10 Best Android Call Blocker Apps for 2023 – Filter and Block Spam Calls

Best call blocker apps for Android

Most probably you daily receive some spam and fake calls for sure. It’s common, we also receive many telemarketing and fake/ spam calls. But for some time we are using some call blocker apps for Android and from that day, we are relaxed about picking the unwanted spam calls.

No one wants to waste their time and energy talking with call spammers, and it becomes annoying to receive spammy calls. So what’s the solution, the solution is to use some kind of Call Blockers for Android. There are many android call blocker apps, but which one actually works and is best for you? We created a list of some best call blocker apps for Android you can download freely from the Google Play Store.

Note – The list is not in order of preference, all the apps work very fine and almost the functioning of the apps is almost the same. So you can download any of the call blocker apps from the below list.

Block Numbers on Android – Block and Filter Spam Calls

1 – TrueCaller


Most probably heard about this best android call blocker application. There are millions of users using True caller to avoid spam and block those spammy calls. It is an excellent application that shows you all the details about any particular number.

Truecaller is a trusted and reliable app to block and filter spammy calls, and the data will be also safe there such as your name, address, etc. that you filled in your profile. You can also buy a premium membership to Truecaller to get the benefit of some premium features.

This app will show you the names of unknown numbers under the history tab, you can filter them and find out more details about any particular number. Also, this app allows you to back up your call history, contacts, and block list to your Google Drive directly. You can also block all the spammers that are already in the Truecaller database, which is created by collecting data from different users who reported those numbers as spam.

The user interface of the app is also easy to use and modern looking with day and night theme change options. Truecaller is undoubtedly one of the best call blockers for Android as well as iOS.

2 – Hiya – Caller ID Blocker

Hiya caller id blocker

Hiya is another best call blocker for Android. In addition to blocking calls and messages, or you can block any number directly. This app also comes with features like reverse phone number lookup and caller ID security protection.

You can search for any phone number by doing a reverse phone search and get all the information about that particular number. You can also enable automatic alerts that will warn you that the incoming call is unwanted or important. This app can identify callers and unknown text messages.

You can also use this app as your regular call dialer app and make calls from here as well. There are no annoying advertisements inside the app, and you get ads free experience.

3 – Call Blacklist -Call Blocker App

Calls blacklist

Call blacklist, as the name of the app, tells the whole functioning and story of the app. It is a powerful Android call blocker app that is available free for Android devices. You can use this app as a call blocker as well as a message blocker. Telemarketers send spammy messages and those are annoying they fill our message inbox, and we need to delete them again and again.

So the solution is to download this app and block those spammy messages as well as calls. The app is lightweight and it will not consume a lot of your phone space. You will have to face advertisements, so if you have money to spend on an app, then you can turn off the advertisements with paid app purchases.

4 – Call Control

Call control

Call control is a very lightweight call blocker application for Android. This app helps you to avoid annoying telemarketing calls, robocalls, and other spam calls. You can also set up Do Not Disturb schedules during your sleep hours or when you are in a meeting etc. You will not receive any phone calls as well as messages during that set time period by you.

The call control app also supports an advanced phone dialer and caller ID feature to let you know who is the caller. The best feature of this android call blocker app is you can block text messages from unknown people and telemarketers to get a spam-free inbox.

The application is free to use but contains ads.

5 – Call App


Call app is somewhere similar to the Truecaller app, and the functioning and user interface of this app is also similar. It also works as a Caller ID blocker and recording app for Android. There are more than 100 million users of this application from all over the world. It is a popular and good call blocker for Android.

This application also blocks spam calls and comes with an auto-call recording feature. You can also customize your incoming caller screen with videos.

This app is the perfect choice for blocking calls and there are no annoying advertisements.

6 – Should I Answer? – Android Call Blocker App

Should I answer

Should I Answer is an interesting call blocker app for Android smartphones, that provides exact information about the caller. It clearly shows the details of the incoming call whether it is from telemarketers, scammers, or a spam call.

The app shows a star rating of the phone number from which you receive a call from an unknown number. You can block any number, or even choose to block all calls from the numbers that are not in your contact list. But we don’t recommend you to on this feature, because sometimes maybe you lose some important calls, or your known ones are trying to call you from a new number.

You can decide which information will the application save to its database.

7 – Google Phone App

Google dialer

It is an amazing call blocker and spam call filter app developed by Google for Android smartphones. This application offers many useful features, and it comes preinstalled in most of the new Android handsets by different smartphone manufacturers. You can also download this application from the Google Play Store for free and block unwanted spam numbers.

The Google phone app automatically recognizes calls and allows you to ban numbers manually. The most recent and updated version of the Google Phone Application allows you to use Google Assistant to check the details of unknown callers and you can block telemarketing or spam calls very easily.

It is one of our favorite call blocker and spam call filter apps for Android, and my smartphone comes with preinstalled Google dialer.

8 – YouMail Voicemail Call Blocker


YouMail is another best call blockers for Android which is available free on Google Play Store. There are more than 10 lakh downloads of YouMail on the play store and it is rated 4.4 stars, on Google Play Store.

Most probably you receive these types of calls – “Out of service message”, recharge expiring, etc. The algorithm of this application compares an array of spam numbers to the incoming phone number. When there is an incoming call, YouMail asks the users for spam and offensive phone numbers.

YouMail Inc. also provides imaginative, intelligent, and cloud-based telecommunication services. You can block robocalls and if you have money to spend then you can buy their premium services such as call management services. This feature is very useful for business personnel who don’t want any kind of annoying calls or spam calls.

It helps you to handle a high volume of mobile calls, unifying virtual numbers with their phone number, and also provides personalized answering experiences for their callers.

9 – Whoscall – Caller ID and Blocker


Whoscall is another caller ID blocker and spam filter app for Android. This app automatically identifies spam callers, robocalls, and telemarketing calls and blocks them. It comes with a caller ID feature and the best part of this app is that users get a Whoscall card to personalize their ID.

The app is free to download but includes advertisements that could be annoying to you. If you want a safe and trustworthy telecommunication environment, then Whoscall could be the perfect choice for you. There are more than 70 million downloads of this application, so you can imagine the popularity of this application.

10 – Call Blocker – Blacklist

Call blocker 10

Call Blocker is another best free call blocker app for Android smartphones, it blocks unwanted telemarketing calls and filters other kinds of spam calls. You can maintain a blacklist as well as a whitelist of your phone contacts.

We personally like this feature, you can create your own list of numbers from which you want to receive calls. This means you can create your own database of the numbers, where blacklisted and whitelisted numbers can be added.

You can also configure the application as per your need to get notifications about an incoming blocked call and enable the call reminder option. The call reminder option will help you to identify unknown numbers.

The application is free to download, but you will have to face advertisements.


As per our testing and analysis, the most trusty and famous call blocker app for Android. Truecaller comes with some advanced features that are behind a paywall. It provides all the features that a user needs such as a spam call filter, caller ID blocker and many others.

We highly recommend using Truecaller because it is just a perfect call blocker and spam call filter app for Android and iOS as well.