Top 10 Best High Salary Tech Jobs in 2021

If you want to build a career in the tech field, there is no better time than now.  The share of IT vacancies among all job offers is steadily increasing year by year, and the market favors newcomers – from 2016 the volume of entry-level vacancies has increased by almost a third. Who to become to build a successful career in tech?

best tech jobs with high salary packages

We found out which professions are most in-demand in companies, and made up the top nine most popular technology specialist professions. 

We used a study of the job market of one of the largest HR agencies Robert Half while making this rating. Most of the vacancies in the list require a technical background, but there are those that will suit absolutely “zero” specialists. Let’s go.

1 – Data Scientist

It is impossible to start the rating of hot IT specialties any other way. Especially since it is in this field specialists are most actively looking for newcomers. An expert in Data Science combines an analyst, a machine learning specialist, and a visionary who discovers hidden possibilities in data. 

In addition to a powerful technical background, he needs advanced communication skills – the success of a data scientist depends on how he receives the original information from his colleagues and presents the results to them. 

Professionals come to Data Science from statistics, analytics, and other areas related to serious data analysis. In this profession, you can also move from data analysts, who are less involved in programming and mathematics and more immersed in the organization of information storage.

Skills: Most jobs for computer and information research require a Ph.D. in Computer Science or a related field.

Average wage: $110,620 per year. Number of jobs: 25,600

2 – Business Intelligence Analyst

If you have experience working with databases and analytical systems, you have an open road to the analytical departments of companies. 

Such vacancies are now open in a variety of organizations because the benefits of data for business cannot be underestimated. So, an analyst can choose an interesting area and, if he wants, change the occupation within his company – the application of these skills can be found whether in strategic management, production areas, or in marketing.

Skills: To start a career as a business analyst, you will need to seriously master Excel and database query languages skills and get acquainted with OLAP.

Average wage: $ 97,500 per year. Number of jobs: 85,406

3 – Cloud Architect

Another field that has been gaining popularity for the last several years. A beginner specialist can apply for the position of a cloud engineer, where he will design, implement and maintain virtual data infrastructures, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranet networks (corporate networks). These networks range in size from two offices to next-generation networks such as cloud infrastructure serving multiple customers. There’s always a need to work with Amazon Web Services, OpenStack and Microsoft Azure, cloud databases, and APIs. 

Experienced professionals can evolve to the cloud architect, which provides strategic development of enterprise virtualized solutions. Accordingly, practical skills should add familiarity with ITSM, the principles of data management, process automation in multi-architectures.

Skills: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and experience as a network and computer administrator (system administrator).

Average salary: $100,240 per year. Number of jobs: 146,200

4 – Data Engineer

Data Engineer – a person who is responsible for the data infrastructure, its extraction, storage, and processing. 

The Data Engineer can easily do this:

  • understand the essence of the request and collect the necessary data;

  • build the architecture of the data pipelines;

  • convert a model obtained by a researcher into a finished product.

As can be seen from the duties of a data engineer, his role in the company is particularly important – he participates in the initial and final stages of data analysis, as well as supporting the created pipelines. Working together with a Data Scientist, the Data Engineer increases the efficiency by many times. To do this, a professional data engineer needs strong programming skills to write quality, clean code, and a deep understanding of the big data ecosystem and distributed systems. 

Skills: In short, his skills are Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Data Streaming, NoSQL, and SQL. However, he does not need to have a fundamental knowledge of mathematics and algorithm-building skills, unlike a data scientist.

Average salary: $130,000 per year. Number of jobs: 50,600

5 – Full-Stack Developer

Such a specialist has a deep understanding of all stages of the software solution work, from design to launch and support. He is not required to be a world-class expert on all development issues, but the accumulated expertise provides him with a set of working tools for the project launch almost alone.

Skills: Obviously, years of development experience are the main condition for hiring a full-stack developer. At the interview you can be chased through the details of the servers and networks, databases and API, asked about the creation of interfaces, software debugging technology, and information security. A huge advantage will also be the ability to manage the project and lead a team of disparate professionals.

Average salary: $99,250 per year. Number of jobs: 95,860

6 – DevOps Engineer

DevOps direction is closely connected with development – it is a set of technologies designed to simplify the creation of software products. It includes systems for programmer automation, cloud collaboration environments, software testing, and version control systems.

The main value of such specialists is their versatility, as they can perform tasks of a developer, QA specialist, sales manager, or system administrator. DevOps-engineer, applying different management systems and technological solutions, is engaged in automation of the software life cycle.

In this area, it is important to remain in the trend of existing technologies and best practices. DevOps engineers should constantly improve their professional skills in all aspects related to software development and cloud infrastructures. 

Skills: DevOps specialists should have an excellent understanding of IT infrastructure design, performance monitoring, and other technical aspects related to the organization of development processes. 

Average salary: $93,000 per year. Number of jobs: 120,589

7 – IoT Developer

Smart homes, advanced medical equipment, intelligent industrial units – all these and many other areas open up new areas of IT with their unique problems and incredible opportunities. 

Specialists in connected devices establish and lead promising business areas, so IoT can safely be called the front line of modern development.

Skills: To start a career in this field, it is enough to feel confident in some particular IT discipline, whether it is cloud technology or integration platforms, edge computing, or information security. A specialist, who is ready to deepen, expand and develop his knowledge, can quickly build a career and become a world star in his field – even if we are talking about some extremely narrow niche.

Average salary: $ 145,682per year. Number of jobs: 70,760

8 – Systems Administrator

For obvious reasons, such specialists are also never left without work. This profession is ideally suited to start a career. 

In addition, this field feels great experts who strive for excellence in their skills – the experience of such an employee has a stable impact on his salary and position on the corporate ladder. Network administrators are ready to solve problems at any time of day and night, and they spend free hours to improve their skills. 

Skills: The set of Vendor certificates greatly simplifies the search for a job for a young specialist, and after several years of work it becomes an obligatory supplement to the resume.

Average salary: $51,470 per year. Number of jobs: 766,900

9 – Content Writer

As the digital marketing industry is booming day by day, due to that the demand for good content writers is also increasing. If you are one of those peoples who love to write content then you can get a high-salary paying job in the IT sector, to be specific in the digital marketing department.

And digital marketing department is everywhere nowadays because there are a few businesses that are working offline but most of the businesses have their online presence some have high some have less.

Businesses do digital marketing to grow their revenue and sales via digital platforms but what they will need basically, a content writer. Then it can be a great opportunity for you to write quality content.

The digital marketing or SEO team who are working for them will need SEO-optimized content for their website so they will need a good content writer.

You can also work as a freelance content writer and can earn a very good amount of money. Some good content writers charge up to 3 INR per word in India. The charges depend upon your experience and your portfolio.

10 – Network Security Specialist

The higher the value of data grows, the more valuable the security experts are. Over the past few years, their prestige has grown even stronger amidst scandals with encryption viruses, leaks of valuable information, and other unpleasant stories. 

In addition, government regulators also seek to clean up the new digital sphere, which means that the market needs specialists in new standards.

Information security services deal with both hardware and software, as well as Internet systems and closed infrastructure. 

Skills: Former developers or project managers, not to mention IoT professionals, may find themselves in this area. In fact, any confirmed practical experience in IT allows applying for the position of a security specialist, while the rest depends on the ability and willingness to learn.

Average salary: $101,500 per year. Number of jobs: 66,900

11 – Digital Marketer

As we all know that due to the pandemic that the businesses are going online, and we have seen many small and mid-level business which were offline before the pandemic they shifted to online. So what’s the opportunity for the job seekers?

Those businesses want digital marketers who can promote their business online. Online promotion can be any form like SEO, content creation and marketing, Social media, PPC, and any other digital platform.

The demand for digital marketers is increasing day by day as an SEO expert, PPC expert, Landing page, etc skills. But you need practical knowledge for becoming a good digital marketer.

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