Prank Dial – Prank Call App Review

Prank Dial - #1 Prank Call App

Prank Dial – #1 Prank Call App Review

Most of you readers will be familiar with this popular prank calling app, which is Prank Dial. It is a prank call app to make prank calls. Which is so popular all over the world, and they operate in more than 130 countries. They are providing calling services from years in the market. In case you want to check the details about this app more and their subscription packages. Then you can visit their official prank call website which is

The interface of this app is simple and easy to use with the modern app design.  It is the best prank call app developed by KickBack Inc. and this app ranks #88 in the entertainment apps category, which is a good rank. There are more than 200 million prank calls send using the PrankDial app. So you can imagine how popular this prank call app is. The app comes with some interesting features we will be discussing below. You can make free unlimited prank calls using PrankDial in app subscription.

After downloading the app, you will get 3 free calls for a whole day. You can choose from the hundreds of prank call ideas from the list and choose the suitable for you. The results were so realistic after using this app. There are more than 150 pranks calls you can select from, and they regularly add new prank calls with every new update.

Available for – Android and iOS

Some highlighted features of Prank Dial App are

  • Free users can now save their calls to their own prank call history
  • New prank calls added
  • Improved design and user experience
  • Comment on your favorite prank calls
  • Choose a hilarious prank calls, like our classics, “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”
  • Select a friend or family member’s phone number
  • Send the prank call!
  • 3 free pranks calls a day
  • 150+ prank calls to choose from, new pranks added regularly

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