7 Best Apps to Play YouTube in Background for Android and iOS

how to play youtube videos in the background

Play YouTube Videos in the Background

YouTube is the world’s largest video search engine. There are more than 2 Billion users worldwide who are consuming YouTube video content. Where we can find almost all kinds of video content like tutorials, song videos, entertaining video content, and many more. YouTube is an interesting video content platform we use every day in our life for entertainment and knowledge. Video content is the trending form of marketing nowadays, and video content is in the future as well in most areas. Hundreds and thousands of YouTubers are there all over the world are creating videos and uploading them on Youtube. Most Youtube content creators use their videos for affiliate marketing and make hundreds of dollars through affiliate marketing by promoting different products via their videos. You can watch and listen to the videos on Youtube. But how to listen to youtube videos in the background? Apps to play Youtube in the background are available for android and ios in the market. You can download YouTube background music player apps and listen to your favorite content.

Let’s have a look at the apps that can play youtube videos in the background.

Best Apps to Play YouTube Videos in Background

1 – YouTube Premium for Android and iOS

youtube premium subscription details

Youtube premium is the paid subscription service by Google that gives you an ads-free experience on desktop and mobile devices as well. You can access the exclusive video content on youtube with the youtube premium and you can download any video offline from youtube with the youtube premium subscription. The premium service allows you to play videos in the background even after turning off the screen or while using the other app.

Youtube premium gives you an ad-free experience the Youtube Music and the option to turn off the screen in the app and listen to the music in the background. Youtube Music is a good alternative to Google play music, Saavan, etc. The cost of Youtube premium will cost you $12 for a month and if you want to purchase the family subscription then it will cost you $18. But there is also an option of a free trial for a month. Youtube app is available for both the platforms Android and iOS.

Download Youtube for – Android and iOS


2 – Chrome Browser

Google chrome is one of the largest and popular browsers used all over the world. You can watch your favorite videos on Youtube in the background by using the chrome browser. But to do that you have to buy the Youtube Red subscription or Youtube premium. But most people can’t afford the youtube red subscription.

So if you don’t want to do that you can do it on your PC. Open Chrome browser on your PC and open the youtube website, not the Youtube application. Go to youtube.com with ‘M’ you will be able to remain in the chrome application to do further shenanigans. 

Go to the 3 dot menu above and click on the desktop site if you are using a smartphone. Now you can play the youtube videos in the background. Now leave the chrome browser by tapping the home button of your phone, or you can switch to other apps running. Maybe the audio will stop if yes, simply pull the notification center of your phone and tap on the play button. That’s it. Enjoy your favorite songs from youtube in the background.

Download Chrome for – Android and iOS


3 – Float Tube – fewer Ads, YouTube Floating Player

float tune to play youtube videos in floating window


It is a very cool app that lets you watch youtube videos in floating windows. If you want to chat with someone or any other kind of multitask while watching your favorite video content on youtube. Then download this amazing youtube video background video player app. You can watch any youtube video through the floating window. If you want to watch videos while browsing the web or any other app then use this app it is free to use. Some cool features of this app are as follows:

Download Float tune app for – Android


4 – Minimize for Youtube Play in the background

Minimize for Youtube Play in the background

The minimize option allows Android uses to play Youtube videos in the background. Not really in the background but we can say almost in the background. Let’s see how this application works. Find content from minions of videos. Create your own playlist and manage them.

Simply launch the app turn on the video that you want to play/ listen and hide the app. The app will be shown on the corner of your screen. You can also surf the other apps and take a look at the videos that you are playing. The app is very convenient but there are always some drawbacks to anything. If you will turn off or lock the screen the music will turn off. Unfortunately, you can’t listen to music when the phone is inside your pocket. Power saving mode is also there in which the brightness level of the screen will be decreased.

Use this app when you are scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or doing any other type of multitasking. You can listen to your favorite music. The main bad thing about this app is that you have to watch a 5-second complesary ad when you launch the app. Youtube is also full of advertisements but we are very used to Youtube so it doesn’t feel bad.

Minimize is a very good application for those who want to test the full potential of their device with a new capability, Watch the video and then reply to a message you can do both at the same time. Go now and download Minimize app for Android.

Download Minimize App forAndroid


5 – Floating Tube

If you are looking for a background mode on your Android device then this app could be the right choice for you. The working of this app is a similar way – it can show you the videos that you are playing either on a similar screen.

To use this app you will need to give access to the app to show you ads. Because advertisements are the main source of revenue for an entertainment application. You can skip the advertisements in 5 seconds. After giving permission you can watch any Youtube video without promoting the ads. Isn’t it cool? To use the background play mode in the app, simply hide the application.

You can also turn off your screen and you will be able to listen to the videos in the background. This is a very good feature of this youtube videos background player app.

Download Tube Floating for – Android


6 – Float Tube Multitasking

float tube multitasking app for android


If you want to watch youtube videos in the floating mode then this app could be a choice for you. Select the playlist from the application and it will directly play the whole playlist in the player without any interruption. And after one video by tapping on the other video no need to go to the application again and again. You can also resize the player as per your need and screen size. The app plays the videos in the background after minimizing the app. To minimize the application click on the center icon of minimization. You can also lock the player if you don’t want to move it anywhere else from the phone screen. To do that simply tap on the lock button. If accidentally you resize the player too much then it will automatically get minimized. Watch your favorite video in floating windows.

Download Float Tube Multitasking app for – Android


7 – Using Firefox Browser to Play YT Videos in Background

download firefox for android

Playing youtube videos in the background in Android can also be done through the Firefox browser. The browser version should be at least 54 or higher. To play the videos in the background on Youtube you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Launch the Firefox browser and go to the official website of Youtube.
  • Open the website(youtube.com) and go to the video that you want to play.
  • Go to the settings by tapping on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the phone screen and click on the request desktop site.
  • Play any video and press the Home Button to close the browser. The video will start playing in the background.

Note: If unfortunately, the video pauses. Simply pull down the notification center and press the play button.

Download Firefox for – Android