Catch up on the latest trends in a one-of-a-kind experience with content valuation powered by AI

Artificial Intelligence is the new Big Thing changing our lives and is now evolving your reading experience on Trend rays. As readers, you can now access the power of AI at your fingertips with a system of quantitative deep-learning algorithms that bring content pricing and valuation to all the articles on the website in real time. This technology is called Kunato.Ai, and is the patented product of Kunato, a tech company that has collaborated with Trendrays to bring their vision to life.

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Trendrays has always aspired to bring the most premium content to its users from various spheres such as application and game reviews, software update information and social media tips. This new feature fits right into their idea to give you, as a reader, the smoothest, most user-friendly reading experience fuelled by AI to enable both the readers and the website to become future-ready. You may have already noticed these changes on the website, where a price is reflected beside every article. Read ahead to learn how these changes were created to enhance the readers’ content consumption experience.

The price you see beside every article is not arbitrary – it has been evaluated considering factors like genre, impact, uniqueness, behaviour and more, to tell you the accurate value of the content in the article. Once published, this price does not remain static and the system updates it continuously to reflect changes in demand for the article. For the reader, it means that you can stay updated with the latest news on the website and gauge which articles may have information that is specifically more valuable to you based on its price.

If you’re still not convinced this price can help you, the AI tech shows you a graph when you hover over the prices that outlines the price history of the article as it has changed throughout the day, to reflect how the demand for the article has fluctuated. Based on these fluctuations, you can gauge whether the value you can get from the article is worth your time. The new feature is not just applicable to new articles published on the website but even to the archives and you can revisit older news to see if you missed any highly valued updates from the tech world.

The world of tech keeps restructuring to highlight different aspects at different times. Still, the world of content is also restructuring to incorporate these changes and redefine how we consume content. That is why, as readers of Trendrays, you’re able to stay ahead of the curve as this collaboration is harnessing the power of AI to create a customized, valuable content consumption experience that is not influenced by popularity or hearsay. With Kunato.Ai, what you see is what you get. This technology has been created by Kunato, a US-based company innovating in the AI-tech space, to create a sustainable content monetizing economy which is driven by AI. Having built a futuristic product, Kunato has created waves by reaching over 80 partners and over 35 million users, and is working to implement more uses of this tech in the content industry.

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