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Girl voice changer is a realistic male to girl voice changer app for Android. It can also be used for making prank calls with the girl’s voice. You can make a girl proposal prank call, which is a good prank call idea. Girl Voice Changer developed by an Indian developer, Jyoti Yadav. It is one of the best girl voice-changers. That lets you hear your voice in different forms. You can change the pitch of your voice and change your male voice into a female voice. Record your voice and apply voice effects to it and change your voice. Girls voice changer lets you hear your voice in various kinds of girls tone.

Save and share your changed voice with your friends and family and give them a surprise. You can also wish your friends on their birthdays or on a special festival or occasion in a different voice. This male to female voice changer app works very perfectly and converts your voice into different voices. Simply record your voice using Girl’s voice changer and listen to the output. There are different types of voice included in the app library. You can use this girl voice changer app during calls to sound like a girl and have some fun.

Some voice types are – Doll, Sleep, fast, ghost, cough, monster, snail, machine, alien, squirrel, fear and many more. The app also comes with in-app purchase. If you are a video creator who makes videos with different characters in their videos. Then this app could be perfect for you. You can change your voice into different voices and produce professional video content for your YouTube Channel and get more subscribers.

The paid plans of this application are $1.49 for weekly access, $6.99 for one time purchase and $5.99 for yearly access. You can buy the app subscription if you are a creator who regularly needs voice changing options. Let’s have a look at some features of this Girl Voice Changer:

‎Girls Voice Changer !
‎Girls Voice Changer !
Developer: Jyoti Yadav
Price: Free+

Key features of Girl Voice Changer:

  • Apply effects of your choice.
  • Record your voice.
  • Save or Share with friends and family.
  • Instantly hear the modified voice.
  • For best results, speak closely to the microphone.
  • Also, do raise the speaker volume of your phone.
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