BT Sport On Streaming The Champions League Via Their Social Media Platforms

BT Sport no longer holds exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions League in the United Kingdom. Still, it now has exclusive live rights to most of the League’s games and all UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League fixtures until 2027, meaning you can enjoy Champions League predictions live.

BT Sport and Amazon Prime have acquired the rights to live broadcast the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the United Kingdom for the next three seasons, beginning in 2024-25.

However, the finals will likely continue broadcasting live on BT Sport for all to see.

Could We See BT Sport Live Streaming Finals Again?

BT Sport continued its tradition of streaming the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League finals live and for free on YouTube in the United Kingdom the past season.

In 2016, the first year that BT Sport held the rights to broadcast the games, saw it streaming the finals on YouTube for free. In 2017 and 2018, the Champions League final featured a 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) broadcast. 

The finals were also broadcast in 4K on BT TV. As usual, BT believes that increasing awareness of its services will encourage non-members to sign up.

BT Sport announced that the 2022 finals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL), UEFA Europa League (UEL), and UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL) would be broadcast live and for free on UK television, the Internet, and mobile devices.

Football fans had nothing to worry about where to watch the Champions League final, as it was being shown live and free on YouTube in the United Kingdom.

In addition, we observed that the YouTube feed was available in 4K Ultra-High Definition and at 60 frames per second. 

At the same time, users of the BT App were able to sample other features typically reserved for subscribers. This “View Together” function allows multiple individuals to watch the same thrilling event simultaneously.

When BT Sport purchased the rights to broadcast UEFA games from Sky and ITV last year, it committed to broadcast several games for free, including the final, and will have you enjoy Champions League predictions today.

All three finals are available for free viewing on via the BT Sport app for Televisions, Amazon fire, PlayStation, Xbox, and the BT Sport YouTube channel, 

The finals were also broadcasted on channel 532 of the TiVo, TV360, and Stream services offered by Virgin Media.

“It’s been another terrific season of football in all three UEFA club events, and the best part is that two British clubs made it to the finals,” said Jamie Hindhaugh, Head of BT Sport.

“We are pleased to conclude our European campaigns by providing free live-streaming of all three finals on the BT Sport website, app, and YouTube channel,” Jamie concluded.

BT Sports, Home of the UEFA competitions

BT has exclusive live rights to the majority of UEFA Champions League games, as well as all UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League games, including highlights and in-game video, for the next three seasons.

UEFA’s director of marketing, Guy-Laurent Epstein, stated, “We are pleased to continue collaborating with BT until 2027. BT has been a long-term partner of the UEFA club championship since 2015. 

They deliver the industry’s best broadcasting experience to European club football. Between 2024 and 2027, BT will broadcast a record number of live matches and a vast array of original programs.”

Since the beginning of the 2015-16 season, BT Sport has been the only broadcaster of the Champions League in the United Kingdom. 

It will have to share live rights to this famous championship for the first time in eight years, but it will still cover most games. Amazon intervened and secured a package of top-tier Tuesday night games.

Amazon Prime and BBC Sport have joined BT Sport as the exclusive service provider. Beginning in 2024, Amazon Prime will be able to broadcast live UEFA Champions League games in the United Kingdom as you confirm your Champions League picks. Under the terms of the agreement, Amazon will be permitted to broadcast one game per week or approximately twenty per season.

Beginning in 2024, the Wednesday night edition of Match of the Day will showcase highlights from the Champions League on BBC Sport. Since the 2014-2015 season, this will be the first Champions League coverage on BBC Sport.

Marc Allera, the CEO of BT’s consumer division, stated: 

“BT Sport will continue to broadcast UEFA club tournaments until 2027, and we are happy to have had the opportunity to broadcast one of the world’s most exciting tournaments for the previous twelve years. Beginning in 2024, BT Sport will be able to broadcast an unprecedented number of live and exclusive matches.”