Top 5 Best Height Meter Apps of 2021 for Android and iOS

Sometimes we want to measure the heights of objects and people. They can be our friends or family members. In this article, we created a list of the best height meter apps you can try.  The most common tools we use for the purpose of measurements are corner size meters, rulers, voice level meters, and more. But you can do the measurements by using some Android and iOS applications.

These applications use your smartphone’s sensors and convert them into a measuring tool. You can measure anything around you using these applications. Smartphones are becoming more and more advanced year by year. Because of that, amazing tool applications are developed to make our tasks easier.

If you want to measure your height by using an app, then these apps are best. Use your phone to measure with a single button click. No need to carry equipment like rulers etc.

Best Height Meter Apps for Android and iOS

Height is a measure that is one of the most important to almost every person. Everyone wants taller height and some have dreams to become a model or actress with a good height. The height measurement could be needed for a fitness certificate or whatever. So let’s have a look at the best height measure apps.

1 – Ruler by NixGame

If you want to measure small objects, then the Ruler application could be the right tool. This app is used for tools such as length, threat pitch determination, calipers, and ruler, obviously. It is a simple tool app that you may need at any time. You can measure anything in your house without using any expensive measurement tool or tape. The measurements can be done in mm and inch. and also supports other conversions. The best feature of rules lets you calculate lengths with straight lines as well as calculate the area. The interface of the application is so neat and clean to provide the best visibility to the users. The ruler application is the best tool that will fulfill your measurement needs. You can measure the objects in different measuring units and also customize the measurements by yourself.

Key Features of Ruler App

  • Easy to use with neat and clean user interface
  • Set the measuring units in cm, mm, inch
  • Premium and stylish design
  • Measurements are accurate

2 – GHeight – Augmented Reality Height Meter Ruler

Curious about your height but it is difficult to measure at home by yourself. Isn’t it cool to measure your height using an app only? If someone wants to figure out things like ” size of the boot” etc. Many of our friends and family members ask us what is the size of our boot and our height but the height changes from time to time. So what to do at that time is use the GHeight height meter app to measure your foot size and height as well. We can’t find all the right tools at the right time but luckily we have another way to perform the tasks.

For example – If your height is around 6 feet and you live in a complex, apartment, or flat that doesn’t allow for yardsticks or any measuring tapes. So don’t worry, you only need access between two walls of your flat or room for about 10 to 15 seconds before they see a friend over at all my roommates who do have those items in their hands. But currently, this height measuring app is available for iPhones only hope Android users will get it soon for their platform.

3 – MeasureKit – AR Ruler and Tape App

The uses of Augmented reality are increasing day by day in every field. The potential of this amazing technology is endless. You can create or see things that don’t exist in the real world.  MeasureKit is a very powerful and easy-to-use application to take measurements with your smartphone. This height measure app will ask you to access your phone camera so allow the access. The application will provide information about all the possible sizes that could fit with the objects that interest you most at any given time.

You can also create your own science experiments and projects with the help of the Measure Kit app. It is made up of 9 different tools and you can use these tools to measure anything in any condition.

4 – Measure Height

Height measure is another best height measure app for Android. This tool is very useful to measure the distance of objects, and we can calculate other measurements as well.

To use this application, simply click the image of the object and the algorithm will automatically calculate its measurements. Sometimes small errors can be seen, but these are negligible.

5 – Moasure – The Smart Tape Measure

You can measure the physical dimensions of any room as well as calculate how much space is there between the objects. It becomes very easy to decide what furniture should go and what decorative items would be the best. This height measure app can measure your phone’s dimensions also in different ways. Which included the length, breadth, and height of an object as well as internal room dimensions and inter-room distances between 2 points. The app uses the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors of your smartphone.

Sewing is a complex task when it comes to time and measuring things. But we have good news that we have the new modern technology, so no need for tapes and other measuring tools. We can do the measurements by using our smartphones only. All the data and information will be sent through RAM and onto an email or SMS for easy access no matter where they are needed.