Kerala Lottery Barcode Scanner App

Ever you bought a lottery ticket? Or thinking of purchasing a Kerala lottery ticket. There are only a few states in India where you can buy a lottery ticket legally as per the Indian Govt. rule(read here). Whenever the lottery result is out, there are many applications to check the Kerala lottery ticket. In this article, we explained one of the similar apps to track the Kerala lottery ticket. For more information, read the article continue.

Barcode and QR code scanners are so popular and useful these days. On every product, there is a bar code or QR code these days to know the authenticity of the product and if someone wants to know more information about that product he/she can scan the code using a barcode or QR code scanner app. There are hundreds of barcode and QR code scanner apps in the market you can download from the Google Play Store or App Store.


Also, there are some kinds of lottery barcode scanner apps, one of the famous and most downloaded apps is the Kerala Lottery Barcode Scanner app. In this article, we will talk about the Kerala Lottery Barcode Scanner app which is a lottery result checker app.

It is a lottery result app where you can see the results of the Kerala State Lottery. There are more than 1 Million downloads of this application from the Google Play Store and an average rating of 3.6 stars.

This app publishes the live Kerala Lottery results and you can also search previous lottery results. The interface of the app is easy to use and with blue theme. The application is so light, and it doesn’t use a lot of your mobile data and it is completely free to download and use.

All the results related to the Kerala lottery can be seen on this app. You can check the Kerala lottery results at the right time online.

To use this app is so simple, you have to open the scanner of this app and put your Kerala lottery ticket under the phone camera and it will scan your ticket and show you the results.

You can check any Kerala Lottery ticket using this Kerala Lottery Bar Code reading app and see the results. Now this app supports multiple languages like English by default, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada. Generally, all the common local languages are supported by this application.

If you have taken a picture of the lottery ticket, then you can upload the picture from your gallery to scan it using this app. The application list just misses numbers for your ticket, then you can see the prizes you missed just because of the difference of one or 2 digits or alphabets, etc. You don’t need to compare the results with the printout of the official results. All the results on the Kerala Lottery Barcode Scanner are official and declared by the lottery organizers, only the difference is that the results on the app are digital.

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If you are a lottery agent in Kerala, then you can download and print daily Kerala lottery results from the app without paying any money. The results published on this app are the final results.

There is also a subscription plan for lottery agents to receive daily results via email. There are 3 templates this app is currently supporting, agents can choose how their name and logo will appear.

Download the app from the Google Play Store via the official link given below

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