Top 10 Best Pokemon V Cards

Pokemon Cards

What are Pokemon V Cards?

We all love Pokémon. When I was a kid, Pokémon was one of my favorite cartoon show at that time. I used to collect all the Pokémon cards we get with the bubblegum. I’m sure that you are a big fan of Pokemon show and there will be your favorite Pokemon. So in this article, we are going to discuss some Pokemon V cards you can play with your friends or family in your spare time. discuss somePokemon V cards are V-style Pokemon TCG cards which are similar to previous variants of Pokemon cards like EX from Pokemon X and Y series cards.

The V Pokemon cards are considered as the basic cards and that can be played without 2nd and 3rd evolution.

e.g. Charizard V doesn’t need a Charmender and Charmeleon as he played first.

Pokemon v cards are simply trading card games that were released in 2017. The cards are printed on glossy paper and are slightly larger than standard playing cards. The game is played with 2 decks of 60 cards each and features 4 different Pokemon V types which are – water, fire, grass and electric.

Benefits of Pokemon V Cards

Playing Pokemon V cards is a good way to have some fun and get some exercise. Players have to battle with each other using characters from the Pokemon TCG. You can improve your skills by playing the Pokemon V card game.

10 Best Pokemon V Cards

There are many types of Pokémon V cards, and they have their own uniqueness. In the Pokemon world there are different types of creatures that battle one another for sport. Let’s have a look at the list of the best Pokemon V cards.

1 – DubWool V

DubWool V

Dubwool is a sheep like Pokemon character with its unique attacking mode and power. It is a normal wood-type Pokémon which was introduced in 6th generation. It is a serpentine, quadrupedal, bipedal that is light purple or blue in color. Dub wool is also known for its fluffy fur and soft, which is often used to make clothing and other textiles. The Pokemon character can also produce an electric charge from its fur which can be used to power the devices or stun foes. DubWool is a sheep like Pokemon with its unique abilities. The sheep Pokemon character is covered with a thick layer of wool that protects it from cold. It is an aggressive Pokemon which is known for its best attack moves.

2 – Salamence V

Salamence V

Salamene V is a dragon pokemon that was introduced in the 3rd generation of games. It is a powerful pokemon that has a lot of attacking power. In the recent pokemon tounaments Salamence was used by many pokemon trainers as their main pokemon character. So you can imagine the performance and power of Salamence pokemon.

3 – Cramorant V

Crobat V

It is a water and flying Pokemon which was introduced in the 7th gen of pokemon. This pokemon can be found in the Alola region. It has a long slender type neck with a small head. The pokemon is blue. The pokemon character is so cute with its unique abilities. The body of the pokemon is slim and its legs are long and thin.

The ability of this pokemon is to spit out large quantities of water at high pressure, which can easily knock the opportunities off their feet. The speed of this pokemon is very fast and it can easily overtake its opponents in a battle.

4 – Zarude V

cool pokemon cards

It is a dark and electric type pokemon. This pokemon was introduced in the 7th generation of Pokemon games. Zarude is an electric pokemon. It has a long, slender neck. Zarude has spiked down its back and 2 small horns on its head. It has a longtail and clawed feets and hands. The Zarude pokemon can generate electricity from its body like Pikachu. This pokemon attacks on other pokemons by its electric shock waves, as well as can charge its own body.

It is one of the most powerful pokemon in the game, with a high attack stat. It can take down any pokemon in the game. If you are a serious pokemon trainer then you must hold Zarude pokemon.

5 – Wailord V

Wailord V 728x1024 1

Wailord is a water type pokemon which is the largest pokemon in size in the game. The massive body of the pokemon can easily dward other pokemons. Because of its huge and bid size, it can use its massive size to crush its opponents or simply submerge them under the water. It is a gentle giant and often helps other people who are in trouble. It is said to be one of the largest water pokemon. The size of this pokemon is more than twice the size of an adult human. So you can imagine how big this pokemon is. The total weight of Wailord V pokemon is 450 Kg and its length can go up to 15 meters. This pokemon generally lives in the sea, but sometimes can be found in large water bodies like a big lake etc. Mostly it is a cool Pokemon and only attacks when it feels threatened.

6 – Victini V

Victini V

Victini V is a fire based Mythical pokemon. It is a new pokemon in the series which is a poweful pokemon. It is so popular as of 2 victini. Victini is a psychic and fire type pokemon that was introduced in the 14th generation. It is a newly launched pokemon, so there are few people who know about this pokemon. It is said that Victini creates an unlimited supply of energy and power inside its body. It can share that energy with others by touching them. The pokemon’s eyes are blue with small ears and white ‘V’ on its forehead.

7 – Crobat V

Crobat V

Crobat V is a poison and flying Pokémon. It is a bat pokemon with purple color with short stubby winds and a long skinny tail. Crobat has 2 large eyes and a wide mouth. It has 2 small fangs in its mouth and 2 large ones on the top of its head. Crobat’s body is thin and aerodynamic, which helps it to fly quickly and easily and control the wind blast while flying.

It is a fast and agile Pokemon and the advantage of this Pokemon in the battlefield is its speed. It can emit ultrasonic waves through its wings that can confuse opponents. Crobat is a popular Pokemon for trainers because of its versatility. If you are looking for a fast attacking pokemon then Crobat is best for those Pokémon trainers Pokemon v cards.

8 – Eldegoss V

v pokemon 733x1024 1

It is a glass based Pokémon creature. You can use her power in a desperate situation if you have to field her. This pokemon was introduced in 7th generation and it was evolved from Spewpa and the final evolution of Scatterbug. Eldegoss resembles a cotton ball with a large mouth and big eyes. This Pokemon has small legs and arms with a long tail. This Pokemon lives in the meadow fields. The Pokemon character collects the fine fibers from flowers to use in its cottony coat.

The behaviour of this Pokémon is very calm and gentle, you can add this Pokemon as a valuable asset in any battle. This Pokemon can heal itself and its allies which is an interesting ability of this Pokemon.

9 – Zacian V

Zacian V

It is a steel body based Pokemon and it is a latest launched Pokemon. Zacian is a legendary Pokemon with majestic and regal appearance. Zacian V can see into the future as well as wields a sword which is the unique ability of this steel Pokemon. It is a legendary pokemon that was introduced in 7th generation of Pokemon. The pokemon is so beautiful with high build body and power.

10 – Zamazentra V

Zamazentra V

Zamazenta is a metal based legendary Pokémon which looks like rhinoceors. It has a large golden horn which looks so appealing and unique. On the back of this pokemon there are 2 large winds with golden tips and its tail is also tipped with golden ball. There are different attacks this pokemon can perform in the battlefield with other pokemons to take them down. One of the favorite attack of this pokemon is Zamazentra V, and this attack give massive damage to the opponent Pokemon.