How to Fix Microsoft Teams Sign In Error Code 3399614475 or 80090311 – 2 Methods

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So you are a Windows user and facing some errors on your Windows computer. Errors are so frustrating while we are doing our important work. If you are facing Microsoft Teams sign-in error code 3399614475 or 80090311 then you landed on the right page. Our team of experts has written this article and they talked about why this error happens and how to fix Microsoft Teams sign-in error.

Microsoft Teams error code 3399614475 gives you the error message “Can you please sign in again” Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are facing the error code 80090311 while signing in to your Microsoft Teams account, you will see this error message – “Your computer’s trusted platform module has malfunctioned”

Methods to resolve Microsoft Teams Sign in Error Code 3399614475 or 80090311

So, how to solve this error and sign in successfully to your Microsoft Teams account and chat with your team? There are different methods to fix this issue, let’s take a look at them.

Method 1 – Clean Up your Microsoft Teams App Cache

The size of the cache file becomes so heavy when we frequently use an application. So it is advised always to clear the cache of the applications so that they can run smoothly.

Maybe your Microsoft Teams cache might be corrupted or outdated data, which creates sign-in problems sometimes. To clean up your Microsoft Teams app cache, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the taskbar of your Windows computer
  • Right-click on the Microsoft Teams app icon on your taskbar and click on quit.
  • Next, cut and paste to locate into the file Explorer: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams. Clear it by deleting all its contents
  • Restart your computer
  • Now try to log into the Microsoft Teams app

Hope this method will work for you. If not, then don’t worry, below is another method.

Method 2 – Update your TPM Driver

Every function and application needs supporting software to run on a computer or smartphone, which is called the driver. Sometimes we don’t update our drivers because of that, all our apps installed on our computer don’t function properly and crash many times in between.

Maybe your computer has an outdated TPM driver that might be causing the problem while signing in to your Microsoft Teams app and creating an error. So to solve this issue, follow the below steps to update your TPM driver.

  • Press the Windows key + X and choose the device manager
  • Now expand the category titled Security devices
  • Search for the Trusted Platform Module option or TPM
  • Now right-click on the TPM device and pick the option to Update the driver
  • Entrust the search automatically for updated driver software options with finding the newest software
  • Left the things to get completed and then restart your device
  • Now try to sign in to your Microsoft Teams account

If this method is not working and you are getting frustrated and watched hundreds of YouTube videos on how to fix Microsoft Teams errors, 3399614475 or 80090311. Then you must contact Microsoft customer support to resolve your problem. They will definitely help you by taking remote access to your computer. So close your all important files and apps already opened on your windows while giving the remote access to the Microsoft support team.

Method 3 – Contact Microsoft Customer Support

You tried everything and watched hundreds of YouTube videos and read articles on the internet to fix the Microsoft Teams sign-in fail problem. Now it’s time to contact Microsoft support for extra and final help. There are 2 basic ways to contact them, call or email the Microsoft support team.

  • Microsoft support team phone number – 1800-642-7676
  • Email support –
  • Website –, or you can find more information in the FAQs section

But make sure you have got these important details on hand. Because the support team will ask for these details while resolving your issue or during the live chat.

  • Error code received
  • The device and OS you are currently using
  • Issue time and date


In general, the problem will be solved by using any of the methods we discussed above in the article. If not(in some rare cases) then we recommend you to take the Microsoft customer support and they will definitely solve the issue. They will also suggest tips if you face a problem in the future so that you don’t need to contact them again and again or search for solutions on the internet and YouTube.