7 Important Resume tips for Freshers in 2022

Resume tips for freshers

A resume is the first impression and a contact point between a candidate and a recruiter. A resume should be impactful so that you can get hired alone from the crowd of the applicants for a particular job profile.

A good resume catches the attention of the recruiter within a few seconds. Especially when you are a fresher, your resume must be unique and have the proper format. As we all know, there is huge competition in the job market for any job profile. So you need to represent yourself as the best candidate on paper as well as in the viva.

If you are a fresher, and you are going to apply for your first job and are confused about how to create a resume for freshers? Then don’t worry, we are here to help you. Read the article very carefully and follow the steps to create the best resume for freshers.

Your resume must follow a proper direction and structure. The tips below listed are tried and tested and follow the resume trends.

What is a resume?

A resume is formal documentation about a candidate who is seeking a job, that gives detailed information about the job applicant such as the candidate’s education, the picture on a resume, professional skills and experience etc.

A CV or resume is the first piece of document that is produced while applying for a job. A resume is basically an image of the candidate served on a paper. So always try to create your resume professionally. It doesn’t matter if you are fresher.

Who is considered to be a fresher?

As the name already tells all the things, a fresher is considered to be someone who hasn’t worked with any organization, company or firm before are considered to be freshers.

Now, the question is how to draft the best resume for freshers? Read the tips below.

Resume Tips for Freshers

Below are some important resume tips for freshers while drafting your resume.

1 – Be on point

If you are a fresher and looking for your first job, then your resume must be more convincing than a normal resume. Your resume must provide maximum information using minimum words.

A resume that doesn’t have any structure can lower the chances of your selection for that particular job.

So before drafting a resume keep in mind that keep your resume precise and crisp.

2 – Resume headlines

Your resume should have unique headings to describe you, your education or your professional skills. Always highlight your key skills in brief so that the recruiter can know why you are a great choice for that particular job position.

3 – Customize your resume as per requirement

Before applying for a job, blindly understand the job description first and customize your resume accordingly.

4 – Structured information

To be honest, a fresher can’t add so much information to his/her resume. They don’t have too much experience and sometimes no work experience to fill in the resume.

So don’t fill your resume randomly, and give it a proper structure. A proper resume structure makes the resume professional and there are more chances of getting hired.

A fresher should give details like a candidate’s education, skills, technical skills, awards(if any), internships and so on in his/her resume.

5 – Choose your words correctly

In today’s world, digital communication has ruined the basic aesthetics of our language. But professionally, it is important that the professional ethics of the language must be followed.

Don’t use slang words in your resume that will literally kill your chances of getting even considered for that job you applied for.

Once you have completed your resume draft, revise your resume once to find the slang word and fix them if any.

6 – Check grammar mistakes

Grammar mistakes are commonly found in resumes, especially in freshers’ resumes. Wrong grammar in any professional environment can’t be accepted. So make sure that the grammar in your resume is correct and that there are no grammar and spelling errors as well.

7 – Handpick skills to highlight

In your resume, always try to highlight and give some extra exposure to your professional skills, because skills are the main thing that will be considered by the recruiter while hiring.

Depending on the job description, highlight skills that may make sense to the recruiter.

Resume templates for freshers

Here are some resume formats for freshers for reference.

Sample 1 –
Resume sample 1
Sample 2 –
Resume sample 2


So these were some key points and tips that you must keep in your mind before creating a resume for freshers.