5 Best Auto Tune App for Singing in 2022

Auto tune apps

Are you going to choose singing as a career! If yes, then you need some editing softwares like auto tune apps for singing and to correct your pitch. In this article, we are going to review some best auto tune apps for singing. There are many Bollywood singers and actors who also are in the singing field. Alia bhatt also sang songs in many of her movies with a good voice. But did you know it was not the real voice of Alia bhatt. She is an actress and sang like and professional singer. They use auto-tune software programs and pro applications to fine tune their voices.

But what about those bathroom singers, who want to get out of their bathrooms and sing in front of public. If you are one of them and nervous about your voice. Then don’t worry, there are different auto tune apps in the market to bring out the inner singer in you.

So let’s have a look at some auto tune apps you can download from Google Play Store and App Store.



[appbox googleplay screenshot id=com.jazarimusic.voloco&hl=en]

Voloco is a popular auto tune app that processes your voice in the real time. You can also record your voice with this app. Edit your pitch and other elements of an audio file using Voloco app. This app is available for Android and iPhones. Our overall experience with Voloco app was great and this app is a perfect auto tune app.

Tune Me

[appbox googleplay screenshot id=com.tuneme.tuneme&hl=en]

Tune Me is another auto tune app for singing. With this app, you can improve your singing skills and sing like a pro. The sounds are recorded in the form of mp3, then you can download your recorded songs and share it on social media platforms. Record songs, or you can also add free background music or sound effects with your voice with Tune Me app. Users can also correct your pitch and make other changes to your audio file.

Auto Rap Smule

[appbox googleplay screenshot id=com.smule.autorap&hl=en]

If you want to become a raper, then you must try this application. Rapping is one of the hardest form of singing because you have to sing very fast. Hope you know Eminem, who is known as the rap god. You need to work hard on your choice of words, rhythms and rapper like attitude in your voice. To gain these skills, you will need some advice and practice.

Download auto rap smule app and talk over the talking mode and smule’s properitary rappification technology will help you to rap professionally.


[appbox googleplay screenshot id=com.starmakerinteractive.starmaker&hl=en]

With this application you can sing in mp3, record your singing performance, auto tune the pitches or add different sound effects to your songs. Share your recorded songs on different social media platforms, or you can get huge exposure to your songs and profile when you share your creations on StarMaker community.


[appbox googleplay screenshot id=com.smule.singandroid&hl=en]

Smule is another best app for people who like to sing songs. With this application, you can sing your favorite songs solo and have some fun. It is the best entertainment application to improve your singing. There are more than 10 Million downloads of Smule app. You can also collaborate with other singers in the community and share your creations with other creators. Make music any way you like! Practice & record your singing in private or share music and collaborate with other singers on Smule

Auto tune apps
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