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Fake all is another popular and new prank call app, make funny prank calls using this app and have some fun. Phony calls are still popular and funny these days, but it is hard to make a fool of someone using normal phone calls. It is an all-in-one prank call and prank chatting app.

But don’t worry, this prank call app will help you to make original prank calls. You can recreate text conversations that look just like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any other popular chatting app. With the Fake All app, you can create entirely fictional conversations. You can make free unlimited prank calls using the Fake All prank call application.

It is an interesting prank call app that comes with many features such as – messaging, prank call and chat with strangers. You can send fake text messages to your known ones. But at last, please tell the person that you are pranking him or her. So that he/she doesn’t take your prank seriously.

Users can exit awkward conversations or easily impress your friends. You also get alerts that have the correct icon matching Apple’s iMessage application, Instagram, Facebook Messenger or more.

If you are looking for a good prank calling app then you can consider Fake All – Prank Call, Chat and Messaging application. Do share your experience with this application. Our overall experience with this prank call app was excellent, and the results were satisfactory.

Make unlimited prank calls

Make free unlimited prank calls

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