Best Apps to Use for MMA Fans

The penetration of the internet is increasing day by day. Every month we are seeing hundreds of mobile games launched by different game companies in the market. The internet has indeed made the world a better place to find information in the blink of an eye. Whether you want to know what teams to pick for your March Madness bracket or how many calories to eat in a day, the Internet has you covered.

Taking a step further, applications that you can download on a phone or tablet can help target a specific niche or whatever you are interested in. For MMA fans, you can check out below the best apps to use. If you want to know more about what teams to pick for your march madness bracket.

News Related MMA Apps

Back in the day, everyone could turn to MMATorch to find the best news and latest updates from around the octagon. The same is applied today, but available in app form and easy-to-navigate strokes.

MMA Underground is another high-quality news outlet that allows fans to interact with one another and even fighters. Names such as Joe Rogan, Dana White, and even Tito Ortiz have been posted on the forum and cover everything under the sun.

The Underground does cost $1.99, but it arguably gets you as close as possible to hearing the opinions of those individuals above. For just a couple of bucks, this could be worth it for die-hard fans.

Bleacher Report Team Stream is another quality outlet for your need for MMA information. This covers everything from news updates, exclusive interviews, predicting fight outcomes and so much more.

On top of that, there are handpicked predictions from the staff of Bleacher Report. The best part about this is, that it is all free.

MMA Fighting is another quality news source for your MMA needs. Similar to the ones above, you can find anything and everything you need. This app could be for you, but it all depends on your preference for navigation and look.

Social Media Outlets

Connecting with fans through media outlets is a great way to grow a fan base. Twitter has been one of the most popular media options for fighters and promotions. Dana White, current UFC president, has on occasion given away tickets to certain UFC events through Twitter.

Facebook is another avenue for media to showcase MMA news and updates. Most fighting leagues now will promote through some sort of outlet like this, but Facebook is known to broadcast preliminary card battles for promotions such as the UFC.

Fighter Focused Apps

Famous fighter Georges St-Pierre has his own MMA fighting/news app that is $6.99. This is mostly geared towards getting in shape and learning more about mixed martial arts. What could be better than learning how to get in shape from one of the best?

If you are a fan of BJ Penn, then you can have it all with news and updates too. Penn’s app, will give you up-to-date information, media outlet conversations, and videos. In addition, you will also get his two cents on most everything related to MMA. 

The Joe Lauzon app is just like taking lessons from the man himself, but not just technique. He dives deeper into the strategic thought processes behind fighters and why they fight the way that they do. This also gives you an insight into what an MMA fighter trains and prepares for a fight.

League Specific Apps

Bellator MMA app provides you with exactly what you would expect. Think of stats, videos, and provide your own input as to what you think the outcome of a fight will be like. 

In addition, fans will be able to act as a fourth judge in fights. Commentators on the cards will read off the fans’ take on each round, which is a unique experience compared to any MMA app. 

UFC TV is just what you are thinking, which is similar to the experience of Bellator and its own app. The UFC app will be targeted with UFC content, videos, and just about anything their website has to offer but on an app form. 

ESPN+ is the best app for fans wanting to watch live fights and get ready for each of those battles. The UFC main card events are specifically broadcasted on this app if they are not already streamed on a separate PPV app.