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Running out of fuel on the go? The situation can come anytime anywhere on your road trip don’t worry fuel tracker apps are the solution for this. These fuel tracker apps will help you to monitor the monthly fuel consumption by your different vehicles and will let you control fuel money. Use any of the fuel calculator apps to track the fuel usage by your vehicle and enjoy your journey. Calculate the overall fuel consumption by your vehicle during your journey with these fuel tracker apps. If you are a driver then these fuel calculator apps could be very useful for you. These apps are very useful for drivers, especially so we can also say them driver apps.

Fuel is one of the necessary compounds needed for our vehicles and other types of machines all over the world. There are many ways to track the fuel consumed by our vehicles, which you can see in the MID of your vehicle.

But this job can also be done by the fuel tracker app where you will get the proper data of the total fuel consumed by your vehicle. It is so convenient, compact method and easy to use.

Suppose that you are in bed and want to check the total fuel consumed by your vehicle in today’s trip, simply open the fuel tracking app and you will get all the data.

Here we have listed some tried and tested best fuel tracking apps for both Android and iOS you can download and use.

Here are the best fuel tracker apps for your trip:

15 Fuel Tracking Apps for Android and iPhones in 2022

1 – Road Trip

Road Trip is the best fuel tracker app and mileage calculator app for Android and iOS. As the name describes its features by itself. Paid and free versions are available for this application. If you are planning a road trip then you must install this app for your trip it will tell you the readings of the total fuel consumption and the remaining fuel with the estimated range with that remaining fuel in your vehicle.

I personally use this application for my long trips with my family and this gives almost accurate data. Not everything could be accurate 100% but you can rely on this fuel tracking app.

Available for – iOS

Free version 

Paid version cost – 4.99 Euro

2 – Drivvo – Car Mileage Calculator App, Fuel Log and Find Cheap Fuel

drivoo car mileage and fuel tracker app

Drivvo fuel calculator and car mileage calculator app for Android and iOS. It comes in the list of best fuel calculators applications with a good rating and user base. First of all the app will allow you to monitor refueling and gasoline consumption, the monthly fuel consumption by your vehicle, and other data. You can use that data to monitor your vehicle performance if it is consuming more fuel it indicates that your vehicle needs service. It will help you to save your money on fuel. The app supports all type of fuels which is used by the vehicles currently all over the world which are Gasoline, Ethanol, Petrol, Diesel, CNG, etc. It shows data like – the average km per liter your vehicle is consuming and the data can be seen graphically.

Available for – Android and iOS

3 – Mileage Calculator – Fuel Calculator and Travel Cost

mileage calculator and fuel calculator app

This application provides you a variety of features which are really very useful and in demand. This app will show you how much your vehicle will run(in Kms). Estimating the actual range by yourself is not an easy task.

The fuel tracker app uses some simple stats to calculate the amount of fuel in your vehicle. The app also gives you a notification about the service of your car. Another feature of the application gives you the estimated mileage of your vehicle.

Available for – Android

4 – Fuel Calculator

Are you planning a long trip with your family or with your friends or with your girlfriend? If yes and don’t know how much fuel will be consumed during this trip, then this app can help you to estimate the fuel consumption during your trip. You must install the fuel calculator app on your Android or iPhone to monitor the fuel consumption by your vehicle during the trip and you can track the average mileage of your car. So we can say that it is also a mileage calculator app.

This application will help you to calculate the fuel in your vehicle and also to calculate how much your vehicle can travel to get refueled. So go ahead and download the fuel monitor app.

Available for – Android

5 – Fuel Monitor App

Fuel monitor is another fuel tracking application. One of our team members is using this app personally and it’s working fine and almost accurate. The basic job of this application is to help you to know all the updates about your car like how much fuel your vehicle is consuming, how much fuel was consumed during your road trip etc.

You can track and keep your eye on the mileage of your car through this fuel monitoring app. The application also calculates the rate of fuel consumption in your vehicle. You can also sync the app and its data with cloud storage and with other applications.

Available for – iOS

6 – Fuelio – Gas log and Cost

This is one of the best fuel tracking app and is a highly rated application that will help you to know the complete information about the fuel consumed by your vehicle. This application is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Fuelio - Gas log and Cost app interface

One of the best features of this app is that it provides the rate list of the fuel/ gas so you can see the current pricing of the fuel on your go. You will be aware of the current pricing of the fuel in your area and can save money also because the prices of the fuels change very frequently.

Another best and very useful feature of this app is – it shows the nearby fuel stations.

Available for – Android

7 – Fuel tracker gas and mileage log

fuel tracker gas and mileage app

Fuel tracker gas and mileage log application help you to track the usage of the fuel by your vehicle and how much distance you can cover with the remaining fuel in your tank. It is one of the most popular and downloaded fuel usage apps for iPhones. The best feature of this app is it provides a fuel log that includes the pricing, quantity, and odometer reading as well and gives you the statistics of the fuel usage and mileage.

The fuel tracker app is available for both Android and iOS devices you can easily download it from google play and the respective app store. The UI is simple and easy to use everyone can use it.

Some of the features of this app are

  • Track fuel log including quantity, price, and odometer.
  • Powerful statistics of gas usage & mileage
  • Geolocation
  • Supports US, SI, and Imperial units
  • Displays fuel consumption in MPG, MPL, Km/L, L/100Km
  • Sync data between devices.
  • Stores all data on the device – don’t use your data plan.
  • Clean and tidy UI.
  • Free with no ads

Available for – iOS

8 – Refuel Memo – Fuel Tracking App for iPhone

refuel memo

This is another best fuel tracking app for iPhone with lots of features and information it provides a graphical representation of the data inside the application.

With Refuel Memo you can finally record which distance you are driving, how much fuel your vehicle is consuming, and can calculate the cost as well. The data is shown in graphical form and in tabular format so that you can easily read the data.

The new updated version of this application shows you some more data and statistics like costs and gasoline prices by year, month and week total consumed by you.

Some of the features of this application are:

  • Management of each fill-up
  • Optional protocol a Note, Tire, Driving style, and Roadway typeThis will be done on each fill up as well as on overall fill up’s
  • Management of multiple vehicles possible
  • Editing of each logged fill up possible
  • Complete fill up’s, as well as ‘half’, fill up’s (not completely full) possible
  • EMail export of fuel data as CSV file. Using filters, you can select which data should be exported.
  • Create and import backups

Available for – iPhone

9 – MPG Calculator

mpg calculator

This is another fuel calculator app for android which is available for free on the google play store. The interface of this app is busy and you will see some kind of advertisements inside the application which can be irritating for you.

The MPG calculator calculates the mileage of your last fill up and the mileage and gallons of your current fuel fill up and calculates the MPG for you.

The paid version of this application is also available which will cost you 1.99 Euros and there will be no ads and you will interact with a clean user interface and have a good user experience. Paid version will offer some additional features than the regular free version of the MPG calculator.

Available for – Android

10 – Mileage Calculator

This is another mileage calculator app for android and is a straightforward app. The mileage calculator app is very useful when you are planning a long trip. This app also can be used as a fuel cost calculator, fuel requirement, to measure the fuel economy, the fuel cost, fuel consumed and fuel needed for the travel.

Some of the features of this mileage calculator app are:

  • It is a One-page tool.
  • Just by entering two /three values, other values will be calculated.
  • You have a save feature, to save the calculated data.
  • You can have your country currency

Things that can be calculated through this app

  • Fuel Price
  • Travel Kilometer / Traveled Kilometer
  • Fuel used / Fuel needed
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Total fuel pricing
  • Price per Kilometer

11 – Car Fuel log – Mileage Tracker

Another mileage tracker app – car fuel log is simple and easy to use a very effective application to track your car fuel consumption and expenses. Simply enter the fuel, price, and odometer reading while you are at the fuel station. The application will show you the distance and the average fuel consumption of your car.

Available for – Android

12 – FillUp – Gas Mileage Log

FillUp gas and fuel tracker app is an easy-to-use application to track and calculate your gas(fuel efficiency and economy). When you fill-up gasoline in your vehicle simply enter the amount of the gasoline you purchased and your current odometer reading. Fillup app will calculate your gas mileage automatically and will maintain a log of your purchase and display plots and other statistical data.

Some features of the fillup application are:

  • Free to download
  • Ads-free experience
  • Calculates and plots the average gas mileage of your vehicle
  • You can import and export your data to CSV file format on your sd card and then on your PC
  • Share your statistical data in an HTML file format
  • The application is an open-source app so you can add additional features to it

Available forAndroid

13  Fuel Manager (Consumption)

Fuel manager as the name of the app suggests that it is also a fuel management app that keeps track of your fuel usage and provides you the data of your overall fuel consumption. The user interface of the app is soo cool looking with the graphical representation of the data related to fuel consumption by our vehicle. If you are going to plan a long ride or road trip then install this fuel manager app to calculate the estimated fuel to be needed for your trip. There is a total of 16 cool-looking themes you can use as per your taste.

Available for – Android

14 – Mileage Tracker – Vehicle Log and Fuel Economy App

It is another best mileage tracker and fuel economy app. You can track your car mileage by state, car expenses, fuel economy as well as your vehicle service record. You can keep eye on your vehicle service record and you don’t miss your car service. This is the unique feature of this mileage tracker and fuel economy app. You must download and try this app for your fuel tracking and car service records.

Available for – Android

15 – Simply Auto – Car Maintenance & Mileage Tracker App

It is one of the popular car maintenance and mileage app for android and iOS. This app will help you to control your expenses on your fuel consumption. You can track all your car maintenance and your vehicle expenses. The pro version of the app allows you to add multiple vehicles. If you owns more than 1 vehicle like a bike and car both then you should go for the paid version. Simply auto is one of the best car management app or tools that help you track your vehicle’s data at a place.

Available for – Android and iOS

Note: The fuel consumption also depends on your driving habit as well as your vehicle condition. So for better fuel economy try to drive between 60 to 80 Kmph/ Mph and always keep service up to the data of your vehicle.


So these were some best fuel tracking apps from which it is very hard for us to choose the best one because every app has its own pros and cons so. But all the applications work fine and gives you the estimated data.

The paid versions of the applications will provide you the best experience and readings.

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