmasters can use our Edit Pad to write their site content perfectly without being interrupted by another tool as all writing features are readily available on the same platform.

Access the tool here

10 – Yoast Real-time Content Analysis

Yoast one of the best WordPress on-page SEO plugin or tool for optimizing your content. It is the biggest SEO plugin for WordPress which is used all over the world very frequently.

Like SEMRush assistant, it is a cloud-based tool/service which you can hop in at any time and start writing your content. This tool gives you free SEO advice in spades.

By using Yoast real-time content analysis you can create and edit your titles and meta description perfectly, as well you can see the preview of your title and meta description immediately, how they actually look in the SERP results.

This tool is one of my favorite on-page SEO tools that help me to write the perfect title and meta description.


So these were some best free on-page SEO writing tools to optimize and improve your content. One of my favorite on-page SEO writing tools is the Google search console. As we know that this is the tool which is provided by Google itself so it has the most relevant data which is directly coming from the Google search engine itself and we can easily rely on it to improve our on-page SEO.

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