Top 10 Apps to Hide Apps for Android and iOS

Apps to hide apps

Are you worried about not finding a proper hiding app or do you think that if you lose your phone or if someone else has access to it without your permission, some private information on it might slip out?

It is necessary to take some safety measures to secure your phone by installing app hiders. You can get these apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you don’t want your private moments compromised or want your financial information to remain discreet.

This article is written basically to discuss different hidden apps for android and IOS users.

Let’s get started!

1 – Clock The Vault:

This smartphone app called The Vault is one of the great hidden apps that enables users to encrypt and conceal their sensitive data on Android devices behind a clock interface. Providing different passwords is quite helpful to access their hidden files and folders when the software that poses as a clock is accessed.

The program consists of multiple functions including secret browsing, file hiding, and app locking. Also, it comes with a secret browser that enables users to access the internet without having their browsing history preserved. Clock The Vault is available for most Android smartphones and may be downloaded and used without charge. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to hide their private information from inquisitive eyes.

2 – Gallery Vault:

By approaching this smartphone software Gallery Vault, you can keep your phone’s pictures and movies private. It ensures the privacy of your most private media assets in a safe, password-protected vault that you may establish with Gallery Vault and hide within the app. It is quite helpful to keep your files protected from prying eyes through the use of sophisticated encryption mechanisms by the program. 

Also, you may change the way the software looks and make a fake vault to fool anyone attempting to access your confidential files. For anyone searching for a dependable method to safeguard their private media files on their mobile device, Gallery Vault is a great choice.

3 – AppLock:

By locking particular apps on users’ devices, the well-known mobile software AppLock aims to help users safeguard their privacy. Users may prevent illegal access to their personal information including social network accounts, images, and messages.

In order to access the protected apps, users can set a password or a pattern using the app. Advanced security measures like facial recognition and fingerprint authentication are also included.

AppLock features a simple user interface and supports many different languages. It is free to download from the app stores and is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. For those that need more protection, the software also has a premium edition with extra capabilities.

4 – Dialer Vault – AppHider:

A mobile software called Dialer Vault – AppHider is basically designed to assist users in safeguarding their privacy by concealing sensitive apps on their devices. The app enables users to make a private area on their phone where they may keep apps, pictures, and movies without worrying that someone else will see them.

Only by providing a secret code or password can you access the software which masquerades as a dialer. You can add this app to the hidden space and you can even make a false icon to further hide it. It is free to download Dialer Vault, AppHider from the app stores for Android and iOS smartphones. It’s a great choice for individuals who want to safeguard their personal information.

5 – Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher is a mobile application created to help users in personalizing the look and features of their Android devices. Users may alter the appearance of their home screen, app icons, and even the transition effects on their device with Apex Launcher.

The software provides a number of customization choices, including numerous home screen layouts, a wide range of themes and the ability to either hide or password-protect apps. Additionally, it has sophisticated features like limitless scrolling, customized gestures, and backup and restore capabilities.

Although Apex Launcher may be downloaded and used for free, some features call for a paid version. It supports the most recent Android versions and is compatible with the majority of Android devices. Apex Launcher is a fantastic option for people wishing to customize their Android.

6 – Nova Launcher:

Users of the highly configurable Android launcher program Nova Launcher can alter the appearance and feel of their home screen, app drawer, and other interface elements on their smartphones. It supports a variety of Android devices and provides features including icon packs, gesture controls, and app hiding.

7 – Safe Lock:

With the help of the mobile app Secure Lock, users can lock the app with a password or PIN-protect the personal information stored on their Android devices. The app has different features and these features may include private browsing, file hiding, and app locking. Most Android smartphones are compatible with Safe Lock, which is available for free download and use.

8 – Privacy Master:

With features including app lockout, call blocking, and file concealing, Privacy Master is a mobile application that assists users in safeguarding their privacy on Android devices. Users of the app can protect their personal data using a password or PIN code. The majority of Android devices are supported by Privacy Master which is easy to use and free to download.

9 – Vault-Hide Photos & Videos:

Android users can secure and hide their images, videos, and other assets using the mobile software Vault – Hide Photos & Videos. The app provides a password-protected vault where users can store their private data without worrying that someone else would access it. Vault is available for most Android devices and is free to download and use.

10 – Calc Vault:

By pretending to be a calculator, the smartphone software Calc Vault helps users protect their privacy. The program enables users to lock and conceal their Android device’s images, videos, and other media behind a calculator interface. The majority of Android smartphones can run Calc Vault. Users can download it easily from the Google Play Store without paying a single penny.

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