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Want to do some fun with your friends or known ones, then why not make a prank call to them? Isn’t it cool to give some unexpected surprises to your friends or family? There are many good prank call websites on the internet, but there are some limitations with free prank-call websites. But what we can expect in free these days? Don’t worry, these free prank call sites to work very fine and they are easy to use.

Prank calls are generally used to have some fun with friends and known ones. In this article, we have listed some prank call websites. Some of the websites work very fine, but some don’t. These websites are tried by our team personally, and we find some pros and cons of every website, which are mentioned below.

Using these websites, you can make unlimited prank calls to your friends and known ones.

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Make Free Prank Calls Unlimited

Want a prank with your friends, family, or loved ones? Then make free prank calls using these prank call websites and have some fun with them. Here in this article, we have listed some best prank-calling sites you can use to make unlimited prank calls. There are so many funny pranks call ideas you can make to anyone. But make sure to call a person who won’t take the prank seriously and tell them that you are making a prank with him, so don’t worry before hanging up the call.

Make Unlimited Prank Calls using these prank call websites

Everyone’s life is full of tension and stress, and we always find ways by which we can reduce our tension and mental stress. Mental health is also important for a healthy life.

Making prank calls online with friends can be an option to make some fun and reduce our tensions. There are many free prank-calling websites available on the internet. These sites work as the Skype app does.

These sites are made for fun, but sometimes there are many disadvantages, and many people use prank call sites to tease someone. That’s not a good thing. So please don’t do that.

When you are doing prank calls online to anyone, be within your limit. Misusing these types of websites is considered illegal and might cause you trouble.

Below, we have shortlisted some popular prank-call websites on the basis of their popularity and features. We recommend trying all these one by one and which satisfies you the most, bookmark that and use that specific one.

16 Best Prank Call Websites Online

What are the best prank-calling sites? Here is the list; use them and make unlimited free prank calls. Make unlimited free prank calls with these prank-calling websites. For more premium calls and features, you can also avail yourself of a subscription to prank calling sites.

1 –

Boomerang. app is a recently launched prank-call website, which you can use for free. The interface of the website is so simple and easy to use. You can make free prank calls to your friends and have some fun with them. The 1st prank call will be free and after that, there are some charges to make prank calls.

Both android and iOS app is available from the Boomerang website. If you don’t want to use the app then you can make prank calls online using their web portal which is

There are many prank call samples you can try before making a prank call to your friend. The application interface is so decorative and easy to understand and use. You get different kinds of prank calls such as ‘Chinese restaurants’, ‘stop calling my boyfriend’ etc prank call samples and you can play them before sending them to any number.

This website is listed at the no. 1 spot on Trend Rays blog because we get the best experience with this

Visit website –

2 – Ownage Pranks

It is one of the old prank call websites available on the internet. We find this website last year but the domain and other metrics show that this website is relatively old. But it works very fine, there are different options a user can try.

Ownage pranks are one of the number 1 prank-calling website out there; generally, this website is built for Arabic-speaking countries. If you are from the Gulf countries, this prank-calling site could be the best option. You will get different prank call options like – Arabic stay away from my girl, embarrassing Arabic pharmacy, Arabic stop calling my number(female voice), etc. You will get a button below each prank calling option of sending this prank. You can also make spoof calls and keep your details private while calling and texting with their spoof app.

Visit site –

3 – Prank Caller is another best prank-calling site. The android and iOS applications of this calling site can download from the Google Play Store and the app store for free. The website is so simple to use, and the UI of this website is attractive and modern looking. There are different kinds of prank calls available on the website you can make as – why you call my boyfriend, you hit my car, secret crush, STD clinic, your dog popped my yard and many more prank samples you can use. Click on any of the prank options; a new window will open, and you will see the option of making a prank call by entering your friend’s number and the fake caller ID number and clicking on send prank. It’s so simple to use and quick.

Visit site:

4 – Prank Dial

Prankdial is one of the best and most popular prank-call websites with a wide range of pranks. Anyone can make a prank call to their friends and family members to do some fun. All the pranks on this website are free of cost, and you don’t have to pay a single penny. The android and iOS app of Prank Dial is also available, you can download Prank Dial – Prank Call App from the Google Play Store and the app store. This website is one of the oldest prank call platforms in the form of a website and application both. Our experience with this platform was good and realistic because they are in the industry for the last 5 to 6 years and they have enough data and experience with prank calls. It could be the reason we liked the experience with prandial.

All you have to do is add your friend’s phone number and alias number with a country code. One has to record a call for sending any prank call.

Search from a large variety of prank databases and send it to your friends. Laugh at them and react! More premium features are also there, like video calling, prank call history, and ads-free calling.

Visit the website –

5 – Comedy calls

As the name of the website suggests that it is a comedy website. The main purpose of this website is to do comedy with others using a phone call. Comedy calls also offer you a wide range of funny prank calls that can be sent to anyone. The purpose of this website is to create humor and avoid annoying calls that might disturb you. The working process of this site is so simple. 

Only you have to choose a humorous call from the website database and enter the receiver’s (your friend or family member’s) phone number to make a free comedy call. The additional features of this site are spoofing your caller ID, scheduling your call for later, and accessing an ad-free environment.

Visit the website –

6 – Gene Calls

Gene calls it one of the most popular prank-calling sites. The working of this website is the same as the Spoofbox prank calling site works – you can do spoof calls and group calls as well. When you visit the site, you will find a variety of call recordings on the website’s home page and select any of them to make a prank call.

Once you select the recording, click on the Call icon. In the next window, you can choose a simple prank call, a spoof call, or a group call where you mast your real phone number with a fake one.

Visit the website –

7 – KDK Prank Calls

It is a prank website and one of the largest internet radio shows featuring live comedy and prank calls. Having a large database of prank calls that can be used for free and can be downloaded as a mp3 file for other uses. I like this website; it is perfect for making original prank calls online, that sound real to the receiver.

Visit the website –

8 – MyPhone Robot

My Phone Robot is another best free prank-call website, but remember this website is only for US and Canadian users. Some key features of this website are fake text, call spoofing, prank call history, and you can send a pre-recorded prank call to your enemies.

But as per our testing and experience, we will not recommend you to use this because the sound of the prank call seems to be a robotic voice. As the name of the platform suggests that the voice generated will be a phone robotic voice. So what we can expect from this application?

Visit the website –

9 – Prank Call Nation

The primary audience and users of this website are from the United States and then Canada. So if you are from another country then we recommend you try another website, because you will get only American prank call ideas and pitches on this website. This website is one of the largest prank call stations designed for US and Canadian citizens. It offers a huge database of prank calls and clippings to its users. This website details every prank call before sending it to your friend to sort out which call you want to make to what kind of person.

Visit the website –

10 – Easy Prank

The easy prank is another prank call website, but I don’t like this. Because it is not a proper prank call website and the quality of the voice is also not so good. But you can do some time pass with this website. We don’t recommend this website to make a prank call, just because of its quality. You can do easy prank calls with this website. Easyprank offers a decent range of funny calls you can use to troll your enemies, friends, or family members. But this website doesn’t contribute to hiding your caller ID, and you can use an alias number for making a fake call.

Visit the website –

11 – Prank Hotline

It is another free prank-calling website that allows you to make 3 free prank calls. To make more prank calls, you will have to purchase a subscription. There is a large variety of prank calls in the library you can choose from. Please select them and click on Send this prank option to make a prank call with the Prank hotline. On the next screen, enter the person’s phone number to whom you want to make a prank call.

There are some more premium features the website offers, but you will have to buy tokens, and before you do that, you will have to register yourself on the website.

Visit the website –

12 – PrankOwl

Prankowl is another fun website to send prank calls for free. It works like a prank dial, but some unique features of this website are like – hide caller ID, sending pre-recorded voices, etc. To unlock more premium features, you have to buy tokens.

Visit the website –

13 – SpoofBox

Spoofbox is a prank-calling site to prank your friends with text messages, spoof calls, and prank calls. Spoof boxes assure that they take care of your privacy. You can also register with any online service that needs your mobile number with their What’s SIM service. You can get a virtual mobile number to make calls and text messages to anyone for better, safe, and secure communication without revealing your phone number. It also comes with amazing features like a photo editor, fake data, trash mail, phone checker, fax, and fake image location.

Visit the website –

14 – Fake My Phone

As the name of this website suggests that it is a fake call-making website which indirectly means a prank call. Fake my phone is a super cool prank-calling website that allows you to make fake phone calls, fake messages, emails, and WhatsApp text messages. This prank-calling site offers features like fake caller ID, anonymous phone calls, changing voice and text to speech, adding sound effects, making group calls, and the platform is completely safe and secure. You can also change the country from where you are operating.

Visit the website –

15 – Wacky Prank Calls

Wacky prank calls, a UK-based prank calling site. If you want to play a wind-up telephone call with your friend or loved ones, but are too afraid of finding out? Then don’t worry, you can do that with the Wacky prank call website. You can make unlimited prank calls with this site. Wacky prank calls have a hilarious section of wind-up calls you can play with your friends or family or anyone else you want to make calls with.

Visit the website –

16 – Blow Up the Phone

Blow up the phone is one of the best prank call websites that lets you send massive, hilarious text messages and prank calls to your friends. There are different types of prank call ideas on the website: DMV fines prank call, I just bought your house prank, Foreign relative prank call, USPS customer service, and many more you can try. You must check out this website to explore more about it and its features.

Visit the website –

Note: All the information provided above is for entertainment and fun purposes; don’t misuse these websites.


There are other free and paid types of prank-call websites. But it is not possible to list all of them, and they are not as good as the above. These are tested and verified prank sites. Try these by one and which suits you perfectly.

There are 3 websites from the above list which are my favorite – SpoofBox, KDK prank calls, and Prank Dial. I frequently use these two.

You can make free unlimited prank calls online with these prank-calling websites. But don’t use these websites with bad intentions.

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