7 Best Distance Measurement Apps for Android and iOS

We live in a world where millions of smartphones are around us. We use them for our daily work and other stuff, they are great inventions by human beings. Many applications are built for smartphones, one of them is distance measuring apps which help us to calculate or measure distance. These distance measurement apps are very helpful for people who have to measure the area and distances in their daily job.

These distance apps are accurate and easy to use, with no need for any technical knowledge. In this article, we have listed some best distance measurement applications which are tried and tested by our app testing team. And these measurement apps work fine and accurately. We measured some fields and heights of our team members with these measurement applications on our Android devices and on iPhones as well, and we got interesting results.

So, today in this article we are going to discuss some of the best measure distance apps you must try.

Best Distance Measurement Apps for Android and iPhones

1 – Distance Meter

If you want to measure the approximate distance between two geographical points, then you can use this application. Similar to other distance measurement apps, this app uses your phone camera to measure the distance between two points. You can measure the distance of an object from a particular point, to do that simply stand up and target the bottom of the object with your smartphone camera and move towards the top of the object to measure the height of that object. Isn’t it cool that you can measure the height of an object just by using your smartphone? Sometimes we need to measure the heights of the objects at our home such as Almira, boxes etc. while shifting them from one place to another place.

How to use the Distance meter app?

  • First, press the H button and then input the height of the camera from the ground.
  • Target your camera at the Bottom of the object then press the D button to measure the distance.
  • Target the phone camera at the top of the object then press the T button in the app. The height of the object will be measured.

2 – GPS Fields Area Measure

It is another best easy-to-use distance measurement app to measure distance and perimeter management. This application uses the GPS system of your phone and measures the area you want to measure. Generally, this app is developed for small farmers so that they can measure the area of their fields without using so much manpower and measuring equipment and then calculate the area. This app automatically calculates the area of any surface. This tool is so helpful to measure the fields and plots. The application is specially developed to measure the fields and plots and is helpful for modern farmers, engineers, etc.

Some features of this app are:

  • GPS tracking, auto measure for walking/ driving around the specific boundaries
  • Undo button for all the actions
  • Smart marker made for more accuracy
  • Save, name, group, and edit your measurements
  • Fast distance marking

3 – Distance Measurement

The distance measurement app was developed by Mileson to measure the distance of the fields, height, and other measurements of any object with a smartphone. The size of the application is only 2.4 MB(may vary with the updates).

The installations of this application are more than 1 Lakh and the requirements to run the app are android 5.0 or more. Use it to plan the distances of my running routes & I am very happy with it. You must try this application once if you have to measure the routes and distances regularly in your daily life.

Standard and satellite maps are provided inside it and you can switch between them very easily.

4 – Smart Measure

The smart measure is a distance measurement tool for android and iOS users. Using this application is extremely simple. You don’t need any technical knowledge to operate the Smart Measure app. Simply stand up and press the shutter button in the smart measure app, but make sure to properly point your Only you have to stand up and press the shutter button in the app. But make sure to properly point your camera aim towards the ground, not to the object(i.e. – you want to measure the height of a person so point the camera to his shoes and then move to his/her head).

Measuring someone’s height is so simple, easy, and accurate with this smart measure application.

Some awesome features of this application are:

  • Measure in meter/ feet
  • Virtual horizon
  • Screen capture
  • Sound effects on or off
  • The pro version of the application is also available with some extra features like
  • No advertisements
  • Measure width and area
  • Zoom camera
  • In case you want more tools then there is an option for downloading Smart measure pro and smart tools packages

5 – Distance meter (GPS)

A distance meter is another best application to measure the distance between two geo-points. This application use only a GPS receiver for looking at geo-points, so you don’t need an active internet connection to measure the distances between two geo-points. But as per our testing and after analyzing the reviews from the Google Play Store, we found that this app is not so good. The users were not satisfied after using this distance measurement app.

How to use this application:

Simply go to your start point A and press the lock point A then walk/ ride/ drive to your destination location and press the Lock point B.

6 – Distance Calculator Map Land Measurement

Another distance measurement app calculates the distance between two locations. Measuring the place or location with this app is simple – select the area which you want to measure and set the coordinates on the map and calculate the area in meters, yards, feet etc.

It is basically a land measurement, route area, and distance measurement app with accurate results. The application uses your phone’s GPS system to calculate the area, distance, etc. for more accuracy. You must try this distance calculator app once.

7 – Distance – Find My Distance

Distance is a distance measurement app for iPhones and iPads developed by Mapnitude Company Limited. Simply draw to measure the distance between the points, the new update of this app comes with area measurement and custom coefficients.

Features of Distance app:

  • Measure the gasoline or fuel usage for a given distance
  • Expected calories used during running
  • Time required to cover a specific distance
  • Estimate the number of cars that can be parked in a given area by calculating the area of parking with this app

How to use the Distance app on iPhone or iPad:

Simply touch and draw a route on the map in the app to find its distance or area. The app comes with an inbuilt magnifier that will help you with precise measurement and drawing. Switch between different areas and calculate the distance. Press the unit button to change the display units. You can share the data and calculations with others via Twitter, email, etc. Searching location is so easy, simply type the location name in the search bar in the app and many other functions are there.


So the final words, no one app could be 100% accurate but the smartphones that come with lots of sensors are high-end mobile devices like premium smartphones. They can give high accuracy as compared to other smartphones. This was the complete list of the best distance measurement apps you can download and use on your smartphone and start measuring small and mid-level distances at your home or garden quickly.