Top 10 Best Pinterest Video Downloader Apps 

Pinterest Video Downloader

You may want to download videos from Pinterest, as it is one of the most popular social networks for sharing both photographs and videos. Due to Pinterest’s efforts to prevent you from doing this, this may seem like an impossible undertaking, but downloading YouTube videos suffices.

In fact, if you want to download films from Pinterest, you may utilize some of the greatest programs to get them for free from YouTube. So let’s go to the list without further ado. View it in the section below!

Let’s see the best Pinterest video downloader apps:

Best Pinterest Video Downloader Apps

1 – ByClick Downloader

We must first discuss ByClick Downloader, formerly known as YouTube By Click. The name was presumably altered because it provided the incorrect idea that YouTube videos were the only thing that could be downloaded.

However, this program is really comprehensive and lets you download movies from more than 40 different websites, including Pinterest. You can alter a variety of video quality settings in it, including the option to just download the audio.

In other words, ByClick Downloader is the ideal choice if you want to download Pinterest videos and store them on your PC.

2 – ExpertsPHP

Although the name may not suggest it, this is among the easiest ways to save movies on Pinterest. Even better, you can use it right inside the top web browsers!

It may be used on any platform, including computers, Macs, and smartphones running either Android or iOS.

3 – aTube Catcher

Another Windows tool that allows you to download videos from numerous websites and social media platforms, including Pinterest, is called aTube Catcher. The fact that they can download from any location on the internet is actually their main pitch!

It is one of the better solutions because it is quite full, offering conversion options, a variety of format options, resolution, and many other features.

4 – Catch. Tube

Anyone can utilize Catch. Tube, another excellent service, to download videos from Pinterest to any device. This website, which is extremely comprehensive, is able to store films from a variety of social networks.

Apart from that, you may use it in nearly any online browser, and installing the Chrome extension will make things even simpler!

5 – Keepsaveit

Keepsaveit, which you can also use to save music from SoundCloud, is another choice for downloading videos from Pinterest. You were downloaded in a variety of video formats.

More options include selecting the resolution and turning videos into MP3 files. Naturally, all of this is compatible with cell phones running Android and iOS.

6 – All Video Downloader

We now have All Video Downloader, a fantastic Android software that allows you to download videos from virtually any website, to wrap up our list.

He has a unique browser, automatic video download detection, the ability to pause the download, and much more. So, if you enjoy using Pinterest on your smartphone and want to download videos to your device, follow the link to the Play Store!

Our list is now complete with All Video Downloader, a fantastic Android software that lets you download videos from nearly any website!

It offers a built-in browser with a tonne of features, including automatic video detection for download, the ability to halt downloads, and much more. Consequently, if you enjoy using Pinterest on your smartphone and want to download films to your phone.

7 – Experts Tool

For good reason, Experts Tool stands out among Pinterest video downloaders. It is free and does not call for user registration or checking in. Additionally, as it is a website, you are not forced to install it or pay a monthly fee.

It works with all web browsers and devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers. Experts Tool can also download and save images, movies, and GIFs. It’s interesting that the software lets you select the type and size of your movie.

In contrast to Catch.Tube, utilizing Expert’s Tool doesn’t require you to add any third-party apps or plugins to your device. The following are the methods for saving a video from Pinterest to the Experts Tool:

  • To access the Experts Tool website, click the aforementioned link.
  • Copy the link to the GIF, image, or video on Pinterest that you wish to download.
  • Then click the Download option after pasting the video or GIF link into the search box.
  • To download the movie or GIF, click the three-dot icon underneath it.
  • Finally, select Download, and it will be saved to your iPhone without further action.

8 – Expertstrick

The top app for downloading Pinterest videos on iOS devices, experts trick, is listed last. You can download the program from the internet and use it to turn your GIF and MP4 files into audio. Any platform for a device, such as a PC, tablet, smartphone, or web browser, is supported.

Neither registration nor payment is necessary to use the platform at experts trick. Therefore, you are free to download as many Pinterest videos as you want. You may download videos with ease and in a short amount of time thanks to its user-friendly design.

A general technique for downloading Pinterest videos from Expertstrick is as follows:

  • On the Expertstrick webpage, click the aforementioned link.
  • The video’s link from the Pinterest app or website should be copied.
  • Enter the URL for the video, picture, or GIF in the search box, then click the Download button.
  • Select the video format you wish to download by tapping on it.
  • To download the movie or GIF, click the three-dot icon underneath it.
  • The Download option will be saved on your iPhone automatically when you tap it.

9 – Video Downloader for Pinterest

The most used app on the Play Store for downloading videos from Pinterest is this one. With approximately 400.00 ratings, this app has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.

There are no in-app purchases and it may be downloaded for free.

We can get photographs from this site without creating an account, in addition to downloading videos.

It is the program that provides us with the worst user experience, one that is nothing more than a browser where you access a website to download videos from this platform, despite the fact that it is one of the best valued.

10 – Pin downloader

Pin Saver, it’s simple to download Pinterest videos and photos to your gallery and share them with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms. All you need is a Pinterest Downloader, and it will quickly and conveniently download any video or photo from Pinterest.


So these were some best video downloader apps for Pinterest, you can use and download Pinterest videos